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Hundreds of people of Uttarakhand living in Delhi viz journalists, social activists, retired government servants, women, youth and students protested in front of Press Club of India on the last day of the parliament session and presented a memorandum to the prime minister in his South block office on 9th February, 2018.

The demonstration held under the banner of GAIRSAIN RAJDHANI NIRMAN SAMITEE consisted of several socio political organisation like the UKD, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha, Uttarakhand Ekta Manch, E Gairsain group, organisation working for child rights, etc. The furious demonstrators who were addressed by senior journalists and activists M/s Avtar Negi, Charu Tiwari, convenor Dev Singh Rawat, President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum, Sunil Negi, literateur Pooran Kandpal, Dr. Hari Suman Bisht, Anil Pant, Devendra Bisht, etc raised anti BJP government slogans and demanded declaration of Gairsain as the capital of Uttarakhand with immediate affect.

The processionists marched towards parliament raising slogans but were stopped by the heavy cardon of Delhi police. Four representatives were allowed to go the PM’s office to deliver the memorandum. According to the memorandum since the Gairsain capital is a technically feasible demand as per the Kaushik Committee of the government being equidistant from both the Kumaon and Garhwal divisions and a legislative Assembly building has already been build with vast infrustructure investing several hundred crores including the previous assembly sessions and the likely budget session in March, it should now be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand forthwith.

The memorandum adds that the declaration of Gairsain capital will not only pave the way for the all round decentralisation of the interior villages and the local populace who are rampantly migrating towards cites and towns but will also help in reverse migration and shifting of the state secretariats and officers to the inner parts of the hills this compelling them implement hill oriented decentralized development than the city oriented progress that has resulted in discrimination of the rural populaton.

While the creation of Gairsain as the hill state’s capital will create lots of job opportunities and open developmental avenues in health, education and industrial sectors, it will be a befitting heartfelt tributes to the revolutionery hero of historical PESHAVAR KANND Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali who also had pledged in Dudhatoli to create a separate Uttarakhand state and Gairsain as its capital.


Despite prime minister Narendra Modi’s largely attended succesful public meetings in Gujarat and the declaration of various over ambitious projects worth 1600 crores, the over confident central and state BJP leadership today suffered a heavy jolt when one of the Patidar leaders’ who had recently left Hardik Patel and joined BJP, all of a sudden convened a hurried press conference and dropped a bombshell against the state ruling party’s top leadership revealing how he has been offered a whopping amount of Rs one crore to join BJP.¬† n Narendra Patel who comes from a modest middle class background literally presented wads of 10 lac rupees notes given to him as first instalment in front of electronic news channels thus exposing the ugly face of the Gujarat BJP leadership which is now being prominently aired and exhibited in all the news channels of the country.

A hard core associate of a prominent Patidar leader of Gujarat Hardik Patel, namely Nikhil Sawani had also recently joined BJP but left it after few days accusing it of deceit and betrayel. These two developments in a row in just a week’s time have given Gujarat state BJP a huge jolt whose national leadership boasts itself as being entirely blot free and pious as washed in milk. Watching the rallies of Congress vice president and scion of Nehru Gandhi family drawing excessive crowds and the closeness of highly popular and influential leader of Patidar Patel communities towards Rahul Gandhi and Congress not only has the BJP’ s chief AMIT SHAH and Prime minister Modi has made Gujarat election their prestige issue but have also made number of populist announcements worth 1600 crores in addition to highly over ambitious projects like high speed bullet train and Narmada dam.

Not only this but the BJP leadership preferred encouraging defection from the Patidar camp against huge monetary favours. The party also suffered a huge jolt when a prominent Rajput and OBC leader Alpesh Thakur joined Congress thus posing a direct threat to BJP IN GUJRAT. Meanwhile it is learnt that the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has sought the services of a election strategist who brought US President Ronald Reagan on the saddle of power in America. It may be recalled that during the recently held Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat, the central and state BJP did their best to defeat the political secretary to Sonia Gandhi Ahmed Patel who was the RS nominee of Congress by encouraging horse trading in which few Congress MLAs’ finally joined BJP but Anmed Patel won at the last. Political.analysts say that now BJP is also taking the same route as the Congress used to take while in power.

In Uttarakhand and UP the BJP had engineered defections and the defectors of other parties that used to abuse the latter have been awarded with ministerships in Uttarakhand as well as UP thus undermininig their own hard core activists and leaders.



While the visit and eloquent passionate address of prime minister Narendra Modi at Kedarnath dham, also simultaneously inaugurating four new schemes for the overall face lifting and upside down development of Kedarpuri at historic Kedarnath Dham, the BJP led NDA’s immediate rival, Congress Party couldn’t digest the increasing popularity of Narendra Modi and its leaders were quick enough to call a press conference and deplore the PM’s statements on various issues mentioned by Modi in his Kedarnath speech.

While, the former chief minister of Uttarakhand who himself lost from two legislative constituencies, deplored the prime minister for having relaunched his already inaugurated schemes in Kedarnath while he was the chief minister of the state, the former union minister of state and a close confidante of Rahul Gandhi, now Congress’s spokesman RPN Singh has also accused the present BJP led government and PM Modi for misguiding the people of Uttarakhand on the development plank and RENOVATION¬† and refurbishment of Kedarpuri as the union government has not released a single paisa in the context of reconstruction financial package during the last three years after the dreaded ecological catastrophe of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand.

The party also levelled charges on BJP leaders and PM for showing their backs to BABA Kedar while addressing the crowds thus breaching the spiritual sanctity and insulting Lord Shiva.

Terming the prime minister’s speech as the one not based on facts and reality, the Congress spokesperson Singh said that it was primarily the United Democratic Front government under Dr. Manmohan Singh’s tenure which had allocated a whopping financial package of Rs.8000 crores out of which rupess 2200 crores were expeditiously released and development works carried out at KEDARPURI but the current government has thereafter not released a single paisa out of the remaining sanctioned amount of rupees 5800 crores during its three and a half year rule despite repeated pursuances by the then Congress government of Uttarakhand.

RPN Singh also termed the prime minister Narendra Modi’s statement regarding the then Congress led government not allowing him to carry out the renovation and reconstruction work in Kedarnath absolutely wrong and baseless as no written request or communication was acknowledged by the then either the central or the state government.

Regarding PM Modi’s claim of rescuing and sending 5000 Gujaraties safely to Gujarat from the catastrphic Kedarnath in 2013, the Congress spokesman contradicted, saying that it was not the former but the then UK CM Vijay Bahuguna and his government who deserved the actual credit. The Bhartiya Janata Party leaders of the centre or state have so far not issued a single statement clarifying or deploring the statement of former Congress CM Harish Rawat or RPN Singh.



I am a human being too and I also feel like celebrating Deepawali festival with my family and this why I am here in your midst said the prime minister while addressing the Army Jawans at Gurez Sector of LOC in Kashmir today where he stayed with them for two hours, interacting, sharing experiences of life and knowng every detail of how the armymen safeguard our difficult borders under extremely challenging circumstances.

Dressed in am Army uniform and giving an impressive look as one of them prime minister Modi while boosting the morale of our patriotic soldiers said that when he shakes hand with them, it’s not that he is doing a mere formality but in fact a new sense and spirit of confidence and energy percolates in his veins and body.

This warm and hearty gesture of prime minister taking out time from his pivotal busy schedule and being in their midst literally feeding sweets in the mouth of each soldier and posing for individual and group photograph on every Deepawali is a gesture never ever witnessed earlier say the news analysts.

While the political rulers of the neighbouring country Pakistan encourage hardened extremists like Hafeez Sayeed demoralising their soldiers the heartiest warm gesture of Indian prime minister of hugging Indian Army soldiers, feeding them with sweets and lauding their dedicated efforts and actions to safeguard our tense borders by being in their midst on every Deepawali unabiguously speaks of the fact as to how much caring and genuinely concerned is the India head of the state is for our Armymen and para troopers who are 24×7 risking their lives and countering our enemies to ensure that 135 crore Indians live a comfortable and safe lives. This is not the first time that prime minister Modi had been in the midst of our brave soldiers diring the deepawali festival.

He celebrated Deepawali with Army Jawans a Siachin glacier, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab Indo Pak border earliar and stayed with them for a pretty long time exchanging plesentaries, sweets and thus boosting their morale.

After having been elected as the prime minister of the country Narendra Modi has declared that he will always celebrate this festival of lights and symbolic of victory of the good over the evil at the nation’ s borders with the Army Jawans and the para troopers who guard our borders under extremely challenging and extraneous circumstances without caring for their lives and being away from their families during popular festivals like holi and Deepawali and lateron kept his promises intact.

He also won their hearts by implemented the long awaited demands of Armymen pertaining to one pension, though in a phased manner. This warm, healthy and the ambivalent gesture of the prime minister has won him tons of accolades amongst the countrymen. In view of the incessant hostility from across the border and continuous ceasefire violations by unrelenting Pakistan and its terrorist outfits including expansionist China’s border interventions, clandestinely eyeing on Indian territories, prime minister Modi’s initiatives of keeping the Indian Army’s moral high holds tremendous national significance which has even kept his arch political rivals tight lipped.



Prime minister Narendra Modi as every year after becoming the prime minister of the country for the last three and a half years would be celebrating the famous Hindu festival Deepawali with the Jawans of India army stationed at our borders safeguarding us and the nation and this time that’s on 19th October Narendra Modi will celebrate this festival of lights with Indian Army and paramilitary Jawans at the last border with China at Garhwal Uttarakhand at Neeti village few kilometres away from the popular n historic 1200 year old spiritual place Badrinath Dham.

Right now (in the afternoon) the Prime minister is at Gurez Sector in J n K and exchanging pleasentaries with Army Jawans with Diwali wishes. The prime minister will stay with Army n ITBP Jawan manning the Indo China border and celebrate diwali for an hour or so. He is visiting Kedarnath on 20th October to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings, this being his second Kedar visit in a row since the last year.

It may be recalled that last year the media had announced about PM Modi celebrating Diwali at Mana Gaon but the scheduled got changed at the last minute, may be due to security reasons and the former landed at Indian side of the Army camp at the Himachal Pradesh Indo China border to celebrate Deepawali with the Jawans.

It’s really very nice of the prime minister to have started this precedent to be with our dedicated and duty bound soldiers and officers of Indian Army and paramilitary forces on Diwali festival to boost their morale and confidence who miss their families on this important festival.

Prior to this the prime minister celebrated Diwali at the Jn K border where Pakistan is constantly firing on our posts and army camps repeatedly violating ceasefire agreements between both the countries. The weather at the last village of India viz Mana in District Chamoli, Garhwal remains at 2 degree celcius or even minus degree during the night when its hot in Delhi.

You might be aware that its here at Barahauti in district Chamoli that Chinese soldiers have twice breached the Indo China agreement and entered our boundary several kilometres inside after being physically asked to vacate.

The Chinese PLA also breached our air space through helicopter rides. Mana village posseses a high security related significance as its the oldest border village, an important source of moral and other kinds of support to the ITBP n Army Jawan n officers stationed there in extreme challenging circumstances and climatic conditions.