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The horrifying leopard attacks in Uttarakhand have become the order of the day and there seems to be no end to this menace. There seem to be no efforts from the state government’s concerned departments to ensure the safety of the hill people, particularly the women and children who’ve become extremely vulnerable to these increasing attacks.

On the one hand there is special emphasis by the wild life department to conserve tigers and leopards as they are considered to be the vanishing spieces but in Uttarakhand which is inhabited by 73% jungles the leopard menace has so far taken around 250 lives in just one and a half decade with majority of the incidents of grievous unjuries not being reported by the poor and hapless villagers.

I have been writing very often on this subject as other scribes too are reporting in print and electronics media but regretfully the government seems to be least bothered to pay special attention on this front. After the exodus of the hill people to cities, towns and metropolises the villages of Uttarakhand are rapidly losing population and as such there is tremendous dearth of pet animals like goats, cows and buffaloes.

Moreover the rampant activities of construction and subsequent intervention with nature has also resulted in disturbance of the wild life, particularly the leopards and panthers. In the absense of adequate food and disturbance due to the enhanced construction activities these freely roaming leopards conveniently enter the villages and human settlements and attack the women or children working and playing in the agricultural fields cladestinely to fulfill their hunger.

Such horrifying incidents of leopard attacks have been frequently witnessed in several villages of Pauri Garhwal district, in and around the 200 to 300 kilometre of the Jim Corbet national park and in Kumaon division as well. The maximum victims are the women and children who are quite vulnerable to such attacks as they work in agricultural fields and often go the jungles for fodder and firewods at odd hours.

Just a day before a dreaded leopard had cladestinely made a seven year old girl its prey and grabbed her thigh and the face leaving her dead, while profusely bleeding, in the jungles after the local inhabitants made lot of noise in unison. According to a news report released from Nainital a maneater leopard literally killed a 7 year old girl child who was going towards a jungle under the jurisdiction of BELUVKHAN GRAM SABHA adjacent to the Nainital Haldwani National highway.

The leopard who was clandestinely keeping an eye on the mother daughter duo literally snatched the girl child from the mothers captivity and dragged her up to five hundred metres in broad day light leaving behing the dead body inside the jungle after the group of the local villagers created panic and noise. When the villagers recovered her dead body the victims thigh and face were completely mutilated with the leopards punch and jaws, profusely bleeding.

The girl died instantly. According to the news report Rekha Devi alongwith her daughter was going to the jungle for firewoods in the afternoon at 2.30 PM. A leopard who was hiding near a house immediately out of the blue grabbed the 7 year old girl with his jaws and dragged her upto 500 metres, finally killing her. There was panic all around. Meanwhile when the victims mother raised an alarm, some of the local villagers gathered and raise an alarm with collective noise after which the man eater( predator) left the dead body behind and skipped away.

By the time the local police, revenue officials and the forest guards reached the spot and brought the profusely bleeding dead body on the road for post mortom. Such incidents of these predators have made the lives of women and children a hell in Uttarakhand and the government seems to be negligibly bothered for the safety and security of the people. If these leopard attacks are frequently continued not only will it lead to more exodus of the villagers to cities but will also affect adversely, the states tourism sector which is considered to be the major earning source of the UK’s economy.



The political party formed after exploiting the advantage gained from the nationwide movement against the then corruption of Congress party at the centre led by the nationally known crusader Anna Hazaare who was instrumental in the political death of certain ministers in Maharashtra government for their involvement in acute corruption, known as AAM ADMI PARTY with Kejrival on the driver’s seat is again in for more trouble rather a small division as one of its remaining pillars and a renowned speaker, poet and the man responsible for Kejrival’s party’s victory in the Delhi election Kumar Vishwas ready to wage an open war against the Delhi CM indirectly but sounding direct, accusing him of not giving him Rajya Sabha seat from Delhi and instead obliging one Delhi businessman and a chartered accountant namely Sushil Gupta and ND Gupta.

The third being RS nominee being Sanjay Singh the AAP’s leader and Kejrival’s close confident. Both the Gupta’s are from Vaishya business community to which chief minister Arvind Kejrival also belongs.

The list for the three Delhi Rajya Sabha seats have been declared today as AAP having 66 lawmakets has the full say for all the three RS seats. Last time the Congress had all the three seats as it was in majority during the tenure of chief minister Shiela Dikshit.
Badly annoyed and furious Kumar Vishwas expressed his gratitude towards Arvind Kejrival for making him a martyr than to finish him for ever politically. He said that anyone who dares to question the Delhi CM is finished in the party or outside party by expelling him or her. What Kumar Vishwas meant by his statement is that there is complete lack of inner party democracy in AAP and whosoever tends to question the leadership or asks for rightful share in the party is either expelled or finished to the full but in Kumar’s case he has been martyred not killed politically says the latter. I was punished for speaking the truth. I accept my martydom, this is what the poet turned politician furiously responded anxious reporters.

It may be recalled that after the AAP government and its CM Arvind Kejrival assumed office the AAP’s most significant leaders and those instrumental of bringing the party to power were expelled namely senior advocate and think tank of AAP Prashant Bhushan and the renowned psephologist , a perfect organiser and the party’s most acceptable think tank and national spokesperson Dr. Yogendra Yadav and several too signed in protest as well. They thereafter formed a separate political outfit called Swarajya Party which also contested the Delhi municipal elections but couln’t make a mark. Prashant Bhushan, his father former Union Law minister in Janata Party government and a renowned legal luminiary Bharat Bhuhan were highly contributive in the victory of AAP at the hustings but were shown the door as they questioned Kejrival on selection of certain party candidates with dubious and corrupt backgrounds and also asked for transparancy in party funding. Kejrival could’nt bear this and expelled these leaders forthwith. Political analysts say the Kejrival did this because he acknowledged more than absolute majority fearing no risk of his governments’ instability.

Today he is having 66 lamakers and no political threat. He is the undisputed leader of his party. If sources are to be believed the Delhi CM is allegedly systematically axing his intelligent and eloquent over ambitious leaders phase wise so that he finally becomes invincible in AAP with nobody daring to question his leadership. What do you say friends?



The flagrant incident of assault of a young women journalist including an other woman at the ITO metro station last Tuesday, being third in a row in a week’s time has shaken the confidence of the women metro commuters of Delhi.

Such an outrageous incident of a young journalist’s assault at a metro station just less than fifty metres away from the police headquarter definitely puts a strong question mark on the claims of women’s security in the capital and its metro stations.

If a woman in the heart of the city surrounded by police headquarter and newspapers’ offices of repute is not safe at 9.30 PM and that too a journalist, who showed exemplary courage to bravely counter the assault attempts and lodge an FIR despite being alone, having to wait for one hour just imagine what would be the fate of those shy and insecure women who daily face such assaults and stalkers but fail to report matters of constant harrasments due to the apprehension of repraisals of these goondaas or the tardy action taken procedures of the authorities concerned.

Hats off to this courageous journalist who not only fought with the criminal valiantly but also acrimoniouly chased him making him badly frieghtened who was later on caught after two days of police’s serious investigation, procuring the CCTV footage and enquiring from hundreds of nearby vendors and strangers.

The culprit who was a local tea seller is now in 14 day police custody under the relevant sections of the law. The Delhi Commision of Women has taken a suo.motto cognisance of this serious matter and have issued notices to the DMRC to submit it the detailed report about such shameless incidents of women assaults and harrasment till date.

Sounds shocking and anguishing that a station like ITO dosen’t have police petrol in the nearby vicinity as well a inside the station to check the antecedents of such anti social elements frequenting in and out at times in inebriated condition with a bad intent to molest women and young girls.

Delhi metro despite having CCTV cameras all over fails to monitor such serious act of a women’s molestation and no policemen or the para military trooper comes to her rescue, sounds unusual and definitely reflects on the poor vigilantism inside the stations where women seem to be vulnerable.

Metro ferries 25 to 30 lakh passengers daily to different parts of the capital and the NCR and is considered to be the lifeline of the Delhites but unfortunately over the past two years, while its fares have been increased manifold, putting extra burden on the squeezed pockets of its commuters it has been felt and visualized that incidents of pick pockets, mollestations, eve teasing are on the rise.

May be the reporting pattern by women complainants is not very encouraging due to different compelling reasons and circumstances. There have been incidents when male commuters enter from the women compartment ruthlessly and stand in close proximity which is higly objectionable and uncalled for.

Even in general compartment some youngsters try to deliberately rub shoulders with girls and women and on objecting either say sorry pretending to be gentlemen or retaliate. This is because there is dearth of police petrolling inside trains and in the station premises.

In order to check and counter such dubious elements the security apparatus including those manning the CCTV part should be made more alert, attentive and answerable and petrolling increased manifold.

If the metro authorities have the guts to increase the fares of its commuters manifold, twice in just past six months, despite repeated opposition and criticism by the general public and the Delhi government it should also exhibit and ensure its performance on security front and well as looking after the convenience of its valued commuters.

Today, you go in any metro station, except few, in majority of the stations one or two token counters function and the queue of the token seekers in long and unending but the staff seems to be least bothered for the convenience of its valued commuters.

Majority of the pedestrian escalaters are out of order. This is so because the Delhi metro has never valued its commuters’ inconvenience as it perhaps thinks that it’s the cimpulsion of the Delhites to travel by it, despite all odds.

The CMD of the DMRC is urged upon to take serious note of all these lapses on the part of the metro and ensure the fullest safety and security of its commuters, particularly the most vulnerable women community using its services. WHAT DO YOU SAY FRIENDS?