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Mirzya movie trailers made some good effects on viewers mind but after its launch this movie is moving towards being a flop movie as in the second day also it has failed to create interest in the minds of the people. In this movie Anil Kapoor has launched his son, Harshvardhan Kapoor with new heroine Saiyami Kher.
This movie has failed to attract the audience on the second day also and performed badly and collected only Rs 2.10 crores on Saturday which is on declining side from Friday. Still there is time and let us see how the film performs in the coming weeks as the film music seems promising and sometimes movies do not perform well in the beginning but gradually starts attracting the audience and earn money.

As this is festive season and people may still come out in the coming days to enjoy and this is the best time the film can perform and even after this it will fail to perform then no one knows for how long this movie will stay in the movie halls. So the coming few days are very crucial for this movie and its star cast as their future is dependent on this movie.

The critics have not given any impressive reviews about the movie and the whole Kapoor family supported this movie and got engaged in its promotion despite of these steps the film has failed to do any good. Few people who have seen the movie told that there is something missing between the lead pair as the chemistry is completely out.

This movie may prove to be the wrong debut choice for the son of Anil Kapoor and the heroine. A great actor Om Puri has also worked in this movie but according to the critics his performance is wasted in the movie as his has hardly been given any scenes.

Let’s hope that this movie will perform better in the coming days as there no big releases only Tutak Tutak Tutiya is getting released.