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The American New Year gift to Pakistan on the first day of the advent of 2018 stopping all the security related financial aids and literally scolding and verbally thrashing its top political leadership including the Pak Army top officials, the ISI and everyone who deal with Pak American diplomacy is a huge slap on the cheeks of the terror oriented nation.

This is for the first time that US president Donald Trump has so strongly and very unambiguously scolded Pakistan publicly holding it directly responsible for directly manufacturing, aiding and abetting terrorism and even going to an unbelievable extent of bringing the UN and American designated extremely hard core terrorists into political mainstream of Pakistan by honourably clearing and exonerating them of all the criminal charges of mass murders and their direct involvement in brutal terror activities not only in Afghanistan, US and India but even in their own country viz Hafiz Sayeed and Sallaludin, where killings and bomb blasts have become the order of the day.

In his strong and extremely harsh anti Pakistan tweet US president Donald Trump has warned Pakistan of serious consequences if it still does not back track from its pro terror activities and destroy all the terror sanctuaries in Pakistan. Trump said that during the last 15 years, this terror sponsored country has sought more than 33 billions dollars of US aid under the guise of countering the terrorists and abolishing the myriad and extensive terror factories active there but instead, its successive politicians at the helm in different governments have pocketed the major amount for their personel benefits and have literally done nothing to rout out the terror factories and network.

The recent example of letting off of most hardened international terrorists Hafeez Sayeed and Sallauddin of LET and Jamait Ul Dawa, who are on the hit list of UN and US and a bounty of millions of dollars fixed on them speaks of the fact that the Pak rulers, its Army and the ISI are in open hand in glove with these killing machine ( Pakistan) worldwide and rather encouraging them by their open political, administrative, economic and military support. The Trump administration is so badly annoyed and angered by the Pakistan’ s political and military dispensations that it has stopped the 255 millions dollars worth of military and security aid to the latter despite its tremendous diplomacy to seek the same.

This recent anger and annoyance of Donald Trump is a great diplomatic victory for India as neighbouring, frustrated Pakistan has so far breached about 843 times, the Indo Pak border agreement and is, day in and day out involved in desperate firing on Indian borders killing several of our soldiers, though India too has killed several of the Pak Armymen and hundreds of Pak sponsered terrorists making their existence in complete jeopardy in J& K. Hats off to the brave and courageous Indian Army and its patriotic jawans and officers. Highly frustrated Pakistan is now fully banking on the expansionist China which has already shown its hegemonist and expansionist designs by literally making its complete hold in POK through the development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Today there a more than a lakh Chinese soldiers and civilians having captured the entire economy, markets, employment and have their political say at the cost of the local Pakistanies who the Pakistani administration considers as Mujahirs and a second rated citizens. There have been umpteen number of protest demonstrations and processions against Pak government with complaints of increasing Chinese hegemony, capturing the major share of the local POK inhabitants in business and employment.

Conclusively, it can be said now that in the global the political scenerio Pakistan has been symbolised as a terror sponsering nation and if the strong warning and anger of the US president Donald Trump still does not go well into the already deaf ears of the Pak HUKUMRAANS, the time is not far that not only will Pakistan be declared as a terror state officially but would also invite worldwide sanctions leading its already vanishing economy to the brink of disaster.

Latest news pouring in indicate that Pakistan has finally bogged down itself on Trumps warning and have arrested hard core international terrorist Hafiz Sayeed.
What do you say, friends?


The foreign department of the United States of America has a taken a very serious view of the arbitrary release of the the US designated international dreaded terrorist and Lashkare Tayyeba chief Hafeez Sayeed and issued directives to the Pakistan authorities to re arrest and try him for killings hundreds of innocents in India, US and elsewhere, globally in the name of Jehad. It may be recalled that the United States of America has designated Hafiz Sayeed as an international terrorist and have been repeatedly accusing Pakistan of patronising him and several other hard core terrorists by way of openly aiding and abetting them financially and otherwise to run terror sanctuaries in various parts of Pakistan creating havoc globally, killing innocents by sneaking terrorists in various countries of the world, especially the J& K.

The US foreign department’s spokes person said that Hafiz Sayeed is a hard core terrorist involved in the killings of hundreds of innocents and needs to be tried under the severest sections of the law thus putting him behind the bar. It has taken a very serious view of his unconditional release and asked Pakistan authorities to re arrest him forthwith. Meanwhile after his arrest by the Supreme court of Pakistan Hafeez Sayeed was given a rousing reception by the volunteers andhard core activists of the Jamaat Ul Dava including the police officials of Pakistan showing on vedio released by India tv tonight.

While addressing the terrorists and the hard core activists of Laskare Tayyeba at the reception given to him at the Jamait Ul Dawa head quarters in Pakistan Hafeez Sayeed vowed to free Kashmir from the Indian dominion and vowed publicly to leave no stone unturned to continue his Jihad against India by training myriad number of Pakistan youths to wage a war against India to achieve his long termed objective to free Kashmir from the Indian dominion.

It may be recalled that chief of the Lashkare Tayyeba and Jamait Ul Dawa was the chief master mind behind the Mumbai killings in which more than 166 innocent people died including 6 Americans and several Israel citizens. By arbitrarily releasing a hard core terrorist Hafiz Sayeed on whose head there is an unambiguous charge of killings hundreds of innocents in Kashmir and Mumbai it is now absolutely clear that Pakistan is openly supporting, aiding and abetting terrorists and terror sanctuaries and has no respect for the rule of law and international obligations of maitaining peace and tranquility in the Asian subcontinent.

The United States of America’s serious view on Hafiz Sayeed’s release and demand to rearrest him is bound to further deteriorate the already deteriorating relations between US and Pakistan. It the political analysts are to be believed India has played a significant role in pressurising America in asking Pakistan authorities to take the serious view of Hafiz Sayeed’s arbitrary release and instruct its rulers to rearrest him.on the stringent charges of killings and aiding and abetting of terror activities and sanctuaries in Pakistan.



Brahumdagh Bugti the poular Baloch leader and chief of Baloch Republican Party fighting relentlessly against the tyrannical rule of Pakistan inside Baluchistan, though not there now fearing his death, has appealed to India for assylum after the Switzerland government rejected his appeal just on the day Internationally dreaded US designated terrorist Haafiz Sayeed who is directly responsible for masterminding the Mumbai attack, killing 166 innocents and injuring hundreds was freed by the Pakistani authorities just yesterday on 22nd November.

It sounds shocking that a United States designated terrorist carrying on his head a whopping amount of prize money worth several lakh US dollars perhaps 10 lakh, is freed by the Pakistan Court and the United Nations as well as the United States of America, a one time and now as well, to an extent its friend in need has not uttered a single word.

What Pakistan has done and is doing against India in the context of sneaking hardcore terrorists into Indian territories and killing innocents in Kashmir and elsewhere is not a secret any more and what has it been doing with the Baloch people is also well known world wide. Tortures, killings and incessant incidents of exploitation and victimisation of the Baloch freedom fighters is the order of the day.

In order to raise the concern globally and bring the tyrannical rule of Pakistan in Balochistan to the knowledge of global human rights bodies as well as the United Nations, the enlightened Baluch community in England and other westernised countries have been raising protests and organising seminars including pasting posters and erecting hoardings on transport carriers and outside UN headquarter time to time, strongly opposed by the Pakistanies.

In a tweet sent on his twitter handle, the prominent freedom fighter and leader of the Baloachs’ demanding freedom of Baluchistan from the tyrannical clutches of dreaded Pakistan has written that , ” I AM STILL THE MOST WANTED PERSON IN PAKISTAN. WHILE TOP TERRORISTS LIKE OSAMA BIN LADEN, HAFEEZ SAYEED WERE BEING PROTECTED AND FECILITATED by the Pakistan Army. SWITZERLAND MUST CONSIDER THESE FACTS befor considering Pakistan’s allegations against us”. This tweet has been written after Switzerland denied citizenship or Assylum to Bugti who is fearing his life and had approached this country for shelter.

Meanwhile, the Indian side has also kept the assylum request of the Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bughti on the in abeyance, rather on the back burner despite the fact that India and its leaders including our prime minister Modi, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and NSA Ajit Doval had been raising the issue of Baloch freedom and Pakistan’s incessant tortures on Baloch citizens and their subsequent killings in the international forum including the UN general assembly time and again.

Political analysts say that there can’t be two sets of standards and when the Indian envoy raise the Baloach issue so fervently in international fora to denigerate enemy Pakistan then why should a Baloch leaders fighting for its citizens and country’s freedom seeking assylum, not be granted whereas in the past the leaders of Afghanistan like Abdullah Abdullah who later on became the foreign minister of Afghanistan and many others were also granted assylum in India for a pretty long time. Diplomacy demands that an enemy of the enemy is the best friend and moreover Baloch’s freedom from the tyrranical Pak rule is an issue India is always supportive of.



The capital city of India Delhi continues to bear the ignominy of one of the most disastrous polluted cities of India and years ago even the Queen of England Elizabeth had given this national capital territory the tag of the worst polluted city when had cutshort her visit after personally experiencing the suffocation while breathing.

While there is not an inkling of doubt that Delhi is a most polluted city despite being the capital of the largest democracy of the world with the president, prime minister, entire union cabinet, the judges of Supreme and high courts and 1crore 35 lakh people living here, the fact can’ t be denied either that in the neighbouring state of Punjab and Haryana where agricultural activity is the highest in India may be a step or two low, am not sure but stubble burning in these states is the highest to the tune of 1crore 85 lakh quintals of stubble burning every season, componded with the excessive crop burning in Pakistan causing myriad poisionous gases that after getting entangled in the environment and skies gets diverted towards Delhi making the lives of Delhites literally a hell.

This fact have even been proved by the sattelite images posted in twitter and facebook unambiguously showing excessive clouds over the skies of Punjab n Haryana as compared to Delhi slowly and steadily flowing towards Delhi throgh the air and wind pressure. There is no doubt that Delhi being the city with a massive population of 1.35 crores witnessing tremendous migration on day to day basis is already polluted having more than 80 lakh or even more vehicles compounded with passing of thousands of diesal trucks within its boundaries releasing myriad quantity of polluted gases and fumes.

But the staggering amount of stubble burning in Pakistani areas bordered with Punjab, in Punjab and Haryana to the tune of shocking 1crore 85 lakh quintals as given me to understand from one of the reporters’ of India TV makes thing absolutely clear that this permanent phenomena of crop burning in such an infinite quantity, if not stopped can create havoc woth the lives of millions of people in and around Delhi. Just imagine the pollution index of Delhi after so many days of Deepawali nearing 500 points, today being 448 on the index is of the most severest catagory, thus posing direct threat to the lives of Delhi and the NCR citizens.

Meanwhile, the cases and number of patients of cardiac ailments, respiratory problems, asthmatic attacks and chronic obstructive pulmorary desease have increased by over 20% in Delhi AIIMS n other government and private hospitals like Fortis and Superspeciality MAX hospital with doctors finding it difficult to cope with the situation. Actually politics over the vote bank of the peasents is one of the prime reason behind non penalisation of defaulters in cases pertaining to stubble burning in the neighbouring state of Haryana and Punjab.

All the chief ministers of several states alongwith the union government should sit together and arrive at a unanimous solution to deal with this vexed problem of Pollution irrespective of party and ideological affiliations. Health of the people should be kept at the forefront of any agenda of these affected states and no time should be wasted to devise ways and means to deal with this crisis before it’s too late. What do you say friends?




The United Nations will not work effectively if it is used merely as forum for destructive propaganda.

Tennyson in ‘Locksley Hall’ presented his vision of the world where “war-drum throbb’d no longer, and the battle flags were furled.” Mudaliar, the Dewan of Mysore speaking on behalf of undivided India had once said, the great reality, which all religions teach is the dignity of the common man.

However, all those words rang hollow, when the Indian and Pakistani delegations faced each other in the U.N. Reality was rare, as even the photograph brandished by Pakistan’s Maleeha Lodhi as being from Jammu and Kashmir was actually from Gaza. In any case, the India-Pakistan war of words was outdone by the U.S. and North Korea.

However UN’s 72nd General Assembly was made one of its most disappointing sessions because of its ineffectiveness on each of the issues pointed out by Secretary General António Guterres in his speech on September 19.

According to him seven biggest threats that face the world today are:

  • Nuclear peril.
  • Terrorism.
  • Unresolved conflicts and violations of international humanitarian law.
  • Growing inequality.
  • Climate change.
  • Cyber warfare and misuse of artificial intelligence.
  • Refugees.

UN’s actions in the case of North Korea just amounted to some more sanctions against it. The truth about sanctions is that they do not work on rogue states but they only isolate their populations from the world, which works in favour of regime’s stranglehold on its people.

On the basis of satellite pictures and the accounts of eyewitnesses, the UN Human Rights chief called military action in post-democracy Myanmar,  a “textbook case of ethnic cleansing”, as close to half a million Rohingya fled from Rakhine villages that were then burnt down and landmines were laid along the border with Bangladesh to prevent their return.

Given that Hafiz Saeed and his associates now plan to stand for public office in Pakistan and while Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi received bail despite financial sanctions, more action is expected from U.N.

Mr. Guterres pointed out on the issue of inequalities that, “eight men represent as much of the world’s wealth as half of all humanity”

UN’s first Secretary General, Trygve Lie, ran an equally divided forum and faced the same challenges before finally resigning from his post in 1952. His last words were, “The United Nations will not work effectively if it is used merely as forum for destructive propaganda. Neither will it work if it is used only as a convenience when national interests are directly involved, and regarded with indifference, or bypassed or opposed, when the general world interest is paramount.”













New Delhi has a lot to be concerned about its pivotal position in the region. For a country that has always been the regional stabiliser, we seem to be quickly embracing the way of geopolitical revisionism.

It has been one year since surgical strikes were carried out in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on September 29, 2016. Showing no chances for a bilateral agreement, India and Pakistan have limited to firing across the borders in Jammu and Kashmir and slandering each other in global forums.

Pakistan neither acknowledged the strikes nor responded in kind did show that the general deterrence between the two nuclear powers remains intact. But from a point of view of regional stability, the surgical strikes do not seem to have been as effective as was imagined one year ago.

There are two challenges that we face now:

  • India-Pakistan escalation has become far more precarious than it has ever been in the past. Pakistan has been retaliating against us ever since the surgical strikes; by increasing the pressure on the frontlines.
  • Such preventive strikes, in other words, are unpredictable. They are fused with immense potential to lead up to a competition in ‘risk-taking’.

Such strategy of punishment against terror outfits may not have worked because:

  • Consistency and commitment are necessary for a strategy of punishment. The momentum gained by the surgical strikes was not followed up (despite several provocations.
  • Pakistan’s retaliation thereafter in the shape of supporting insurgency in Kashmir, in aiding infiltration across the border, and its support in the attacks on the Indian army continued without much reaction from India. These things lead to loss of credibility on India’s part.

Media reports show that 110 militants & 38 army personnel were killed between January and September in 2016 (i.e. before the surgical strikes). However, since the surgical strikes, around 178 militants and 69 Army personnel have been killed. Thus its strategic value is still to be calculated.

With two hostile neighbours Pakistan and China on either side, terror attacks against India on the rise, and the South Asian neighbourhood unsure of India’s leadership any more, New Delhi has a lot to be concerned about its pivotal position in the region. For a country that has always been the regional stabiliser, we seem to be quickly embracing the way of geopolitical revisionism. The costs of aggression, the self-imposed regional exclusion and taking leave strategic altruism are bound to take their toll sooner later.

Surveys conducted by various Afghan and foreign agencies show that the Afghan people ranked Indian assistance as the most suitable because of the positive role India has played in the development programme of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan and defence ties with U.S. are expected to be the prime issues during James Mattis’s visit to India next week. Mr. Trump’s policy includes more pressure on Pakistan, no early U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, great military action on counter-terrorism and a greater role for India in sync with the U.S.

On January 4, 1950, India signed a Treaty of Friendship with Afghanistan which permitted opening of consulates in each other’s country. Surveys conducted by various Afghan and foreign agencies show that the Afghan people ranked Indian assistance as the most suitable because of the positive role India has played in the development programme of Afghanistan. The Afghans also appreciate the fact that India has never interfered in their internal affairs till date.

The energy basket of Asia needs to be exploited for the benefit of Afghanistan and the surrounding region. The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline is one such example.

It is also necessary to redouble counter-narcotics efforts as Afghanistan remains the world’s largest producer of opium, accounting for 90% of the world’s supply.

A Stable Afghanistan requires involvement of the Central Asian Republics, Russia and Iran, which border Afghanistan. It is important for India to coordinate its efforts with those to ensure success.



The Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj today in her hard hitting impressive address to the United Nations General Assembly teared apart Pakistan and its rulers by openly giving them a huge rebuff by warning that they should never ever think of capturing Kashmir as it was, is and will be the undisputed and integral part of India and that no power in the world can ever think of capturing it.

Those who have their own glass houses should never throw stones on others. Without naming Pakistan Sushma Swaraj urged and appealed to the UN and other peace loving countries of the world to fully isolate and sideline countries aiding, abetting and cultivating terror factories in their country and further exporting them abroad to kill innocents for no fault of theirs.

Remembering the 15th anniversary of US’ s 9/11 that massacred hundreds of innocents in New York Sushma Swaraj emphatically reminded the delegates present in the UNGA that despite so much of worldwide concern killing of innocents by these terrorists in England, Istanbul, United States, Baluchistan and several other countries are still going unabated as countries’ like Pakistan instead of honoring UN commitments for peace and tranquility are busy protecting the terror sanctuaries in their country and creating havoc elsewhere.

Sushma added what is happening in its own country in Baluchistan is an eye opener where innocent Baluch citizens are being subjected to incessant torture and brutal killings by ISI, Pak military and police. She exposed Pakistan and its then ( former) Prime minister Nawab Sharief of putting unnecessary conditions for starting the peace talks and questioned : did Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and she asked for any preconditions when he cut short his return visit, midway and attended the wedding of his daughter in Lahore or her visit to Islamabad.

She appealed to UN and all the member countries to stand united to fight terrorism as terror is a devil with multi pronged effects (hands and legs) which can turn towards any nation, any time creating havoc with humanity. Meanwhile Pakistan is badly furious and disturbed by Sushma Swaraj’ s UNGA address and termed it as a most irresponsible speech by a responsible minister. The speech of Sushma Swaraj is rated as one of the best speeches’ in international fora covering each and every aspect of India’s foreign policy. Congrats to her for brilliantly espousing the India’s cause in UNGA.



While on the one hand the Indian government is seriously and with a traditional feeling of helping its neighbour, Myanmar’s suffering Rakhine inhabited Rohingya muslims providing its maximum moral, economic, social and political support as it has done in Srilanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and even Pakistan while these nation suffered natural calamities, on the other hand unfortunately and angushingly Pakistan terror outfits like Lashkare Taiyebba, Harkat Ul Ansar and Hijbul Mujaheeddin etc are taking advantage of the deteriorating Rohingya situation, adding fuel to fire by enhancing its terrorist disruptive activities.

These terror outfits armed with latest lethal equipments are active in Bangladesh’s Cox bazaar and Tefnak at the Bangladesh Myanmar Border. While the Myanmarese government and its State councillor Noble Laureate Aung Sang Kyi always considered to be the champion of the human rights seems to have failed in controlling and resolving the Rohingya impasse and the United states and UN have deplored them for this worst ethnic cleansing ever.

While India is also watching the situation from close quarters having itself been entangled in this issue in terms of the deportation of 40000 Rohingya refugees who’ d infilterated in India, Pakistan terror outfits and the internationally defamed terrorists Azhar Masood and Hafiz Sayeed alongwith other Islamic fundamentalists such as Afgan Taliban, Al Qaida’sYemen branch LET and JEM etc have called for attacks on the Myanmar authorities in support of the Rohingyas. As per the HT senior journalist Shishir Gupta  there is an urgent need for de- escalation in levels of violence in Rakhine state as there is a strong possibility of other displaced Rohingya being radicalised by Sunni fundamentalist groups including the Bangladesh chapter of the Islamic state to take to arms.

There is now clear evidence that little known AMM has emerged from Harkat-Ul- Jihad Islami Arakan (HUJI-A) a Pakistani based extremist outfit involved in espousing the Rohingya Muslim cause in Myanmar. Several Myanmarese Rohingya leaders have sought terror training in Pakistan under the patronage and supervision of Hafiz Sayeed. The recruits are absorbed from Myanmar’ s Rakhine state and Bangladesh’s Cox bazaar. These AMM cadres were trained since 2013 at the Bangladesh Myanmar border as well with adequate training for explosive making, indigenously.

It is now believed that the terrorist outfits active in Pakistan and Bangladesh in league with Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army n other local radical organisations clandestinely active in Myanmar have infilterated amongst the Rohingya’ s and are trying to rope in more and more cadres by misguiding the distracted and desperate youth. It is really shocking that in this conflict of ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar government as accused by US and UN authorities, who( Myanmar) entirely blame the Rohingyas for attacking the state police and killing police guards, the situation is going out of hand with the sufferings of innocent poor Rohingyas’ enhancing beyond control.

While the physical torture, attacks and killings of innocent Rohingya refugees can’ t be excused or condoled at any cost, the disruptive terrorist activities of the Pak and Bangladesh terrorists should also be checked and countered with a heavy hand. Now is the time that countries against such terror outfits should intervene also resolve the crisis once for all by eliminating them from the roots.

What makes the peace loving global community disturbed is the fact that the more various powerful countries of the globe are pledging unitedly to fight terrorism on this planet with a heavy hand, the more are these disgruntled elements raising their heads to this world a worst place to live in. Today terrorism is the higest curse being confronted by humanity world over and therefore the need of the hour is to give up narrow political considerations and stand unitedly to fight this curse strongly and cohesively in the widest interest of human beings and humanity.

Sunil Negi


One thing seems to absolutely clear now that, though slowly and steadily but prime minister Narendra Modi’ s foreign trips are accompanying fruitful results and his diplomatic outpouring and maneuvering, exhibiting positive results, particularly in terms of sending clear and loud message to mighty powers like China that India of 2017 is indeed now different from the India of 1962, when it suffered at the hands of the dragon, being militarily ill equipped and weak.

The visits of prime minister Modi to foreign lands after his becoming prime minister were severely criticized by the opposition, castigating him for wasting the exchequer’s money and accompanying no concrete and fruitful results to improve the economic climate of foreign investment in the country but the way , prime minister Narendra Modi and his efficient team on foreign affairs and national security has exhibited the dexterity to resolve the extremely complex Doklam issue by making obstinate and erroneous China come to the negotiating table and reach a mutual agreement, including impressing China’s bete noire Japan and the US to be India’s most trusted and long lasting friends, speaks of the fact that Narendra Modi has today proved himself to be an efficient prime minister to have elevated India’s image internationally and also countered and morally degraded India’s arch rival China and Pakistan diplomatically.

Prime minister Modi’s two visits to United States of America, France, Germany, Abu Dhabi, England, Japan, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Myanmar and to several Saarc nations as well, have been quite successful in the sense that not only has the former succeeded in cornering China and Pakistan but has also brought tremendous amount of foreign investment including arriving at unanimity on effectively and with heavy hand countering all forms of terrorism, especially those engineered and sponsored from across India’ s border Pakistan. Today, China and Pakistan are almost isolated in the international arena with the majority of the western nations, Asian/ Saarc countries and the middle east backing India against the Dragon and Pakistan. Prime minister Modi’ s efficient leadership role among st the SAARC nations and its recent bid to come to the aid of neighboring Himalayan kingdom Bhutan on Doklam impasse compounded with making BRICS nation agree on unitedly fighting the Pak sponsored terror outfits viz Laskare Tayyeba, Hizbul Mujahiddin, Haqqani network etc is a step forward in the elevation of India’ s leadership image globally.

The recent frustration of China in the form of its foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying’ s statement in the context of India’ s deepening ties with Japan that India should forge partnership and not alliance with Japan, its permanent bete noire is a clear indication that prime minister Modi’ s successful diplomacy by making Japan its most trusted and all weather friend after the US and other nations of the globe, has shattered the confidence of China. What do you say, friends?