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The confrontation between the Delhi BJP, revoked and going on a collision course with the government thinking of the good of patients and their aggrieved families.

The Delhi BJP chief Tiwari said that when the fake degree of the AAP government was revealed, the CM Delhi has not resigned neither any action initiated against him for his suspension then why should the license of the MAX hospital got cancelled when the erring doctors have been terminated, already. Similarly, the Delhi Medical council, threatening to go on strike asked the same question that for the wrong doings of the erring docters why have the current patients and the hospital has been made to suffer.

While the confrontation between the Chief minister, Delhi BJP chief and the Delhi Medical Council is on, the people of Delhi are asking what about the exploitative attitude of the private hospital managements who have been charging exorbitantly from patients and minting excessive profits unjustifiably? What about the case of Adya an eight year old girl who died of Dengue and her father was charged a sum of whopping 18 lacs and several other such cases?

It is therefore mandatory that a strong deterrent against these hospitals is the need of the hour and what the Kejriwal government has done in respect of the MAX hospital, Shalimar Bagh has been and is being appreciated and lauded all around. The private hospitals have no right what so ever to hold the poor, under privileged and economically deprived patients at ransom and insult the noble profession.

India is a democratic country and everyone has the right for medical treatment at reasonable costs but these private hospitals have in fact become the privilage of the few allfuents and rich and patients of middle class and the lowest ebb of the society are being denied the priviledge of even 25% free or concessional treatments as facilitated by the honourable apex court of India. This is shameful and fully uncalled for.



If the arch political rivals and diametrically opposite ideologues like the Congress or the Congress led NDA that includes the left parties as well, oppose the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party to the core it is definitely something that is acceptable and as per the norms of politics. But if parties very much close, ideologically and politically which also support each other at the centre and the state like Maharashtra target the ruling BJP and its conglomerates with precision its definitely not only hypocritical but something to worry about. ( by the ruling party at the centre).

Yes, I am talking about the strong political party of Maharashtra, having quite a stronghold in Mumbai in particular, having its MLAs in the state assembly supporting the BJP government of Fadnavis and also ruling the Bombay Municipal Corporation as a majority party, supported by BJP.

The most interesting thing in the Shiv Sena BJP alliance in Maharashtra is that despite the Fadnavis government ruling there with SHIV SENA’s support the chief minister’s position is always on tenterhooks as the Shiv Sena behaves in a more arch rival fashion than the traditional rival Congress.

Whether it was the issue of ministry formation at the centre, election of the president of India, issue of demonetisation, GST or bullet train the Shiv Sena under the presidentship of flamboyant and furious Udhav Thackarey and Raj Thackarey of the rival faction have always been opposed to the BJP high command and the prime minister Narendra Modi and the party’s popular newspaper SAAMNA had been criticizing the BJP led NDA government on various political matters and official decisions tooth and nail to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of the central BJP and the state leaderships, respectively.

The way Shiv Sena and its breakaway group MNS under Udhav and Raj Thakarey take BJP and its state and central leadership to task almost everyday it definitely gives the impression that it’s not the Congress party which is the arch rival but the Shiv Sena and its leaders who leave no opportunity to deplore BJP and its central and state government of Maharashtra.

After the Mumbai Elphinestone FOB tragedy both the Shiv Senas’, particularly the Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena chief Raj Thakarey has while strongly condemning the tragic deaths of 23 Mumbaites have issued warning to the central and state governments of BJP that it will not allow the work of the Bullet train in the Mumbai Suburb and if need be would forcibly stop the project alongwith thousands of its volunteers even if they are countered through force or police. Raj Thakarey said that unless or until the lives of the Mumbaikars are not safeguarded by upgrading the condition of Indian railway networks and its FOOT over bridges etc. the bullet train project is of no relevance to the people of MUMBAI.

^Not only this but while addressing a largely attended rally in MUMBAI on the eve of DUSSHEHRA Shiv Sena chief Udhav Thakarey lost no opportunity to lambast and criticize BJP’s top leadership amid huge uproar saying in a furious tone: Don’t teach us patriotism. The day when we need to be taught patriotism hasn’t come yet.

An atmosphere has been created that those who favour demonetisation and GST are patriots and those who oppose are traitors said he. Thakarey also questioned the credibility of BJP sharing power with the PDP in J&K and asked why hasn’t the special status of the state been revoked till yet which happened to be its one of the main election planks.

He outrightly crticized the over ambitious bullet train project of Narendra Modi and rejected the proposal saying that the need of the hour is improvement in the indeginous railway infrastructure. Thakarey criticized the implementation of GST terming it as anti people and said that even in Pakistan petrol and diesal are much cheaper.

Just imagine a party ideologically similar to the BJP who supports BJP led NDA and shares power with it always criticizes and condemns it but the Party chief AMIT SHAH and PM NARENDRA MODI ARE MUM. The question is WHY? Sounds unusual and uneasy indeed. WHAT’ s your take friends