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The grandfather of the outstanding football prodigy 15 year old late Nitisha Negi, Uday Singh Negi and her mother Meenam have expressed serious reservations on the attitude of the Delhi government and the chief minister Arvind Kejrival for not giving justice to their daughter who’d died in Australia on 10th December, 2017 after having been drowned in the river alongwith 4 other girls who were fortunate enough to have come out of the death trap. Nitisha had gone to Australia to participate in the students Pacific games.

However, unlucky Nishita could not be saved and died of axysphiation. In an interview to Enadu extremely angry and furious Nitisha’s mother expressed her serious reservation on the attitude of the Delhi government saying that despite the lapse of two and a half months, the inquiry ordered by the deputy CM Manish Sisodia has not brought any results and nailed those responsible for the negligence. The utterly distressed mother is running from pillar to posts to seek justice for more than months but of no avail.

According to Meena the process is so tardy that she has not even received the post mortem report till date. She is furious as she has not been revealed the facts about her daughter’s sad demise and had been kept in dark. However, the social organisations and individuals of Indian origin in Australia have raised voice of dissent against Nitisha’s mysterious death. But the authorities here are complacent on the matter till date. She has complained that the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival had promised to visit her house and render maximum financial assistence but had send the Delhi’s deputy CM with merely 5 lakh rupees which is quite an insufficient amount as compared to the heavy financial compensation given by the Delhi government earlier.

It may be recalled that the Delhi Government had given one crore compensation in two cases of deaths of a Delhi Police personal and an ex Armymen who committed suicide at Jantar Mantar. Nitisha’s father who is completely dissatisfied with the meagre compensation of Rs five lakhs demanded Bravery Honour for his daughter who sacrificed her life to save four of her friends. He also demanded adequate financial compensation for his daughter who according to him was a prodigy footballer of international repute. Late Nitisha’s grand father served with the former chief minister of Uttarakhand n MP Retired Major General Bhuvan Chand Khanduri.


The union minister of state for external affairs and MOS North east ( Independent charge) General VK Singh today felicitated three senior journalists namely Sunil Negi, Ved Vilas Uniyal and Manoj Ishtwal in a glittering function of Uttarakhand titled Uttarakhand Maha Kauthig amid the presense of thousands of people from Delhi, Ghaziabad, Uttarakhand and the NCR at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. These journalists were honoured for free, fair and fearless journalism in there respective journalistic career spanning several decades.

Senior journalists Ved Vilas Uniyal, Manoj Ishtwal and Sunil Negi has written unlimited numbers of articles on socio political and cultural issues of the country and Uttarakhand and have also authored several books like Dekhi Peed Pahad ki by Ved Uniyal and its english translation by Sunil Negi titled Havoc in Heaven with two editions of Uttaranchal Who’s Who, 800 pages carrying the profiles of over 800 prominent and distinguished people of UK. Manoj Ishtwal is credited with doing research work and writing tremendously on socio cultural and political issues of Uttarakhand during his career spanning three decades.

Apart from incessantly writing on issues of socio pokitical relevance and significance all these journalists have been tremendously contributive in creating awareness in the society through their creative writings and as torch bearers of the society. While president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi has been too active socio politically right from his student days and extremely contributive in separate Uttarakhand movement apart from being in active journalism for three decades, Manoj Ishtwal and Ved Uniyal had been fully involved in hard core journalism while working in Jansatta, Amar Ujala, Nepal TV etc for more than three decades.

The union minister of state for external affairs General VK Singh while heartily congratulating all of them while presenting the awards for constructive, free and fearless journalism hoped that they will continue to maintain the highest standards and ethics of the fourth estate considered to be an important pillar of parliamentary democracy. It may be recalled that Ved Vilas Uniyal is currently serving in Punjab Kesari Uttarakhand where as Manoj Istwal is running his own news portal Himalayandiscover.com. Sunil Negi is scribing as a freelancer and also writing extensively for news portals, newsviewsnework.com and samcharhub.com respectively. Thousands of people were present on this occasion followed by a grand cultural evening.


In a country like ours which is not only the largest democracy of the world but also a true secular nation where all the religions, cultures, languages, castes, communities and traditions co exist incidents and attempts of creating controversies on the minority verses majority basis by unnecessarily raking up history of centuries, should be dealt with severely. Similarly, any attempt to create divisions on the caste, communal or religious lines should be democratically countered.

The incident of the President’s address in the Karnataka Assembly the other day, is in the news these days with certain politicians, particularly a minister at the centre representing Karnataka trying to create unnecessary controversies on Honourable President Ram Nath Kovind’s address downgrading him, rather, allegedly amounts to constitutional breach.

It may be recalled that the newly elected President of India at the behest of the BJP n NDA, Ram Nath Kovind had the other day while addressing the joint house of Karnataka Assembly, earlier Mysore, has lauded the then King of Mysore Tipu Sultan as a Hero who fought the Britishers most valiantly and sacrificed his life in the war against the British.

He even appreciated Tipu Sultan calling him a hostoric figure who invented indigenous rockets then used against the British army to enable them bite the dust. This indeginous rocket technology was later on used to develop hi tech rockets by the Europeans, the president added. The British Army got defeated against Tipu who finally died while fighting them most valiantly and relentlessly on the battlefield .

One of the BJP ministers’ had raised serious objections on the praise of Tipu by Honourable President and termed the former as anti Hindu, the traitor and rapist saying that the honorable President had to praise Tipu Sultan as the speech was prepared by the Karnataka government praising Tipu Sultan as a Heroic figure than the traitor who according to this BJP minister was an anti Hindu traitor and rapist. Sounds shocking to pass such public comments against the constitutional head of the country.

The point is our honourable president is a qualified and well read personality who had been a practising lawyer in Delhi High Court and apex court of India before being appointed as the governor of Bihar. Casting such objectionable comments on the speech of the constitutional head of the state to gather cheap publicity and downgrading his stature by belying or underminig his statement is a serious intentional lapse and should be dealt with severely in party forum.

The president is the first citizen of the country and carries a veto power. Therefore no lawmaker either MP, Minister, MLA or even PM could pass derogatory comment on his speech. One must also not forget that after assuming the pivotal office of president of India the first citizen no more remains the nominee of any party.

Our learned politicians of the country should therefore exercise restraint while raking up the historical issues that are now several centuries old and march ahead towards peace, amity and hi tech development of our secular nation with renewed energy, potential and enthusiasm. It is high time that our politicians and political parties should give up medieval and orthodox mindset and constructively move forward towards the 21st century.



Prime minister Narendra Modi as every year after becoming the prime minister of the country for the last three and a half years would be celebrating the famous Hindu festival Deepawali with the Jawans of India army stationed at our borders safeguarding us and the nation and this time that’s on 19th October Narendra Modi will celebrate this festival of lights with Indian Army and paramilitary Jawans at the last border with China at Garhwal Uttarakhand at Neeti village few kilometres away from the popular n historic 1200 year old spiritual place Badrinath Dham.

Right now (in the afternoon) the Prime minister is at Gurez Sector in J n K and exchanging pleasentaries with Army Jawans with Diwali wishes. The prime minister will stay with Army n ITBP Jawan manning the Indo China border and celebrate diwali for an hour or so. He is visiting Kedarnath on 20th October to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings, this being his second Kedar visit in a row since the last year.

It may be recalled that last year the media had announced about PM Modi celebrating Diwali at Mana Gaon but the scheduled got changed at the last minute, may be due to security reasons and the former landed at Indian side of the Army camp at the Himachal Pradesh Indo China border to celebrate Deepawali with the Jawans.

It’s really very nice of the prime minister to have started this precedent to be with our dedicated and duty bound soldiers and officers of Indian Army and paramilitary forces on Diwali festival to boost their morale and confidence who miss their families on this important festival.

Prior to this the prime minister celebrated Diwali at the Jn K border where Pakistan is constantly firing on our posts and army camps repeatedly violating ceasefire agreements between both the countries. The weather at the last village of India viz Mana in District Chamoli, Garhwal remains at 2 degree celcius or even minus degree during the night when its hot in Delhi.

You might be aware that its here at Barahauti in district Chamoli that Chinese soldiers have twice breached the Indo China agreement and entered our boundary several kilometres inside after being physically asked to vacate.

The Chinese PLA also breached our air space through helicopter rides. Mana village posseses a high security related significance as its the oldest border village, an important source of moral and other kinds of support to the ITBP n Army Jawan n officers stationed there in extreme challenging circumstances and climatic conditions.




A ten member delegation of various journalists organisations led by the Press Club of India met the union home minister Rajnath Singh at his North Block office and submitted him a detailed momorandum, drawing his attention towards the incrasing attack on journalists in several parts of the country.

They demanded the enactment of a legislation safeguarding the lives of journalists while discharging their professional duties. Expressing their serious concern over the mysoginistic targetting of journalists and threat to their lives the delegation sought the union HM’s intervention in preparing the status report by his ministry of the pending cases of murders and attacks including of fatal injuries all over the coutry during the past decades.

The journalists pointed out that during the past three decades there had shockingly been no conviction of the culprits involved in such cases of assaults and murders of scribes. The memorandum said that the incidents of perpetration of violence and murders have increased manifold and even scrible writing in social media are not being spared with incessant threat to life going on.

It may be recalled that according to the statistics of National Crime Records Bureau over 70 journalists have been killed from 1992 t9 2016 and around 142 were attacked with grievous injuries. There had been no conviction during the last three decades. This anguishing and terrorising trend is still continuing and in August to September 4 journlists have been killed in a row after Gauri Lankesh of Bengaluru, Karnataka. The memorandam further adds that since journalists have to play an important for the functioning of a healthy and vibrant democracy it is imperative that there should be no impediments like intimidation and violence in the discharge of their professional duties.

The home minister Rajnath Singh was urged upon to safeguard the lives of the journalistic community of the country since he is the overall custodiun of the internal security and law and order situation of the country. This would amount to restoring confidence amongst the journalist fraternity of the country.

While demanding the authentic status report on the attacks and murders of the journalists and the action taken by the law enforcing agencies during the past one decade the memorandam also requested Rajnath Singh to help expand the ambit of the working journalists act of 1966 by suitable ammendment in order to accord the protective cover of employment to all journalists including in the electronic and online media.

It also urged for making amendments for adequate monetary compensation to the family of the deceased, the injured journalists and those who become disable in the line of duty. The home minister gave the delegation a patient hearing and assured them to fulfill their grievances.



Subodh Uniyal a minister in Uttarakhand is today an extremely popular name being a young and youthful minister who reached  the top by the dint of his hard work, perseverance, commitment and service to the people. I fondly remember how Subodh on the advice of the one time political stalwart, former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, four time Union Minister Late Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna sincerely and in a single go accepted his proposal and came to Narendra Nagar forever to finally become an MLA, then  Industrial Adviser to the then Uttarakhand Chief minister Vijay Bahuguna and finally a full  Minister of agriculture and several other pivotal  departments under Trivendra Singh Rawat’s stewardship. Subodh Uniyal carries behind him a vast experience as a dynamic student leader and a relentless fighter for peoples’ cause in Uttarakhand while being an activist and an MLA several times. He proved himself to be the leader of the masses by involving himself with every grass root problem of the local populace of his legislative constituency. He fought for the peoples’ right and ensured that majority of their problems’ are resolved and he did proved successful by way of becoming MLA several times and finally taking charge as a minister in Uttarakhand cabinet. Subodh Uniyal is a highly qualified minister with outstanding qualities to mix with poor and the rich and resolving problems of one and all. He is such a minister who carries no ego and and futile prejudices. He is more comfortable among st the poor, down trodden and the have nots than in the affluent sections of the society. Subodh had been the ardent supporter of Late political stalwart HN Bahuguna’s family and had always stood with his jurist and the then UK chief minister  son Vijay Bahuguna and had been immensely instrumental in the latter’s victory as the member of parliament twice from the Tehri Garhwal parliamentary constituency which once used to be the stronghold of the then Tehri king  Maharaja Manvendra Shah. Subodh Uniyal today is a force to reckon with in Tehri Garhwal parliamentary constituency carrying behind him a tremendous mass force. Being a secular politician even in BJP today Subodh Uniyal maintains his complete secular credentials. A politician with guts and perseverance Agriculture minister of Uttarakhand Subodh Uniyal is the greatest proponent of CHAKBANDI and feels that it is only through this alternative of thought that Uttarakhand can make reverse migration possible. A friend of friends and trouble shooter of the people in problems of Uttarakhand  Subodh is a great asset for the Himalayan state of four historic Char Dhams. Wishing him all the very best? What do you say friends?


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Israel on Tuesday for a 48-hour visit. Modi’s visit to the Jewish country is the first by an Indian pioneer of politics. Him being a Hindu patriot, traditionalist and adherent to free markets, he has the benefit of extraordinary prominence at home, and according to many think tanks he is bound to be re-elected as the PM in 2019.

As per a rundown given by Minister of State to External Affairs V.K. Singh, in an answer to an inquiry, after first going to Bhutan in June 2014, Modi went to visit the U.S. four times, and Nepal, Russia , Japan, China and Afghanistan  twice each. He has actually made 56 International visits since accepting charge.

Such a forceful attitude by the PM towards visiting to various nations as a method of strategy is a sensational change as compared to all the strategies adopted by  the predecessors except the first Prime Minister of the nation, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Such visits are focused about building the brand India picture and to showcase our countries capabilities on international stages. To prove that Indian business visionaries with world-class ideas and visions possess the capacity to exhibit their ability and find genuine accomplices and resources to recreate their dreams.

The impact of such visits is a get together for mutually beneficial trade partners and political thinkers, for example, the Indo-Japan Trade Forum. The CEOs of various Silicon Valley based companies have also begun to show a lot more interest in our country as of late, most of which is directed towards Modi’s enthusiastic approach to ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ ventures.

The benefits of his International visits are of course boasted by all his supporters, but there is a group largely comprising of the opposition in India that claims that such visits are a waste of tax payer’s hard earned money. According to them the PM should focus more on the internal problems of the country. Modi, who is too busy to pay heed to such talks, will soon be making a trip to Germany, to participate in the G20 Summit in Hamburg.