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It was indeed a moment of great privilege for Kalinka Charitable Trust and Uttarakhand Journalists Forum to have the pivotal presence of two important celebrities of their respective fields – one, an author and a politician of repute and another a empowered women who carved a niche for herself in the field of acting as a superstar and producer of several Garhwali films, particularly a super duper hit Subheru Gham.

Yes, I am referring here none other than the former Uttarakhand chief minister and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, an author of several books and eminent parliamentarian as well who’d also made a recent foray in film production with his film Major Nirala likely to be released. Both these eminent personalities were chief guests on 13th January in a largely attended UTTARAYINI KAUTHIG held at Dwarka, New Delhi under the auspicies of KALINKA CHARITABLE TRUST where the singing legend and an iconic personality of Uttarakhand Garh Ratn Narendra Singh Negi and his efficient team of well studded musicians entertained thousands of his fan following.

The ocassion was special because on this very day of Uttarayini the producer, actor of eminence of Uttarakhand Film industry who’d also acted in several Bollywood and regional films like Bhojpuri, Nepalese, Punjabi and produced documentaries for Discovery channel etc was felicitated at the hands of the former Chief Minister, Uttarakhand and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank as well as the Garh Ratn Narendra Singh Negi with the PRIDE OF UTTARAKHAND AWARD for her valuable and precious contribution in producing quality regional films and playing a vital role in preserving the culture, dialects and traditions of the Himalayan State.

Her home production SUBHERU GHAM, WAS FOR THE FIRST TIME SCREENED IN CANADA’S INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AND WAS AWARDED AS ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING REGIONAL FILMS’, the first ever internatiinal tecongnition accorded to any regional film of Uttarakhand. Kudos to her. Good luck Urmi Negi.



After having been defeated at the hustings in Uttarakhand’s legislative elections, himself losing both the seats from where he contested, just eight months ago and now in Delhi, most of the time, the usually mobile politician, 68 year old, the former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat seems to be rather still active losing no opportunity to inaugurate or participate in any socio cultural or political programme of Uttarakhand where ever he is invited with usual charm and enthusiasm.

The way, even after losing badly at the hands of the BJP in Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat is still enthusiastically active in Delhi as well as in Uttarakhand losing no opportunity of participation in any gathering – social or political, it seems the septuagenerium leader is still prepared to play the next innings either as the state’s CM or is in a mood to enter parliament from Garhwal in 2019.It may be recalled that before becoming the state’s CM three years ago Rawat was the member of parliament from Haridwar. Just two days ago i. e. on 7th January Rawat called hundreds of Uttarakhandies from Delhi and UK at 18 Ferojshah Road, the resident of his protege, Rajya Sabha MP Mahara and obliged hundreds of the guest visitors with tasty Uttarakhand cuisines and delicacies.

He himself was seen having the taste of sugarcane in the public and thereafter having food with people thus giving an impression of a pro people leader. Considered to be a clever political manipulater and a mass leader even after losing so badly at the hustings in Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat lost no opportunity to invite every Uttarakhandi from Delhi and NCR across political spectrum including the mediamen and mixed with them for hours together, chatting, mixing, embracing, posing for group photographs and giving interviews to local channels.

People were found happily queuing for the delicious Uttarakhandi lunch and Gur ki kaali chai including himalayan fruit’s salad for hours. The get together and the lunch on session lasted for three hours with each and every pahadi living in Delhi and the NCR finally feeling utmostly satisfied and ecstatic. While such gatherings give an opportunity for one and all to meet friends and accquantainces after long intervals in city like Delhi and NCR, for politicians like Harish Rawat these are opportunities to re establish the broken links with the rank and file. It was not the first time that Rawat has thrown the lunch of Uttarakhndi cuisines for the UKites in Delhi but had been doing it earlier as well while he was the minister at the centre representing state labour and agricultural ministeries before becoming the state CM in 2015/16.

What was unusual about Harish Rawat’s lunch – on – session was that he hasn’t invited any Congressmen from Uttarakhand or Delhi in this congregation thinking perhaps, why would anybody else be given an opportunity to seek the credit for the lunch being served by him. Whatever, but he still needs to be complimented at least for the guts to manipulate and seek the Pravasies’s favourable confidence through such lunches of Uttarakhandi cuisines. After all this is a spirit. I wonder why has no other Uttarakhandi leader or MP has taken the courage to do so as Rawat has been doing for years in Delhi?

The American New Year gift to Pakistan on the first day of the advent of 2018 stopping all the security related financial aids and literally scolding and verbally thrashing its top political leadership including the Pak Army top officials, the ISI and everyone who deal with Pak American diplomacy is a huge slap on the cheeks of the terror oriented nation.

This is for the first time that US president Donald Trump has so strongly and very unambiguously scolded Pakistan publicly holding it directly responsible for directly manufacturing, aiding and abetting terrorism and even going to an unbelievable extent of bringing the UN and American designated extremely hard core terrorists into political mainstream of Pakistan by honourably clearing and exonerating them of all the criminal charges of mass murders and their direct involvement in brutal terror activities not only in Afghanistan, US and India but even in their own country viz Hafiz Sayeed and Sallaludin, where killings and bomb blasts have become the order of the day.

In his strong and extremely harsh anti Pakistan tweet US president Donald Trump has warned Pakistan of serious consequences if it still does not back track from its pro terror activities and destroy all the terror sanctuaries in Pakistan. Trump said that during the last 15 years, this terror sponsored country has sought more than 33 billions dollars of US aid under the guise of countering the terrorists and abolishing the myriad and extensive terror factories active there but instead, its successive politicians at the helm in different governments have pocketed the major amount for their personel benefits and have literally done nothing to rout out the terror factories and network.

The recent example of letting off of most hardened international terrorists Hafeez Sayeed and Sallauddin of LET and Jamait Ul Dawa, who are on the hit list of UN and US and a bounty of millions of dollars fixed on them speaks of the fact that the Pak rulers, its Army and the ISI are in open hand in glove with these killing machine ( Pakistan) worldwide and rather encouraging them by their open political, administrative, economic and military support. The Trump administration is so badly annoyed and angered by the Pakistan’ s political and military dispensations that it has stopped the 255 millions dollars worth of military and security aid to the latter despite its tremendous diplomacy to seek the same.

This recent anger and annoyance of Donald Trump is a great diplomatic victory for India as neighbouring, frustrated Pakistan has so far breached about 843 times, the Indo Pak border agreement and is, day in and day out involved in desperate firing on Indian borders killing several of our soldiers, though India too has killed several of the Pak Armymen and hundreds of Pak sponsered terrorists making their existence in complete jeopardy in J& K. Hats off to the brave and courageous Indian Army and its patriotic jawans and officers. Highly frustrated Pakistan is now fully banking on the expansionist China which has already shown its hegemonist and expansionist designs by literally making its complete hold in POK through the development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Today there a more than a lakh Chinese soldiers and civilians having captured the entire economy, markets, employment and have their political say at the cost of the local Pakistanies who the Pakistani administration considers as Mujahirs and a second rated citizens. There have been umpteen number of protest demonstrations and processions against Pak government with complaints of increasing Chinese hegemony, capturing the major share of the local POK inhabitants in business and employment.

Conclusively, it can be said now that in the global the political scenerio Pakistan has been symbolised as a terror sponsering nation and if the strong warning and anger of the US president Donald Trump still does not go well into the already deaf ears of the Pak HUKUMRAANS, the time is not far that not only will Pakistan be declared as a terror state officially but would also invite worldwide sanctions leading its already vanishing economy to the brink of disaster.

Latest news pouring in indicate that Pakistan has finally bogged down itself on Trumps warning and have arrested hard core international terrorist Hafiz Sayeed.
What do you say, friends?


China is again in the anti India news with papers furnishing front page stories on its one by one anti India actions to keep Indian political leadership in the state of quandary. While the Indian side is still encouraging massive sale of Chinese products in India and boosting economies of both the countries by way of strengthening n boosting Indo China trade relations, expansionist Dragon is busy in creating problems after problems for India.

After Doklam stand off that got settled after more than one and a half month’s hectic parleys at diplomatic level and visit to China on the sidelines of the BRICS summit by the Indian prime minister and the National Security Advisor, China has on the One Belt One Road issue also pressurised India to relent but ultimately failed to make India accept its OBOR expansionist proposal and has now come up with a more disturbing idea of diverting the water of BRAHMAPUTRA through a would be 1000 kilometre tunnel to its countryside and construction of 32 massive dams on its waters.

Though the Brahmaputra river originates from China and Assam and entire North East being on the downstream side would be badly affected if the diversion of water from Brahmaputra to the Chinese side, as being planned by it takes place in the near future. According to reports pouring in the Chinese government has already constituted a team of about 100 scientists and tunnel experts to execute this over ambitious project of diverting the massive flow of Brahmaputra towards its territory in the Tibet side of Indo China border thus badly affecting the huge population of the entire northeastern region and Bangladesh.

China seems to be least concerned about the annoyance and protest of India and Bangladesh including the environmental hazards involved in this highly expensive 1000 kilometre tunnel project. China has already invested about 40 billion US dollar in its CPEC PROJECT in PAKISTAN OCCUPIED Kashmir and build a highway from China to Gwadar in the India region occupied illegally by Pakistan. China is rapidly preparing its military base in POK to pose a direct challenge to India in the eventuality of war with Pakistan. China through its various nature of border disputes with India and anti India stance as above, always tries to keep the former on tenter hooks and insecure position. Whether it’s the issue of membership of UN Security Council or NSG or granting of Pak terrorists Mohd Azhar or Hafeez Sayeed the tag of dreaded International terrorists by UN, China has always opposed India’s stand tooth and nail.