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On Tuesday Pakistan had a new Army Chief, Javed Bajwa succeeding General Raheel Sharif, who warned India against adopting aggressive stance in Kashmir. According to experts he has deep knowledge of Kashmir area and this is also one of the reasons he has been given responsibility of Pakistan Army.

Pakistan Army is World’s 6th largest army troop and it is a great responsibility to handle it so Bajwa who is 57 year old will have to work very hard to tackle the current situation between India and Pakistan.

He was appointed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday as chief of army staff and promoted him as 4 stars general.

This is the most powerful post in Pakistan and earlier there were speculations that Raheel Sharif would be given extension but Raheel in January declared that he will not take any extension.

On Tuesday he warned India not to adopt aggressive stance in the region otherwise it will not be good for country. He also blamed that in past few months India has increased terrorism and aggressive stance on Kashmir which is an endangered region.

He even claimed that Pakistan is a peace loving nation and warned India not to test their patience and consider it as their weakness otherwise the results would be dangerous.

60 year old Raheel further said “This is reality that in South Asia, lasting peace and progress is impossible without solution of the Kashmir issue. For that, international community’s special attention is necessary.”

He also wanted to institutions to work together for the nation’s progress and again suggested that all institutions should work together to fight against the external and internal threats and for this they need to follow the national action plan.

He also feels that China and Pakistan economic corridor would be beneficial for Pakistan and will be a major factor in maintaining regional peace.

Our View:

We think that whatever terrorist activities are occurring in Pakistan are funded by India but he has forgot that it is not Pakistan who has been suffering from terrorist activities but India where keep on sending militants from and provide full support of army in crossing the border and after Modi has come and taking actions like surgical strikes Pakistan is worried and now wants to talk with India and solve the matter peacefully and politically.

Now Pakistan has become a peace loving country which is quite amusing and not digestible.

Please share your views and opinion whether he Raheel Sharif is right about India or not?