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Narendra Modi over surgical strike


On Thursday Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has again urged Central Government to provide proof of the surgical strike conducted by the Indian Army in POK as he is still not satisfied with the answers provided by the various TV news channels since yesterday.

He wants PM Narendra Modi to expose Pakistan on International platform; he also hailed media for exposing its false propaganda on surgical strikes.

He tweeted “So happy that some media exposing Pakistan’s false propaganda. I congratulate them. Urge Indian govt. (government) to likewise expose Pakistan internationally.”

He has also circulated a video message for Narendra Modi in which he has requested him to expose Pakistan’s false propaganda in front of International Media. He is focusing all his energy on targeting PM on surgical strike issue but i am not able to understand his role in the International politics and why is he failing to understand that the Government cannot show the videos of surgical strikes to Media s the Indian Army has no problem to show it to the World.

Earlier he hailed the PM over surgical strikes but late he changed his mind and started asking questions against Indian Army. Where are his ethics? on which side he exactly is ?

He is continuously facing criticism from all over India and other political parties.  Bhartiya Janta Party is surprised from his behavior and questioned that why he is silent now after media reports showing conclusive evidence of the surgical strikes.

Now he is not asking any further questions maybe he is satisfied now and we expect from him to at-least feel sorry for not believing Indian Army. He owes an apology from the Central Government and Indian Army who working 24 *7 to safeguard our borders.