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Reliance Jio said that it was examining claims that individual information of more than 100 million of its clients had spilled onto a site. If this leak is confirmed it would be the first of its kind, large scale information breach at an Indian telecom company.

Many people complained in their tweets that individual data of Jio clients is being freely accessible on Magicapk.com, and some Indian media said that their inquiries have persuaded them to believe that the leak was genuine.

Jio, India’s latest telecoms operator in the market, said that the information on the site, “Magicapk.com”, had all the earmarks of being “unauthentic” and the user information at Jio is protected and kept up with the most proficient security.

A Jio representative said that they had informed the law enforcement about the alleged leak and the website in question, and the inquiry is underway. However, the website, Magicapk.com is appearing to be “suspended” since Sunday.

Numerous clients had been enlisted for Reliance Jio benefits by utilizing a 12-digit Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) number, regularly known as the “Adhaar” number. The Indian government has started ordering the utilization of Adhaar for everything from opening a financial bank account to tax returns. The “Adhaar” number, which is similar to Social Security numbers in the U.S., is unique to each Indian citizen. The number also stores biometric information of clients in a concentrated database.

Jio, is run by Reliance Industries Ltd. It was launched in last September and has already included more than 100 million subscribers. In the event that the alleged theft of the information did occur, it would be a major loss for the Indian telecom provider’s forceful push driven by Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman of Reliance.

Mukesh Ambani is India’s wealthiest man who had transformed Jio into the country’s fastest developing telecom provider, through months of free services and cut-value bargains. Jio added 3.9 million more subscribers of its services in April.


Gandhi Nagar: On Friday chairman of reliance Industries Limited chairman, Mukesh Ambani attended convocation ceremony of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University which is run by the Reliance Industries and in that ceremony he gave very good speech about the Digital future of India.

He spoke about the progress which India can make in next 20 years and explained that he believes in progress and according to him humanity will see more progress as compared to last century because of development in technology and most importantly digitization.

He said that sometimes it will be actually easier to accomplish the dream you thought were impossible only yesterday. Do not make him wrongly, as it will require more hard work and dedication.

He also feels that technology is the key for progress as it will solve many unsolved problems in next 20 years.

In this convocation HRD Minister Prakash Javadkar and Chief Minister of Gujrat, Vijay Rupani was also present and they also addressed students of the Deendayal University.

Mr Javedkar said that the Narendra Modi‘s Government has given importance to innovation and has also started many schemes so that innovation gets a boost in the Country.

He said “We have got such a Prime Minister in the Country who says that India will progress only by innovation and research.  When he says “Make in India”, that is not just manufacturing in India. He is telling our intellectual students to innovate, he is telling investors to invest. So come innovate, invest, manufacture and sell made in India goods with pride.”


Reliance has again made a buzz in the Mobile market by launching a JioFi which is a portable WiFi hotspot and is priced Rs 1999 along with other free Jio services till 31st December. This move has shaken the telecom industry because Reliance has been known for leading the telecom industry and now it is creating a history by making such a good offers for providing unlimited Internet 31st December that too a high speed internet.

Recently Reliance launched its cheapest tariff plans for internet and calls which has clearly shaken the other players in the telecom industry.

The launch of this JioFi is seen as the aggressive move of the Reliance to capture the telecom market and i think it will definitely grab a large share of the market as it has been giving services which people can use on large scale and not meant for only a layer of users who do not have much option to choose as all the telecom players provide almost same kind of services and charges are also same.

JioFi is hotspot which will enable 10 devices to be connected at the same time through WiFi and also through USB. It also has a OLED display which shows the network strength, status  of Wifi, Number of connected devices and much more information.

This JioFi hotspot device looks cool and allows multiple users to have access the 4G internet. It ahs HD voice calls to video calls with messaging via Jio4G voice app. It is battery operated hotspot device with 2300 mAh battery which according to the company will give you back up of 6 hours once fully charged.

How to purchase JioFi hotspot?

You can buy JioFi by visiting Reliance retail stores, Digital express stores. Documents needed to buy this device are photocopy of identity proof with original and passport size photo is also needed.

Now after purchasing the device you need to activate the data and for you will have call on a number 18008901977 from the mobile device which was registered with the service.

Then download and install Jio4GVoice app and to activate this again you have to call on 1977 and start using the initial prime offer of reliance in which you can use unlimited internet data till December.