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It’s is a usual saying that an enemy’s enemy is the best friend and in the case of China’s unstinted friendship with Pakistan the very saying fits in accurately. The whole world knows that neighbouring Pakistan had been the worst enemy of India and a traditional ally of United States for the last several decades, particularly when India was the united USSR’s permanent Ally before and till it was governed by late prime minister Indira Gandhi for 17 long years but after the USSR disintegrated and the Indian foreign policy shift towards US started to take shape during the eighties and nineties the Pakistan too started drawing closer to China and so became China interested to entice the internally disturbed Pakistan by throwing offers of huge and massive financial support in order to reassure the muslim nation that the dragon stands with it everytime, and particularly when it is militarily threatened by India.

Now after the arrival of Narendra Modi led NDA government there is a total shift of foreign policy towards US and India is considered as a very trusted permanent ally and friend of mighty US. As this happens the China Pak relations too come extremely closer with renewed vigour and vitality particularly after the massive investment in the development of more than 40 million dollars worth of China Pakistan Economic corridor, CPEC. China is creating permanent problems and bottlenecks for India in border areas since long and its recent incursions in Doklam and a kilometre inside Arunachal Pradesh to built roads etc including breach of Indian airspace and LOAC from the Garhwal, Uttarakhand side in a year’s time unambiguously speak of the fact how desperate is expansionist and hegemonist China to surround India from all sides including through POK by strengthening the CPEC and establishing its military base there as well.

The Karakoram Highway and Highway road to Gwadar port from China passing through POK and Indian territories are also clear examples of open violations and breach of Indo China peace agreements and covert and overt preparation of China to counter India on various fronts. While India US relationship strengthens beyond imagination the Chinese Pakistan friendship too goes deeply ahead with China going to any extent to help Pakistan in order to see India becoming weak, destabilised and disintegrated. And the unholy strategic efforts of China to encourage terrorism in J&K by openly as well as clandestinely supporting Pakistan, its military and ISI, economically as well as by way of supplying arms and ammunition including the nuclear arsenals in no more a concealed secret.

Today, the whole world knows that Pakistan is the biggest proponent, supporter and protagonist of the internationally UN and US designated terrorists and having hundreds of terror sanctuaries all over the country with majority of them being on Pakistan occupied Kashmir but for China it’s a country that is countering terrorism honestly for years and contributing in establishing peace in South Asia and the western world. What a white lie ?

Sounds anguishing and ironical equally, when just a few days ago the US president Donald Trump through his tweet termed Pak as the biggest terror supporting nation in the world which has till date received 30 billion dollars from US in the last 15 years to counter terrorism but had literally done nothing expect deciet and making fool of US, shockingly the expansionist Chinese leadership singularly came in praise, aid and moral support of this liar nation saying : Pakistan has made enormous efforts and sacrifice for the fight against terrorism and has made very outstanding contribution to the global cause of counter terrorism. Accotding to the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang: China is glad to see Pakistan engaging in internatiinal cooperation, including counter terrorism on the basis of mutual respect so as to contribute to mutual respect, peace and stability.

This is the actual face of China who have friends and permanent allies such as North Korea and Pakistan whose only and primary aim is to destroy and disintegrate the global peace and civilisation by carrying out nuclear explosions and terrorism world over killing hundreds of thousands of innocents. Who does not know that hard core terrorists Sallaluddin, Mohammed ajhar, Jafeez Sayeed and Dawood ibrahim are staying in Pakistan and openly manufacture terrorism. Werent’t these dreaded terrorists involved in the 1992 Mumbai blasts killing hundreds, the Taj Mumbai killings, the American killings, the killings in Afghanistan and J& K etc. Wasn’t the Alkaida Chief killed in Pakistan despite the government denying about him living there. Shame on these nations who are blot in the name of peace, democracy and amity.