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The speed with which the saffron clad chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and the most suited recommendation of the RSS, seer turned politician Yogi Aditya Nath became overwhelmingly popular and the storm in the eyes of the opposition parties including some of his bete noires within BJP, the Gorakhpur and Phulpur debacles have brought him on ground for the time being, though the former is still too over confident and seems little bogged down by the defeats.

In the recently held TV 18’s conclave the Yogi Aditya Nath seemed hardly perturbed with these defeats but rather seemed more confident when he announced that the BJP led NDA under the dynamic and dashing leadership of prime minister Modi is bound to stage a come back with historic majority in the 2019 general elections and that the results of the UP by elections won’t affect the party’s chances anymore as the wrongs would be fully corrected in the near future and the party would emerge as a more stronger and cohesive force.

Sounds ironical. Despite so much of saffronisation of the entire environment in Uttar Pradesh by almost colouring the CM’s secretariat annexe buildings to schools to buses to Haj Commitee office building to gates of vegetable markets in Banaras to using saffron coloured towels, school bags and even text books and ordering encounters of criminals to weed out criminalism and corruption from the administrative and political set up of the state, the eloquent and over confident pro hindu chief minister could not ensure the victory of the party’s candidates in his own home turf Gorakhpur and in his deputy’s constituency Phulpur.

Expriencing two bypoll defeats in just a years’ time while heading the state as its CM and that too in his own home turf ruled for over 25 years unambiguously gives the impression that Yogi Adityanath’s personal image and that of his party are on the downslide. It seems that the people of the state are fed up for being manipulated repeatedly on religious issues such as Ram Temple or so much of tall talks on saffronisation or majoritarianism.

What people really want is communal harmony, job avenues, quality education, cheaper essential commodities, quality standard of living, cheaper or free education and free treatment in hospitals with better healthcare facilities. They do want eradication of criminalism and criminals from the society ridden with lawlessness but don’t want arbitrary encounters.

They want an honest government that would eradicate corruption too but also expect a government that establishes communal harmony, amity, mutual trust and brotherhood in the society not communal roits that are making peoples’ life hell on highly communally surcharged statements of politicians. The farmers lot need to be improved and agrarian sector resurrected for the good of the farmers and their poor and debt ridden families.

Yogi Aditya Nath was being higjly apreciated for his various pro people works in the state but from the political CEO one never expects prejudiced ideology or line of action that gives the smack of majoritarianism or saffronisation. Uttar Pradesh is the largest state of the country where the minorities, dalits, backwards etc are in sizeable numbers and influence good number of parliamentary and legislative seats.

In Phulpur and Gorakhpur constituencies the minorities, dalits and backwards have voted enblock in favour of the SP candidates on the backing of BSP and the pro majority voters have avoided coming to polling stations thus preferring to stay back at homes. What does this mean? Its a clear indication that the people are least influenced by the factor of majoriatarianism in the name of Ram Temple or saffronisation but have preferred to go behind their old political leaders like BSP’s Mayavati or Samajvadi’s Akhilesh Yadav giving a clear indication that things are not the same as were a year ago and in 2014 when BJP secured 323 seats in the UP assembly elections and 73 out of 80 parliamentary seats.

Political analysts say that the saturation point of majoritarianism has crossed the peak now as people of the state and the country want development, jobs, better living condition, lowering of sky rocketting prices of essential commodities, resurrection of agrarian sector and improvement in the economic condition of the farmers, communal harmony and the governments that work and deliever not believes on mere rhetorics. Ine will be shocked to learn that according to UP police, 44 criminals have been killed in 1,322 encounters between 20 March 2017 and 5 March 2018.

Despite the uproar by leaders and activists, both Chief Minister Adityanath and Director General of Police O P Singh have made it clear that encounters of criminals were going to continue. An important fact which has been suppressed by opposition and human rights activists is that as per legal stipulation, all encounters are subjected to police and judicial probes and that not one encounter has been found to be staged in these probes. Another fact which is ignored is the number of casualties on police side. Besides four policemen losing their lives, 283 men in uniform have been injured in these encounters.


The former union finance minister P Chidambram has issued a two page statement on his twitter account after the declaration of the union budget by finance minister Arun Jaitley terming it as big let down proposals which are neither bold nor radical and belying peoples’ expectations on all counts.

Listing his dissapointments point wise on fiscal deficit, exports, agriculture, healthcare, jobs, investment & credit, tax relief and slashing allocations Chidambaram took the finance minister to task and said that he has belied peoples’ expectation on all these fronts. Accusing the finance minister of serving the interests of the rich , affluent and the haves Chidambaram said : There is no relief for the average tax payer. Only corporates with the income up to 250 crores got a tax relief of 5% whereas for individuals standard reduction is back but the long term capital gain tax is also back. For the middle class earner and saver, one cancels the other.

He adds: Actually by way of LTCG and 4 percent cess the tax payer will pay the government 31000 crore more where as the gain through standard deduction will only be Rs 8000 crores. Similarly on the government’s over ambitious insurance scheme Chidambaram termed it a big JUMLA for befooling people. He says while the target group is 10 crore families.

There is as yet no scheme. Assuming that each family will avail of Rs 50,000 ( one tenth of the 5 lakhs), the amount required per year will be Rs. 5 lakh crore. If the insurance company will foot the bill, the premium of Rs 5000 to 15000 per month, per family will outgo Rs 50000 to 1,50,000 crore per year. On the investment and credit front the former finance minister discredited Jaitley of doing nothing in the budget to boost the private investment.

There was nothing in the budget to encourage banks to lend and investors to borrow for new investments. He said: it seems that the finance minister has given up on private investment altogether. Blaming the FM for not even creating a single job prospect Chidambaran said the FM has no new ideas and has fallen back on the tried and failed Mudra scheme. The average size of the Mudra loan is Rs. 43000.

This is tokenism and will not create even one job. More Mudra loans would mean more tokenism but no additional jobs. Chidambaram took the government to task for slashing allocations on important schemes for the poor, the economically deprived and those living in the rural areas of the country. He said: the most dissapointing part of the budget is the cut n the outlays on the major schemes of2018/ 19 like MNREGA, PMAY, National Drinking Water Mission, Swach Bharat Mission, Mid Day Meals Scheme, National Health Mission, Gram Jyoti Yojana, Short Term Farm Credit etc.

Emphasising on the job front in particular Chidambaram said that jobs are not being created in the country and industrial growth too has come down to 6.8% in 2016-17 to 2.7% in 2018.


The day since the present government achieved power at the centre with a resounding majority the system of rhetorics and public assurances has become the order of the day with the main opposition party of the country Congress being still not able to counter these false assurances. For any country of the globe running under the system of parliamentary democracy the existence of the strong opposition is mandatory as its only the opposition parties who actually apply brakes and regulate the wrong doing of any government at the centre as well as the states.

Unfortunately in India the main opposition party has only 44 MPs and the rest of the anti BJP opposition is completely fractured with some of its leaders like Laloo Prasad Yadav going to jail on the charges of serious corruption componded with his other family members likely to follow suit. If we talk of the single largest opposition party, the Congress, its leader Rahul Gandhi who has recently been crowned as the president of this 132 year old party is alone fighting the entire government of the BJP lead opposition with no other opposition leader of any party matching his outstanding capability of relentless anti BJP opposition. The recent Gujarat elections has brought home the point that a singular oppsition leader Rahul has finally compelled the BJP that ruled Gujarat for 22 long years come down by 16 lawmakers despite the prime minister and the entire party campaignibg day and night to counter the former’s political jaggernaut. If we go by the recent analysis published in few papers of the country, had the BSP and NCP not contested in Gujarat elections who actually had no political influence directly affected the Congress’s chances in 10 seats as the margin with with the Congress lost in ten seats in Gujarat was just half in numbers in every constituency in terms of votes procured by the BSP and NCP candidates if clubbed together.

This means that had the NCP and BSP not contested on these ten seats the entire anti BJP vote in all these ten constituencies wold have gone to Congress and the tally of this party would have further increased by ten more means 87 seats and the BJP would have come down to to 89 than 99 and adding 3 independents the Congress would have won by one seat more and would have formed the government by now. Anyways, apart from all this, the present political dispensation seems to be more interested in issuing and expressing rhetorics than actually resolving peoples’ issues.

There is total disenchantment on employment front with more than 6.5 crores deserving educated and highly qualified youth unemployeed and desperately looking for jobs while the process of retrenchment in private and public sector is still on the rise. What has happened to the pre election promise and assurance of prime minister Natendra Modi of providing 2 crore jobs every year is any body’s guess as 3 years and 7 months have already passed by now. About 580 farmers have already committed suicides by now and the agrarian economy of the country is in extremely bad shape.

The prices of essential commodities and rates of petrol and diesal and therefore the prices of entire construction sector is on the rise. The aftermath effects of demonetisation and GST have been extremely disastrous with no signs of black money having been retrieved except the commen men’s money of 14.5 lakh crores that came back in the government treasuries. The youth of the country is running from pillar to posts but all in vain and so is the middle and lower middle class people crying to control inflation in all the essential commodities. The government has till now failed to bring the petro products under the GST and despite of the prices of the crude being so low in internationational market the rates of petroland diesal are still on the uncontrollable rise.

This is shocking and absurd. How long will the people of the country be betrayed and fooled in the name of the so called saffronisation and influencing the illeterate electorate of the country in the name of religious and faith fanaticism. People need results for better employment, bringing down of inflation, reducing farmer suicides, improving the lot of the countrymen and creating conducive atmosphere for business and threat free commerce. What’ s your take friends?


In Bhartiya Janata Party since it came to power in 2014 with prime minister Narendra Modi’s Charisma, while there have been tremendous support for Modi within and outside the Party with his one time rivals like Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley slowly and gradually becoming his biggest admirers and trusted people after the latters’ induction in the Union Council of ministers given the charge of plum portfolios like finance and external affairs there is no dearth of opposition emerging from within as well, though slowly and steadily.

Today the Modi charisma though still on the hype but is partially on the down slide as well to an extent as he is being dubbed by his ardent opponenrts, particularly, the Congress as the rhetoric PM loading people of the country with excessive promises but doing little or negligible on the ground. During prime minister Narendra Modi’s three and a half year tenure as a most popular and gutsy leader while on the one hand he had been appreciated and lauded for his actions on foreign diplomatic front having toured several countries of the globe and resolving vexed issues like Doklam stand off, maintaining healthy bilateral trade and security relations with super power like US, Japan, countries of the middle east, China and SAARC nations, and establishing its leadership supremacy in UN by winning the election for the judgeship of International Court of justice defeating UNSC’s powerful member, Britain compounded with surgical strikes demolishing terror sanctuaries across the border etc compounded with incessant victories in several state elections thus ruling in 18 states of the country on the other hand he has been horribly condemned and criticized by his seasoned opponents like former finance minister Yashwant Sinha and ex Minister in the Vajpayees’s govt, senior journalist Arun Shouri as well as the former minister and actor turned politician Shatrughan Sinha on the issues of demonetisation, GST, inflation, his foreign visits and various policy matters terming them as anti people and utterly lop sided.

The former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani, his one time God father and the senior leader and former union minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi too had been cut to sizes politically under the guise of having crossed 75 years of age and therefore of no use to the party. Political analysts say that while Narendra Modi is still extremely popular amongst the masses in the country but on the issues such as lynching of minorities, inflation, ill effects of demonetization, attacks on journalists and on GST implementation etc including his being tamed as the leader symbolising rhetorics have to some extent tried to put dent to his image. While the analysts claim that Modi may still have the upper hand in the 2019 elections due to the supposed wave of religious polarisation of majoritarianism and other factors such as weak leadership of his chief opponent Rahul Gandhi but the recent exposure in caravan about the suspicious death of the Mumbai High Court judge looking after the BJP chief Amit Shah case and the case of his son’s bank account that multiplied from 50 thousand to 80 crores in a short duration, if blown out of proportion may definitely bring his and the party’s image to the downslide tremendously.

The increasing pressure of Rahul Gandhi, Hardik Patel, Jignesh and Kalpesh Thakur have already compelled Prime minister Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah to shift the entire union cabinet to the poll bound Gujarat which unambiguously speaks of the fact that the graph of the current political dispensation and its leader at the centre who once ruled Gujarat as its two time CM is in greatest jeopardy atleast till the final results of the state are finally declared.

It may therefore conclusively be said that its not only from the Congress Party or its leader Rahul Gandhi through whom the BJP in Gujarat is confronting challenge of the greatest magnitude despite its chances of victory on Gujarat pride factor, Modi being the PM of the country but within the party too the one time invincible PM is being challenged by the likes of vociferous and oratorically highly skilled Yashwant Sinha, veteran journalist Arun Shourie and the actor turned former minister Shatrughan Sinha. While the patriarchs of the party like LK Advani and Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi are mum publically but it is reliably learn that they leave no stone unturned to criticize the party and government leadership as and when they get the chance to do so but within the four walls and amongst the party distractors. It seems that despite so much of over confidence all is not well within the ruling party. What do you say friends?



Salutes to the judge of the city court wh’ve sentence the rapist of an eight year old girl to fourteen years of rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rupees twenty thousand saying that sexual assaults and rapes are offences which are the result of perverted and evil minds of people (criminals) who not just lacked sensitivity and emotions but are the carriers of animal streak in them who ravish anyone who come to their sight, irrespective of the victims age.

The case is of 2014 registered by the mother of an 8 year old girl in Adarsh Nagar Police Station who was confined by the 40 year old rapist to a secluded place and raped repeatedly. The victim was also given a compensation of Rs 3 lakhs. Such stringent punishments are necessary to deal sternly with such animal beasts prevalent in our society in the shape of termites thus demolishing women’s dignity and their right to exist with dignity.

There is no dearth of strict laws favouring women but the criminals seem to have no terror of police, the law enforcing agencies or the laws of the land. It’s therefore necessary and inevitable that rapists are awarded stern, stringent and rigorous punishment in order to send across a strong signal to forthwith desist persons or criminals with perverted minds from commiting such obnoxious horrifying acts in the near future. Rape cases in Delhi, and also in other parts of the country are on the steady rise, with rapes of children and adoloscents being the subject of immense concern.

Sounds shocking that till 2014 more than 36 thousand cases of rapes have been reported nationally and the number could have been much higher but for the fact that majority of the cases go unreported as the victims family avoid going to police stations to register FIRs because of social stigma, fear of police, their complacense to cooperate or due to fear of reprisals from the rapists and the criminals.

Even though the Delhi police claimed that registration of crimes against women dipped marginally in 2016, Delhi reported six rapes on an average every day , indicating that much more is needed to be done to bring the numbers further down. However, it sounds surprising that in 2017 the rape cases in Delhi have shown a decreasing trend in the month of last january, with the Delhi police showing the rape cases registration figure as merely140 as compared to the previous year’s same month’s statistics of 140 cases.

However if we believe in the figures of 2015 and 2016, the figures showed an extreme uprising i.e. , 2155 and 2199 cases, respectively. However if  the Delhi police authorities claim of rape cases having come down is really true then we can definitely pat their backs  for their increasing contribution in tackling this most obnoxious and dreaded crime. But these figures are the one displayed by the police in their annual review of crime against women in the capital in the advent of the year 2017. The Delhi Police officers claim that the dip in crime rates is the result of proactive policing measures. “We conducted street plays, self-defence programmes and awareness campaigns over the course of the year,“ said a senior officer.

In the annual review of the cases of crime against women, police said that of all rape and molestation cases registered, 85.09% of rape and 70.60% of molestation were solved within 48 hours. The chargesheets in these cases were also filed within 20 days. The police attributes majority of these rapes to have been committed by the neighbour, near or dear ones or the close accquaintances and gives their figure as 90 to 94%. In 2016 total cases of molestations were 4,155 as against the 5,367 registered in 2015 whereas 3,033 cases of molestation were solved in 2016.

Till few months back in 2017 over 238 cases of molestation have been registered while by now many more must have come in the record. What sounds anguishing is the fact that despite the tall claims of governments and law enforcing agencies the cases of rapes and women molestations need to be tackled on a war footing and a wide campaign of awareness through the co ordinated efforts of the police, NGOs’, schools, institutions, women organisations, media and National as well as the Delhi Commission for Women, corporates under social corporate responsibilty and the ministries of women and child of central and state levels need to be executed on a war footing because the malady is more or less connected with perverted and psycopathic minds and people who are required to tackled accordingly including the most vulnerable women community to apprise them of their rights as well as physically train them  to defend themselves in such critical situations etc.

The law enforcing agencies on their part too should keep themselves attentive and vigilant to counter such ill concieved designs and notions as stern actions and penalisation of the culprits is also necessary  to sends a strong across a strong message that the people with criminal bent of mind and antecedents would not be spared at any cost, come what may. What do you say friends?


The recent outburts of controvertial lawmakers’ n BJP leaders like Sangeet Som and several others in the past have definitely made the people of the country, especially the literate and those worried for Roti, Kapada aur Makaan think seriously whether rhetorics on religious lines is important or employment generation or rise in growth rate of the country to enable overall and all round welfare of the nation on pro people and pro development based polity is essential.

Well, eradication of corruption is utmostly essential for a nation like ours where this cancer has eaten its very vitals but to keep our country fully cohesive and integrated by keeping its communal fabric intact is also the key need of the hour. When our prime minister Narendra Modi talks of various developmental schemes and assure people of the country of providing house to every Indian and making every poor and peasent of the country economically self reliant by 2022 we do feel highly elated and satisfied with hopes and pessimism but when leaders of the same party show their squeezed communal colours like keeping the internationally popular UNESCO HERITAGE monument, the seventh wonder of the world out of the official tourism booklet and talk of it being built by traitors and therefore of no historical relevance to India for mere cheap popularity thus inviting the more acute negative versions of the rivals leaders of the minority sections of the society thus directly or indirectly giving green signal to the possibility of a supposed communal flareup, then things become more worse and worrisome and everybody is bound to think whether we have voted these politicians to create such a fracas or unmitigated confusion in the society than working on the the credible programmes of peoples’ welfare.

India became free from the neo colonial cluthes of the British who ruled and exploited India and Indians for two hundred years, after snatching power from the Moghul rulers. As Mughuls did, the Britishers too exploited n tortured Indians n built hundreds of historical buildings in India right from Rashtrapati Bhawan to India Gate to Gateway of India to Indian Parliament to Old Assembly Secretariat, Delhi to several offices n the entire Lutyens Zone apart from hundreds of constructions all over India. Had the Britishers not hanged our hundreds of freedom fighters, tortured thousands of them, killed unaccounted number of revolutioneries and created division between India and Pakistan ultimately leading to Hindu Muslim riots and lynching of infinite number of innocent people from both the sides.

The Britishers took away our total wealth as India was once pronounced as SONE KI CHIDIYA. After independence India started from a rubble and after travelling slowly and steadily is now a Super power in the making.The previous governments and now the current political dispensation under prime minister Narendra Modi is doing its best to see that India speedily marches ahead towards the 21st Century. However the contribution and the role of the previous regimes can’t be ruled out as well.If India truly needs to progress by leaps and bounds, its mandatory that the nation’ s communal fabric remains cordially intact and in order to achieve this objective of peace and tranquility the party in power and its highest leadership at the helm will have to, in all seriousness control and restraint its leaders and lawmakers prohibiting them from using undesirable language and public utterences that may possibly vitiate the otherwise peaceful communal environment of the country n lead to communal flare up.

Today Som calls the Moghuls traitor, Tommorrow it will be the Britishers. Then Owasis and Azam Khan will retaliate and call for demolition of Moghal n British Monuments. The fire will spark further. The political parties will score browny points but it will be the people of the country and the nation who’ll finally loose and suffer. After all what’s the use of raking up the irrelevant and baseless issues of the distant past? Let’s not rake up the past and instead should work for an enlightened future. For God sake give up all this.