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Although, this is a fact that the celebrities in Bollywood are way too diet-conscious, just like us these also can’t resist the alluring, good and tasty food. People have witnessed many renowned celebrities in the lounges, clubs, restaurants, and hotels of Mumbai. These might have been their favorite places to eat and enjoy.

In case you also are eager to know the most preferred places of the stardom, here is a list of these clubs and restaurants the celebrities enjoy in:

Olive Bar & Kitchen, Bandra

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Olive Bar and Kitchen is one of the most favorite and preferred places of the B-town actors and actresses. Presenting to you the Continental and Mediterranean cuisines, many celebrities have been witnessed here. Kareena Kapoor, Malaika Arora Khan, Salman Khan and many others have been the frequent visitors of this place. Ranbeer Kapoor has this place at the top of his favorites list much before he attained the popularity.

Hakkasan, Bandra

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Image result for Hakkasan, BandraHakkasan has been a place where many celebrities have been witnessed spending some time with their family, friends and the loved ones. The place is famous for their courteous behavior and the way they greet their customers and also the Chinese cuisine that is exquisitely made and served with an extensive range of vegetarian dishes.

Wasabi by Morimoto – The Taj Mahal, Colaba

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Wasabi by Morimoto – The Taj Mahal, Colaba is one of the top rated Restaurants in Mumbai. It has been ranked among the top 50 best restaurants in Asia. Sushi bar and teppanyaki counter make this place a hit and a winner in the race od the various other emerging restaurants. This has been a favorite place for the Royal Couple Mr. Saif Ali Khan and Mrs. Kareen Kapoor Khan to put an end to their Japanese Cravings.

Smoke House Deli, Bandra

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Smoke House Deli, Bandra is a smart choice. This restaurant has everything ranging from the pancakes to noshes, pasta to burgers and desserts to drinks. Smoke House Deli can be a preference for the fitness freaks seeking to consume the best food that too without affecting their diet.

Pali Village Café, Bandra

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Related imagePali Village Café is the restaurant having a soothing and a very decent ambiance. This place has been a hub of many Bollywood stars including Jacqueline Fernandez, Kareen Kapoor Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Malaika Arora Khan and many others. The restaurant has a fine dining experience that makes it the most preferable among other places.



The Indian Railways seems to be definitely passing through the bad luck phase as train derailments and head on collisions have become sort of an order of the day. During the recent past under the tenure of the previous Railway minister Suresh Prabhu, the spate of train accidents have led to his shifting to another ministry despite his decency to offer resignation as once the former prime minister Lal Bahadur shastri did when he was the Railway minister during prime minister Nehru’s era. While the previous minister of Railways and the chairman railways board had to go in view of the accidents and subsequent deaths of good number of commuters the new minister Piyush Goyal and a turnaround bureaucrat with several degrees in mechanical engineering and a limca book record holder Ashwani Lohani has now taken over as chairman Railway Board pledging to set things rights in the near future.

Lots of hope and expect from both these new incumbants and infact they had been trying their best to resurrect the bad railways. But unfortunately the Elphinestone FOB tragedy that killed 22 precious lives and injured several others have once again put the railways on the bad report card of the country. It really sounds ridiculous and rather shameful that on the one hand we boast so much of reaching the twenty first century and bringing extreme high tech Bullet train technology in the country at the whopping cost of 1.10 lakh crores though through the cheapest loan from Japan which is actually, in any case, not the need of the hour, repeated train accidents and tragedies such as that happened in Mumbai due to the century old squeezed FOB built by the Britishers and never ever thought of repairing or building a new one, continue to happen killing hundreds of commuters for no fault of theirs.

Today, the Indian Railway network is the largest in Asia ferrying crores of passengers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari earning handsomely but if we go into the depth of the inadequacies and problems we’ll be shocked to find the mess everywhere despite the fact that the railway employees draw 3 months Deepawali bonus every year and heavy pay packets as salaries and remunerations. Today, the majority of the railway tracts and lines are in extremely bad shape some even of the British era having not been repaired or changed resulting in derailments and subsequent death and collosal loss to the government’s exchequer. The majority of the railway stations lack basic facilities like fresh and quality drinking water. The kitchens are in pathetic state serving unhealthy food stuff but charging fully.

There is complete lack of basic minimum first aid and other forms of medical facilities in the event of medical emergency. The crime and incidents of thefts and deciet by imposters is a regular feature in metropolitan cities’ railway stations and inside train compartments in particular. The tendering and frieght mafia is quite active and corruption is at its peak. The instances of involvement of the former Railway ministers viz Pawan Kumar Bansal and Lalu Prasad Yadav and their near and dear ones are enough to prove home the point that all is not well in the Indian Railways and corruption do play a pivotal role in this largest organisation of Asia.

The recent spate of train disasters and the one that happened in Mumbai claiming 22 innocent lives for no fault of theirs is a stark reminder for the Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal and his new team of dedicated officers including the most outstanding RB chairman Ashwani Lohani to accept the challenge of turning the railways in mess into the most modern, people friendly and hi tech Indian Railways where accidents and tragedies become the things of the past.

Here is the FB post of Railway Board Chairman Ashwani Lohni for the readers kind perusal:

Hon’ble minister for railways conducted a detailed mtg at mumbai today with the entire railway brass in attendance. Many crucial decisions related to mumbai suburban were taken on the spot and many decisions related to empowerment and process reforms were also taken. One of the finest confidence building measure that I have ever seen. Gives me tremendous confidence and hope that the railways would turn the tide and that too soon. With staff and officers enthused and tremendous stress on probity in public life why would it not?

What do you say friends?


I am just confronted with a sad news that literally shook me from inside, through my dearest journalist friend and an author of DEKHI PEED PAHAD KI , a book on tragic Kedarnath catastrophe Ved Vilas Uniyal, translated by me in english now titled, HAVOC IN HEAVEN.
The depressing n anguishing news is that both the kidneys of his elder brother and our revered, the president award winner, renowned literateur and author Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad Uniyal based in Mumbai are non functional.
Shocking indeed. The doctors have advised him for kidney transplant or to remain in painful dialysis till things improve.
An intellectual to the core Dr. Rajeshwar Prasad Uniyal is a popular name in the literay circle of Maharashtra, Mumbai and the country. He is tremendously revered in the Uttarakhandi circles as well.
He was recently felicitated by the President of India with a coveted RAJBHASHA GAURAV AWARD on Hindi literature. Prior to this prestigious felicitation, Uniyal was awarded with significant Jainendra Samman by Maharashtra Sahitya Academy on his outstanding creation (story) BHADE KA RIKSHA. He is also the nominated member of MAHARASHTRA SAHITYA ACADEMY.
While working as deputy director at Central fisheries research centre in Mumbai, currently Rajeshwar Uniyal had been actively associated with activities of the Eastern UP and Uttarakhand communities. His scripted plays on Uttarakhand’ s brave woman legend TILU RAUTELI is likely to be enacted as stage play in Mumbai on Uttarakhand foundation day 9th November, 2017. His scripted play PADHERA has been too popular in Uttarakhand. His lyrics are immensely played and sung in cultural functions of Uttarakhand. Uniyal has authored several books as well.
He was also the chief organiser of a cultural programme in honor of the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj when she had recently come to Mumbai to inaugurate first ever building of MEA in Mumbai known as VIDESH BHAWAN. It was since then that Rajeshwar Uniyal’ s physical condition started deteriorating. His was suffering from diabeties and blood pressure and diabities and was on insulin. God help him recover fast.


The vicinity around magnificent Bungalow of popular film star and heart throb of millions Amitabh Bachchan is fully submerged in water and the star is out for shooting in one of the studios in Mumbai.

There are reports that a high tide likely to arrive anytime in Mumbai may create havoc in the life of the citizens after this metropolis already witnessing heavy traffic snarls and the majority of its areas fully submerged in water. Due to the excessive rains and the sea having been overfilled with excessive high tide water Mumbai has literally turned into a flooded city with water has come to the level of half of the human body.

The Mumbai’s local trains have been badly affected as almost all the railway’s lines have been fully submerged in water. Hundreds and thousands of local commuters have been stranded and held up in their respective offices. The life line of the nation and the economic capital of the country Mumbai usually witnesses such huge bottlenecks during the rainy seasons as the BMC despite having the maximum budget in thousands of crores compared to the other municipalities of the country never comes to the permanent rescue of the citizens with its majority of roads full of potholes and no arrangements of the exit of water cloggings on a vast scale.

Though Mumbai is considered to be the glamorous city housing Bollywood making the maximum numbers of films and being the economic capital running the economy of the country, the civic condition of this metropolis is too poor and worrisome as compared to the metropolises of other states of the country. Mumbai houses the biggest slums in Dharavi and is also the main hub of the glamour world. The pitiable and worrisome situation due to the possible high tide in the offing and majority of the Mumbai having been filled with water to the human knee and waist its seems that the traditional Ganesh Chathurti idol emerging process will also come to the halt. It may be recalled that Maharashtra and in particular Mumbai celebrates Ganesh Chathurthi to the fullest with hundreds of thousands of households emerging the idols in the sea till 31st of August or 3rd September.

Let’s hope that Mumbai comes out of this danger and there is no loss to life. The government authorities in Mumbai have announced the alert of 24 hours and Mumbaites have been directed to stay put in their respective houses for another next 24 hours. CHUTTI has been declared in all the offices of MUMBAI for two days. There have been 77 to 100 milliliters of rain till now which is considered to be a dangerous rain. Brake shave been applied to the life line of Mumbai. AAMCHI MUMBAI has become a DOOBTI MUMBAI.



Mumbai authorities have seized 33,000 kg of an endangered species of Himalayan herb that was being smuggled via sea route from China to India. Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB), western region identified the herb as the rare species known as “Saussurea costus”, or “kuth”, found only at higher altitudes of 8k to 12k feet in extremely cold climate.

The herb is used as an aphrodisiac, in perfumes, ayurvedic oils and agarbattis/dhoop/ incense sticks. It is also used to cure arthritis, asthma, inflammation and others. Mumbai authority estimated the worth of the consignments to be in crores at least. One of the Officials of WCCB in Navi Mumbai, said, “The first such parcel was received at the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) in Raigarh in March. The second came in April and the third in June. Together, they weighed 33 metric tonnes.”

These consignments were allegedly imported from China by traders in Delhi’s Khari Baoli spice market and a medical store in Amritsar in the name of Pushkarmoola, which is a non-protected herb. “When the Customs alerted us, we went and checked it and found it to smell and feel like Saussurea costus instead. We sent it to the Central National Herbarium in Howrah, West Bengal, and later National Botanical Research Institute in Lucknow, for testing and they confirmed our suspicions that it is kuth,” WCCB Official reported.

Currently, Kuth is included in the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA) 1972, Schedule VI, which covers six plants in total including the pitcher plant and lady’s slipper orchid found in the Northeast. So, these plants can be planted, harvested or distributed with an approval from the chief wildlife warden (CWW) of the respective State.

Futhermore, the global Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has declared ‘Saussurea costus” as “critically endangered” plant, which means trading  of “kuth” across the world will take place only with a CITES certificate.

WCCB official said, “As kuth is now cultivated in a very small area in Himachal, but its demand in ayurveda, the Chinese and Tibetan systems of medicine, is increasing, it is being trafficked across countries. We definitely need more experts in this field to give optimum protection to such vanishing variety of flora.”


Mumbai, June13: The decomposed body of a struggling model-cum-actress, Kritika Chaudhary, has been found at her Mumbai residence on Monday night.

Kritika’s body has been sent for autopsy, no suspects have been arrested till now in the case.

kritika 2

The police have started an investigation into the death, after neighbors called in the police after foul smell started emanating from the flat around 3:45 pm.

Kritika made her television debut with Ekta Kapoor‘s show ‘Parichay-Nayee Zindagi Ke Sapno Ka’ in 2011, She was also a part of the film Rajjo in 2013, that starred Kangana Ranaut in the lead role.

Kritika-Chaudhary1She hails from Haridwar an shifted to Mumbai to make a name for herself in the showbiz.