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Money plant brings luck


We all know that we keep money plant to bring good luck in our home but be careful as it may also bring bad luck if few things are not taken care of. It is a very common plant which is mostly found in Indian homes. Its heart shape leaves are adorable and because of its air purifying qualities it becomes the best home plant which can either be planted in pot or can be grown in water. It is also believed in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui that money plant bring positive energy but all these things happen when certain things are taken care while keeping these plant at your home.

Let’s check out things which should be taken care to keep getting good luck from this lucky plant

Do not keep this plant in North East direction as it brings bad luck and lead to loss of money and poor health.

Do not let leaves of Money plant fall on floor or creep because according to Vastu Shastra it will create stressful relations between the family members which no one would like to have so only solution for this problem is keep pruning it on regular intervals.

Do not keep it in West direction as it will this will create problems between married couple.

Keep it green by watering it on regular basis also do pruning and remove the dried leaves as this will bring positive energy in your home and you will also feel good with its green effect.

So above points are very simple to follow to keep your home filled with positive energy and inflow of money without any obstructions. I think there is nothing wrong if these tips are followed as it does not cost anything.