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Pakistan has started worrying about the fact that India is paying any heed to them so they are pressurizing United States to help bring India to the negotiating table this news has been confirmed by unnamed Pakistani official sources to the newspaper called “The Source”

US has always been suspicious about Pakistan’s anti-terror role and despite of this fact Pakistan is approaching them to let India talk to them as they do not want to fight with India and region to be pushed to war.

And not just this the Pakistani official has told the newspaper that US has appreciated their efforts to have talks with India despite of the fact that they are suspicious about the anti-terror role of Pakistan and India also has a right to doubt them.

This time Pakistan has approached US in a complaining manner that they want peace but is not ready to talk despite of multiple offers from Pakistan.

Another Pakistani official told that US has asked them to improve their anti-terror image as it tries to bring India to the dialogue table.

It was also told to the Newspaper that the recent efforts of US to bring two nations for dialogue usually communicated through daily US State Department briefings were actually a result of Pakistan pressing Washington about persuading India for talks.

The Pakistani foreign ministry resource said “Like us they believe a talk is the best way out but they still keep on asking us to do more. We have been telling them all these weeks that we had nothing to do with Uri attack or any such incident.”

US has again given a stern warning to them but they are still trying to convince US that they were not involved in the Ui attack and working very hard to push Islamabad to go after terrorist groups that seek safe heaven on its soil and territory.