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Seasoning herb helps our body and mind in many ways like they help you in fighting diseases by boosting your immunity and energy power making you more stronger and healthy. These herbs help you detoxifying your body and acts as the natural and best health perks.
Herbs are natural medicines which by including them in your meals is one of the best ways to upgrade your healthy lifestyle and routine. All herbs have some medicinal benefits and healing properties which helps you to detoxify the body and do deep cleaning from inside which is very much needed because of increased levels of pollution.

Some basic herbs like basil, parsley and cilantro helps in reducing inflammation, support liver function and is in cleansing of heavy metals from the body.

These herbs do not just have medicinal benefits but also add texture and taste to the meals. These works as an instant energy booster and provides lots of nutrition and can be easily consumed in salads, soups, smoothies and juices you simply have to keep finding new ways to include them in your diet and it will be fun.

Let’s check out the herbs and their benefits


This herb is a good source Vitamin C and A, loaded with some of the powerful nutrients and its one table spoon on daily basis can provide you vitamin K, a nutrient which is very essential for healthy blood clotting and healthy bones. Parsley also works as good liver cleanser and give you required iron

Cilantro or coriander

Cilantro consist iron and fiber and also works greatly in eliminating heavy metals from the body. It is found in almost Indian kitchens but all do not its advantages. It is very good herb and has healing properties with and is being used around the world to lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar. It contains volatile oil which is anti-microbial in nature and fights with bacteria contracted from food.


Basil is good for calming your nerves and on the same hand it is rich in fiber which is good for body. It helps a lot in detoxifying the liver and removes harmful toxins from the body. Basil is one of the best herbs for cardiovascular health and curing respiratory infections. Basil control diabetes which is one of the major problems which most of the people are facing all over the world.


Oregano is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It has some volatile oils which are highly effective against diseases which are food borne and also fights common colds, flues and respiratory infections. It is powerful antioxidants and works to prevent cellular damage throughout the body.


Lavender is best known for reducing anxiety and promoting sound sleep and it contains antioxidants known as polyphenols that fight belly bloating. Its fragrance is cool and soothing that you feel relaxed and balanced. It also has soothing effect on skin and can be used to cleanse cuts and cure skin irritations.