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    Companies seeking the path to success in this highly competitive world are at a great advantage by practicing Onboarding. An effective Onboarding practice leads to increase in the productivity of the employees, engagement, and retention. Due to this the employees develop a quicker speed and remain in the job for a longer time period.

    Orientation is an occasion. Onboarding is a procedure.

    Onboarding is at times, mistaken. Many organizations mix up orientation for onboarding. Orientation informs the employee regarding the direct procedures and systems they have to know. It consists of signing the employees up for work, accepting company ID, and understanding all the documents required under various situations. Whereas, Onboarding unfolds all through the initial 6-18 months of business, passing through hiring through pre-boarding and introduction, to lead new employees to successful performance.

    It is important for each organization to set up a formal onboarding program that is securely adjusted to its employment brand, culture, and growing business targets. Ensure that the employees are provided with a suitable onboarding strategy so that their working days don’t turn out to be frustrating and confusing.

    Instead of putting a bunch of files to work on in front of the employees, take some time to help them go through the Onboarding procedure. Once the employee is familiar with the whole process of the Onboarding process, it will lead to the delivery of the long-term benefits of the organization.

    The following key focuses will enable you to get your newly hired employees on track, up to speed and “on board” so they can begin adding to your organization’s prosperity as quickly as possible.

    Onboarding process must be innovative and decent:

    Consider the experience from the worker’s point of view, and after that attempt to make it fun, interesting, energizing, effortless, and as basic, as could be expected. Through this, you will make your new employee feel happy, interested and energized.

    The organization must post new worker introduction plans, materials, benefits frames, and a broad FAQ about the organization online that is open to new employees from a link in the welcome email before their first day at work.

    Generation of New Employee Orientation Personal:

    An onboarding procedure ensures employees follow up with the organization culture from the very beginning. It connects them with collaborators, chiefs, and pioneers of the organization so they feel some portion of the group, and furthermore praise the parts other staff play. Due to this, they will know whom to contact when they have a question, and how different groups and divisions cooperate, enabling them to be more profitable. Try not to make the very first moment about printed material.

    Experience of the clients should be made better:

    Cheerful employees mean cheerful clients. If you want to ensure that your employees are much connected with the experience of the clients then there is a need to make your employees more joyful in their work.

    With an onboarding technique, your company can guarantee on trustworthy client benefit involvement with all levels of your company, regardless of whether a client is interfacing with a business agent or an organization’s Twitter account.

    Organizational thinking to be done strategically:

    Onboarding can improve your organization’s reaction to industry patterns. At the point when workers in all cases at your company have been set up for growth and development, it makes your organization more crucial and focused.

    Higher Revenue:

    The calculation for Higher Revenue is quite simple i.e. Higher employee retention + greater employee productivity + better customer service + more strategic thinking = higher revenue. Your organization’s bottom line can have a great impact by an Onboarding program. If the onboarding is done in the right way, the first day it will lead to a strong relationship between the organizational profitability and the employee’s satisfaction and happiness.


    Onboarding should never be neglected. Companies giving proper time to Onboarding processes stay ahead in competition than those organizations which do not practice Onboarding. Let your employees feel proud, satisfied and happy to work with you. Onboarding will undoubtedly help your organization succeed.






    The high profile private public schools have cropped up in Delhi, NCR and various parts of the country like mushrooms charging exorbitant tution and capitation fees including transport charges compounded with building funds.

    If anything has mushroomed in India to mint excessive money they are the private public schools and high profile hospitals, majority of them having procured lands from the government at extremely cheaper rates with the written promise and commitment that they will also admit the poor and the economically deprived children and patients in their respective schools and hospitals for free education and medical treatments including free surgeries in critical illnesses.

    The governments, central as well as states have also issued them official instructions and directives under the apex court’s verdict to entertain the wards and patients of the poor and underpriviledged strata of the society under freeship but it’s hardly adhered to in toto except in selective cases and that to after tremendous harrasment and complex official formalities.

    If anything is pursuing in terms of higly profitable busness in the country these days, they are in true sense the private public schools and high profile private hospitals under the garb of medical tourism. Similarly, private medical, engineering and MBA educational institutions having affiliations with distant universities of no significant relevance are luring the rich and middle class students charging excessively exorbitant capitation fees thus arbitrarily violating the established university norms and minting huge profits.

    The doctors, engineers and other professionals after paying so much of excessive fees and capitation amount lateron either go abroad or open their own hospitals or nursing homes and mint excessive money as profits instead of serving in government sector or hospitals to serve the poor, underpriviledged or middle class patients thus being of no use for the nation.

    The country’ s distant hospitals in the rural areas and hilly regions of the country are therefore today devoid of doctors and surgeons who prefer to serve in the cities, towns or metropolises either in govt hospitals, private clinics, hospitalsor nursing homes or open their own medical centres thus doing a disservice to the country. India produces best doctors, engineers and MBA professionels in the country but they seldom serve in the government either due to the dearth of jobs or their urge to earn handsomely because they have to recover what they had spend on their education and further multiply their income for their future comforts and economic prosperity.

    There was a time when the profession of the doctors and teachers used to be considered as a noble one but after the flourishing and mushrooming of private hospital and educational mafia in the country, descipline, morality, ethics and service to the poor and needy has taken a back seat as those involved in these professionshave today become the huge money minting machines than actually serving the true and transparent purpose and objective of service to the society.

    This is the main lacunae and the reason that shameful and obnoxious incidents of sodomy, rapes ,subsequent murders of adoloscents and flourishing trade of illegal and unlawful Kidney transplants against huge profits are taking place in various high profile schools and hospitals of the country which are beyond the reach of the have nots.

    The ongoing cases of an eight year child of Ryan International, Gurugram and the arrest of a Kidney racket mastermind an ayurvedic doctor Amit Kumar having conducted 50 kidney replacement surgeries against heavy monetory gains in Dehradun are eye opener incidents that force us to hang our heads in same.The crux of the whole story is if you are poor, underprivileged, economically deprived or from the lower middle class, your children have no or negligible say to become the doctor, engineer, civil servant, MBA professional or a big man as it has solely become the privilege of the rich and affluent who later on after acknowledging high positions in the above fields involve themselves in huge profit orientation than to serve the real masses at the grass roots called the real India.

    But the moot question is why are the concerned governmental agencies not applying serious checks on them? What do you say friends?