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Moti Bagh rape


Once again the capital City of India has been proved that it is not safe for women despite of Arvind Kejriwal claims women’s are being raped here. We are saying this because once again a 20 year old woman was raped inside a car in South Delhi’s Moti Bagh late Wednesday night and the car driver has been arrested by the police who used Maruti SX4 car for this hateful crime.

The woman is a resident of Noida who was in Delhi on late Wednesday night. She came in Delhi looking for a job and it was 10 pm when was returning to her home.

She was waiting for the bus stand near AIIMS when the accused approached her and offered lift. She got into the Maruti SX4 car and later she  was sexually harassed by the car driver, when she protested the car driver stopped somewhere near Moti Bagh and went to rape her. Later he managed to flee away from the spot after committing the crime.

She dialed 100 and informed the police about the instance. She was immediately sent for the medical examination and meanwhile police actively formed several teams to catch the culprit and finally arrested him on Friday morning from a friend’s home on Thursday morning.

Police found the car which was bearing the sticker of Ministry of Home Affairs but the car is privately registered.

It is also expected that the car is registered to an officer of the armed forces and that the accused works as a driver for him. The case is further being investigated. The police have further told that the driver was using the car as a private taxi and also using it as sharing cab so the woman thought that it is safe to sit inside the car but she did not know what will happen to her.

Today is the 4th anniversary of nirbhaya kaand and now again this horrific incidence has happened.

The disturbing fact in this case is that no one saw him molesting the 20 year woman and the car was not even stopped at any police check posts or barriers.