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men afraid of wife because she is demanding


Recently a leading newspaper in India published an article about what men want it was nice to read that article which explored many aspects of life from men’s point of view. On internet World will come across many articles and piece of information where everybody is trying to find out what women want and ways to woo her but we should also be thinking about the needs of men and in this direction as a part of project, The European Journal of Social Psychology conducted a study in which 62 couple participated for about 8 months.

This research was done to find out how each participant’s desire of sexual relation and intimacy influenced the partner. In this research one of the main conclusions was that male partners feels more secure when their female partner acted in a more feminine way may by this behavior males feels something strong and powerful from inside.

According to clinical psychologist those males who like female partner to behave in feminine way may have been brought in a traditional household. It is also possible that they think women have some predefined roles to play and those women who do not fit in this role may cause problems for them and their families.

Men also feel in-secured when their female partner becomes more aggressive in sexual act and men might start feeling negative about it maybe because he starts fearing that his partner is not happy with him or he may not be able to keep her happy always and starts having some more weird thoughts so there is nothing to worry because sexual act is not the only thing why people get married there are so many other things and emotions and attachment with special bonds they share with each other and it is only one part of their married life.

Our society has changed a lot in recent years but I think it will still take some more years or maybe ages to change this feeling of men.