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The prime minister Narendra Modi alongwith the Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik and the saffron robed chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath today inaugurated the driverless Metro train route on about 10 kilometre Botanical Garden- Kalkaji stretch with the anti BJP Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal conspicuous by his absence.

There has been lot of hue and cry in the political circles and the media for allegedly not sending the invitation to the Delhi chief minister who is said to be the ardent political rival of the BJP as well as prime minister Modi having always been at logger heads with the centre complaining of being meted out the step motherly treatment in terms of poor allocations of finances to the state and the BJP led centre’s complacent attitude towards the AAP government.

In the recent multiple hike of metro fares in Delhi the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejrival has opposed it tooth and nail and asked the central government to withdraw the same. He even offered to give 500 crores to the centre to partly bear the loss enabling reduction in the fares but the centre refused to relent thinking that if they accept the former’s proposal he’ll get the entire credit. The AAP held widespred protest in entire Delhi to oppose the arbitrary Metro Fare hike.

Prime minister Narendra Modi, UP governor Ram Naik and CM Yogi Adityanath took an inaugural ride and opened the Mazenta line for the commuters on the Noida Botanical Garden- Kalkaji route. It may be recalled that just two days ago while on trial the driverless train has hit against the wall and forcefully pierced into it damaging the property.

Metro’s new generation trains, which can operate without drivers, will run on this section aided by the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling technology. This new-age signalling system can facilitate movement of trains with a frequency of 90 to 100 seconds.

With the commissioning of the new line, the travel time between south Delhi and Noida will be significantly reduced. The direct ride on the Magenta Line from Kalkaji Mandir to Botanical Garden takes 19 minutes while travelling through Blue and Violet Lines between the old stations takes 52 minutes, with interchange facility at Mandi House station.

The new trains will also feature colourful seats, with pink seats in the Women’s coach, orange and blue in the general cars and specific hues to demarcate seats reserved for senior citizens and the specially-abled.

According to TOI the DMRC authorities 10 trains would operate on this new line, while two would be kept on reserve, one each at Kalkaji Mandir and Botanical Garden stations. Initially, trains will operate with a frequency of five minutes and 14 seconds on this section.

It may be recalled that about three lac commuters have given up travelling in Delhi Metro after the terrible manifold increase in merto fares resulting in heavy losses further adding to the fiscal deficit as being claimed by the DMRC authorities.
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The Delhi government of AAP have been doing appreciable job on health, education, water and to an extent on power tarriff front by giving various concessions to the Delhi electorates, particularly those hailing from the lower middle class and the lowest ebb of the society as being given to understand and had also raised its voice of dissent against the arbitrary rise in the metro fare issue including passing of a resolution for regularising the contractual and adhoc services of the teachers imparting education receiving lowest salaries, though the matter is stuck at central level.

But in the context of the public transport front especially providing comfortable and convenient mode of transport through DTC it has not come up to the expectations of the Delhi commuters, particularly those belonging to the common masses, the student community and service sectors. The irregular, tardy, poor and complacent DTC n cluster bus services have led to enhance the dependence of majority of the Delhi populace to travel by metro rails whose fare has already been increased manifold twice in just six months, beyond their reach to pay.

Sounds shocking and ironical that on the one hand the AAP leaders and the Delhi government create shortage of public transport and on the other hand vociferously shows its impressive public dissent against the BJP government at the centre. The fact of the matter is had the Delhi government or the chief minister been serious on this count the majority numbers of metro rail commuters would have shifted to Delhi Transport Corporation services after the DMRC’S arbitrary anti people fare hike.

Today, Delhi has no dearth of funds and a whopping sum of rupees 829 crores collected as green tax is already lying unutilized. Delhi requires about 11000 buses to adequately cope with the situation but the anguishing fact is that there are currently only 5445 buses out of which due to the shortage of staff or some buses being faulty the number gets further reduced. The condition of public transport in DELHI is quite pathetic requires an indepth overhaul.

However the Delhi government has now, after so much of hue and cry ordered for the supply of 500 battery operated buses, good from the environmental angle but their delievery will take at least more than a year and by that time the pollution level of Delhi will further go ahead and the metro fares would be further increased. The point is, what had been the the current government doing till date after having come to power in Delhi. All the DTC buses are the ones’ purchased during the previous Shiela Dikshit government and since then the Delhi’ s new AAP dispensation has not purchased a single bus despite knowing the fact that majority of the commuters of the lower echelons of the society can’t afford the metro fares in view of their meagre salaries and low level private jobs. Delhi has a population of 1.35 crores out of which more than sixty persons live in unauthorised colonies and Jhunggi Jhompri clusters and are the low paid employees working in petty private jobs. Therefore adequate and full fledged bus transport system with little or no hassles is the perfect need of the hour.


Deputy CM Manish Sisodia termed the decision as a “conspiracy” which benefits private cab services.

If you are travelling beyond 5 km by the Delhi Metro from Tuesday, Oct. 10th be prepared to pay ₹10 extra with the recent fare hike coming into effect. The hike comes within five months of the last one. It will affect every passenger of the Delhi Metro who travels beyond 5 km. While journeys falling in the 2 to 5 km distance slab will only cost ₹5 more.

The Delhi Metro had started operations on December 25, 2002, the minimum fare at that time was ₹ 4 and maximum was ₹ 8.

The revised fare structure now on is: up to 2 km ₹10, 2 to 5 km ₹20, 5 to 12 km ₹30, 12 to 21 km ₹40, 21 to 32 km ₹50 and for journeys beyond 32 km ₹60. Smart card users, who happen to be 70 per cent of the metro’s total commuters, will continue to get 10 per cent discount on each ride. They will get an additional discount worth 10 per cent while travelling during off-peak hours. Off-peaks hours are from beginning of services till 8 am, between 12 pm to 5 pm and from 9 pm to end of the services.

The price hike came late on Monday night in the face of stiff opposition mounted by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal against the fare hike. The Delhi Assembly passed a resolution against the hike earlier in the day. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia termed the decision as a “conspiracy” which benefits private cab services. The DMRC had been batting for a hike for quite a time, citing “losses” in view of loans and rise in input costs of operation, such as power tariff among others.

The new fares would be applicable on five corridors — Blue, Yellow, Green, Red and Violet — of the metro routes that crisscross the Delhi region, with the total network length of 213 km. It is announced that there shall be no change in the fares of the Airport Express Line (Orange Line).



It is now obviously clear that the Delhi Metro which once used to be pro people and people friendly has now become anti people and an organisation to mint exorbitant profits by intruding into the pockets of 80 percent of the commuters hailing from lower strata and the middle class of the society. It’s amply clear now that its no more for the peoples’ convenience n welfare but for earning handsome profits out of the already disturbed and worried middle and lower middle class of Delhi. Just imagine an organisation which is already running into excessive profits ferrying to and fro about 27 lakh commuters who are private employees, government servants, petty workers, small and medium businessman, traders, students and the labour class has now after doubling the metro fares in just six months created havoc with the lives of Delhi commuters by disturbing their already squeezed budget. Just imagine the maximum fare which was Rs. 30 few months ago has been arbitrarily escalated to Rs. sixty and every slab also almost doubled. Was it for this, we vote political parties to impose huge monetary penalties on us and instead of making our lives comfortable make them cumbersome and in quandary to survive. The prices of the petroleum products have already been skyrocketted despite the international prices of the crude being cheap. The inflation is touching skies. Growth rate falling down. This is actually like paying penalties for the default not committed by us. What sounds more bothering is the fact that if the METRO is already running into profits( and if running in losses should be subsidised as its a public transport) and the Delhi government is unwilling for the metro fare increase, perhaps ready to partially bear the losses if any what warranted the Delhi Metro to harras and victimise three million commuters travelling on daily basis. Despite this if the underprivileged and economically deprived sections of the society goes for an alternative cheaper mode of transport like DTC one will be surprised and shocked to learn that there are hardly buses on DELHI roads except very few. Majority of the DELHI TRANSPORT CORPORATION BUSES are off the roads and may take one hour or more to wait for the buses of particular destination. The CMD of DELHI METRO CORPORATION Mangu Singh should give a rethinking to his arbitrary and anti poor decision and immediately withdraw the exorbitant n unjustifiable fares’ hike. This unjustifiable hike has definitely broken the backbone of majority of the commuters?




We often come across such type of aunties who always fights with people for a seat. They are always on “MUJSE KOI NAI JEET SAKTA MODE”.

If by mistake a man enters a women compartment he is treated like an alien there. He can’t stay there or more than a minute. Because “LADKIO SE KOI NAI JEET SAKTA BOSS”
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Some people are busy taking selfies and they don’t realise what’s going around them. For them  a perfect metro selfie makes their day anyway!

Every moment they be like  “CHAL BETA SELFIE LELE REY”



These are kind of people who are suspicious to everyone, nobody knows what is going on their mind and what are they upto! They are always a “PARESHAN AATMA”.

They are not interested in the people around them and are busy with themselves.

These kind of the people should be warned while travelling in a metro “K BETAJI HASNA ZARURI HAI”



Well all of us have probably met these kind if people who talks silently and secretly. No one can try to hear what they are talking and even if they are talking or not!

They are “SECRET CHIT CHATTERS” and are always conscious of other people, that they might not be caught while talking.


These last minute quick readers are mostly college going students , who are always in a confused state what to do or not? They are always in a tension of their exam and acts like they are the “UNIVERSITY TOPPERS”

They are always carrying books or notes in their hands and it seems like for them last minute revision is “TERA MUJSE HAI PEHLE KA NAATA KOI”

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Their voice is louder than the metro announcement! They don’t realise how loud they are speaking, whether they are busy talking with their companion sitting on the metro seat or they are busy talking on the phone scolding someone and they want the world to know they are right.

Why, I ask. Why?

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They can leave the metro seat but can resist without their music! They are the music freaks who simply don’t care about anything and are busy enjoying their music on their headphones.

They are lost in the way that if someone asks them something, they have totally no idea and answer to that question!

“MERE PAAS MAT AANA MAI MUSIC SUN RAHA HU“ they are always full of this attitude.



When  people travelling in metro are unable to find a seat for them, they decide to sit down and act like “YE MERI HI METRO HAI BABU MOSHAI”

They can’t manage to stand for hours and travel so they make their luggage their bed and make a comfortable atmosphere for them. Well they cannot differentiate between what  a “local train” or “metro train” is? “KYUNKI VO NEECHE BETHENGE TO BETHENGE”