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On Friday chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Panneerselvam said that he would inaugurate the famous and traditional festival jallikattu event. He said so because he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and assured that a jalikaatu ordinance will be passed in a day or two.

He told that this has happened as per the wish of public. He further confirmed that a draft ordinance of the state government to lift the ban on jallikattu had already been sent to the home ministry.

So after getting the necessary approvals from the ministries of home, law and environment, forests and climate change, it will then be forwarded to president Pranab Mukherjee for his approval.

He also feels that by Saturday President of India may give his consent as currently he is on foreign visit and would be back in India on Friday night.

The Chief Minister said “Good news about ordinance will come in a day or two, as per the wishes of Tamils across the world. Jallikattu will happen in the state for sure. I am happy to state that ‘vaadivasal’ (the gateway to the jallikattu venue) will let the bulls run,”

He also assured people that the state Government will take a legal course to clear all impediments.

The protest for jalikattu is still being done by people from all sectors including leading actor Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan and famous music composer AR Rahman. Even spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shanker also said that this traditional should not be banned and the Government should allow it. He even claimed that of the Government wants to ban this traditional game then it should also ban dangal in Haryana and If it is fine than Jallikattu should also be allowed.

Anyways it is good news for the protesters that Jallikattu will not be banned and they have to wait till Saturday when the President will be back.

Currently a silent protest is still being done at the marina beach and some anger has also come down. We hope that Jallikattu will never be banned again.