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Are Women truly safe over here? What do you think? Eve-prodding, rapes, assaults and so forth. India has turned out to be a standout amongst the most hazardous countries where it is excessively troublesome for the Females, making it impossible to venture out of their homes even. None is sheltered here, not even at daytime and not even around evening time.

All things considered, this really ought to without a doubt be acknowledged that these days, Ghosts are not the ones which frequent individuals but rather the men are. Men who have wrong eyes on the young ladies are the cheapsters who are in charge of making the general public not qualified to be lived in. Security of young ladies is a noteworthy issue remaining in the brain of every single individual of our nation.

Why are just the young ladies being rebuked for the rape that has as of late happened on them? Are the young ladies truly in charge of this? Try not to wear short garments, don’t venture out of your home during the evening, and don’t converse with this person and numerous other silly articulations. It is not the females who need to change but rather these are the men who need to change the way they see a young lady. It is the not the ladies who need to cover their body from making a beeline for toe yet the guys need to cover their eyes from the beginning until the end.

At any rate, ladies need to stand firm. Hush is the sole answer for this, raise your voice and represent your rights. All of you simply need to remember this, “Expectation generally advantageous yet simply be set up for the most noticeably awful that can happen whenever by any of the male guilty parties there in our general public keeping their eyes on you.”

What do you believe are the conceivable strides you can take for your security? The Delhi Commission for Women, Delhi is appropriate here for every one of the ladies confronting issues in any sense. Approach their helpline Number, disclose to them your issues they will be ideal here for you with an ideal arrangement in a matter of moments. Hello! Women, I have one more answer for you separated from the Government’s one and it is far too simple. Keep a Chili Pepper shower in your sack, at whatever point anybody tries to do anything hostile with you, this splash will come into the play. Utilize it and see the moment aftereffects of the disappointment of that individual before your eyes.

Indeed, cheers Girls! You simply should be as much certainty as you can be. No stresses. Do whatever you feel like, nobody can stop you. Simply know how to battle with anything that comes to your direction. Believe me, you will see the difference.

Rape is the most extreme and extremely violent form of control over female bodies and their personal space.

The mind-set in India regarding rape tends to put the blame on women. Many women do this too, because that is what they have been conditioned to do. The suggestion that female dress and behaviour ‘cause’ rape is outrageous. And more outrageous is the fact that this argument takes place in developed countries like the U.S. also.

Men sometimes try to judge a woman on the basis of what she wore, or ate, or drank, or where she was, etc. This judgment is then turned by men into surveillance of women’s bodies. Sometimes it converts into ‘male’ rape mind-set, which is basically a struggle for about control. Rapes do not to occur just because a man cannot ‘control’ himself, they occur because some men want to control women. Rape is the most extreme and extremely violent form of the control over female bodies and their personal space. Most disgusting is the fact that this is generally practised by many men in ‘moderate’ and ‘peaceful’ atmosphere of their everyday lives.

Most cases of rape take place because some men can’t accept the fact that women should have equal rights to dress, move, work, play or enjoy. Sometimes they take place because some men can’t accept a ‘no’ by a woman. Throwing acid is a common strategy adopted by ‘Romeos’ on a girl who does not show interest in him, or on a woman who rejects her lover. This is a very common part of this continuum of sexual assault.

The only way to stop rapes is to empower the agency of women and not hinder it at all. This includes, above all, the freedom to do with their own bodies what women wish in terms of dress, food, and even sexuality. Only then we will be able to free our society from this curse.