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A password is not very useful if someone can simply crack it by guessing or by looking over your shoulder.

Passwords are your first line of defence against any internet threat. Sadly very few people recognise this fact.  Though the passwords are not the perfect security solution, if you put in some more effort they can provide a great security boost to your online and offline systems.

In any case, a password is not very useful if someone can simply crack it by guessing or by looking over your shoulder. So, here are some security tips that can be kept in mind while compiling a high security password.

  • You can use a password manager to create a password: A good password manager can create strong and unique password for any and all of your accounts. This means that if one of your passwords is leaked in a data breach any person with a harmful intent would still have to struggle with other online services and subscriptions. The best password managers are those which sync across desktop and mobile. You could even remember just one key, rather than having to memorize more than dozens of long and complicated passwords.
  • Choose a longer password: In the case of passwords’ security, length matters more than the complexity of the combination. Once you have extended it to 12-15 character range, it will become way harder for a hacker to guess or crack it solely on the basis of brute force. And try to use some special characters rather than using the name of your favourite band.
  • You can keep the special characters apart: You have to keep in mind not to bunch together special characters like !,@,#,$,% etc. This is exactly what people do and this means that this is what the potential threats are looking for. To make the guesswork extra tricky you have to space them apart.
  • Don’t change the passwords too regularly: This is a tricky one. But keep in mind that the less often you change your password, the less likely you are to forget it. You may even fall into a pattern, like changing only a number at the end each time you update your password. This only makes it easier to crack the password.
  • Single purpose passwords only: At the very least you need to make sure that you don’t use the same passwords across different online services and accounts. If you do this then a retailer breach that you have no control over could cost you your most confidential banking password.
  • Never to trust your browser with passwords: A convenient shortcut that everyone falls into habit of using is to let your browser remember them for you. You must have seen the option yourself. I can even bet that you use it on at least one site. Don’t use it anymore. The option for the browser to remember the passwords is really convenient, but the taxing of security is very high. If you really need a free and easy option, go with a good and respectable password manager instead of trusting everything to your browser.
  • Enable OTP protection wherever it is possible: In these days of ever increasing online security threats, not even a password is enough to safeguard your privacy. Many of the services like, commercial banks, Google, etc. offer another layer of protection. This protection can come in the form of a numeric code that is sent to your phone via SMS. This is more than enough for most people. Just keep in mind that this is also not completely foolproof.






Shopping freak, right? But what will you prefer more for shopping? An online one or an offline one? Online shopping has become much popular and the preferred one for anyone to shop for any of the products. But, since the existence of mankind, Offline shopping is still managing to maintain its space and presence in this highly competitive market.

All the retailers dealing with the online shopping are here to provide some of the benefits and the facilities that offline retail stores can’t provide but this is not at all done with the intention of closing or discouraging the offline market. But, both are just commendable in their own ways and the customers are making use of these stores to accomplish their different shopping needs and preferences.

Let us make you have a look at all the pros and cons of Online and Offline shopping that makes them too different or better than each other:

  • Convenient shopping- Keeping convenience in mind, this is the point that you will also agree with “Online shopping is more convenient than the Offline shopping.” On deciding the product that you have to buy, you can make the whole payment online or choose the Cash on Delivery option and get the product right at your doorstep. You don’t need to take out your car and travel all the way to the offline stores to buy these products.Image result for convenient shopping
  • Varied kinds of products- If we take a look at the “Variety of goods for the customers”, we can say that Online shopping is better this way. As compared to the offline shopping the Online retail stores provide its customers with the better variety in case of brands, colors, sizes, quality, and designs. Having no problem related to the accommodation physical space, the Online retail stores can provide you millions of products at a single place.Image result for various products in online shopping
  • Try before buy- Here Offline Shopping comes into play because it has this benefit that an Online store lacks behind. In an offline store, you can touch, feel and even try the product before buying it. If it doesn’t match your preference you can skip the idea of buying it. But, this is totally opposite in the case of Online shopping as you cannot try anything before buying. You just have to believe on what the image of the product tells you.Image result for try before buy
  • Hand to hand buying- In online shopping, once you place the order it will take approximately 2-3 days to get your product. Whereas, offline shopping facilitates the hand-to-hand buying system. Once you do the payment you will get the product at the same moment there itself. So, no need to wait for the delivery of your product during Offline shopping. This is really helpful in case of buying some products during an emergency.Image result for hand to hand buying'

So, now the decision is yours on how to shop. Online and Offline shopping are both amazing in their own ways, you just need to look at your preferences and then choose your way of shopping accordingly. Happy Shopping!


Festive season is coming around and it seems that the E commerce companies have already started preparing for it and Flipkart has shown some signs that it will replicate its strategy of selling mobile phones through exclusive partnerships to its white good and large appliances business.

Flipkart is one of the largest E-commerce companies which re-entered the white goods market about 2 years back and has brought several big brands online with competitive pricing to lure consumers and take away the share of Amazon.

Some Chinese brands have come forward with Flipkart to sell their products online and these brands include BPL, LeEco, Sansui, Vu and more. Flipkart is a Bengaluru based startup firm which is having a tough competition with Amazon and working very hard to be on top position of E -Commerce Company in India.

Sandeep Karwa is the director of product management at Flipkart told that a broad range of these products, would be offered at around Rs 3,000 0 Rs 4,000 cheaper as compared to any other online E- commerce platform.

He feels that the correct implementation of the strategy they used for smartphones could result into appliances becoming a big grosser for them.

Large appliances give more margins as compared to mobile phones which so far have been a major source of revenue for Flipkart.

Flipkart has already worked on mobile phone selling last year through Big Billion day and they saw 50% of GMV from mobile phones category only and now they want to try out other big appliances which will give 2 – 3 percent more margin and who do not want make margins?

But it is also observed that large appliances penetration is still very small and currently no one knows whether they will see jump in big appliances sales or not but for the time being Flipkart is trying to crack the large appliance segment and hopes that it will become successful.