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dA weird case of doing Online Pindaan or Tarpan has come to light in Gaya district of Bihar but Gayapal Brahmins are against this type of service and claimed that it is not possible to do online pin daan because it is against the Hindu Shastra and religion and in order to do it descendant should be physically present to do the ritual ceremony. Even a person , Sunil who is helping people to do online pind daan thinks that it is not right and should not be done but on the demand of the people they took this step of providing online service to those who are not able to physically go there and perform the ceremony. He further stated that people should do the online booking and after that come and do the pind daan.

One of the famous story about pind daan ceremony in Gaya is that here Gayasur took permission from God Vishnu to do pind daan after coming to Gaya so that ancestors get moksha so doing this ceremony online does not makes any sense and people have to come to Gaya if they want their ancestors to get moksha and their blessings.

What about those people who are living outside of India and unable to come to India to perform this ritual?

I think pind daan cannot be done online as there are few things in the world which can only be done when you are present physically just like a person cannot marry online and has to perform Pooja and other rituals according to Hindu Dharma.

I remember last year famous Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone’s son died in a road accident and the famous actor came to India in Haridwar to do the pind daan ceremony of his so that he could achieve moksha so why we Indians are not accepting this fact that people around the World are now learning about rituals and on top of that also having belief and we are forgetting our rituals and treating them as a job instead of our Karma.