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Mayawati against Modi


The Indian prime minister’s state Gujarat has come on full election mode with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the Bhartiya Janata Party repeats this time as well with full majority thus crushing its immediate rival, the Congress Party with a heavy hand.

However, prior to the state election, prime minister Narendra Modi has already accorded the people of Gujarat number of over ambitious projects viz. the long pending Sardar Sarovar project and high speed extremely hi tech Bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with the collaboration Japan worth rupees 1.08 lakh crores, the work on which is likely to completed by 2022.

Number of other developmental projects apart from these two with the financial support of the Japanese have also been signed recently during the visit of its PM Shinzo Abe in Gujarat. In addition to these anouncements prime minister Modi has started a direct air service from London to Gujarat as well while he was on the visit to England, the previous year.

Having been the chief minister of Gujarat thrice before being elevated as the prime minister of the largest democracy of the word, Narendra Modi would never like to loose his traditional Gujarat stronghold and as such is leaving no stone unturned to ensure his party’s historic victory in the ensuing Gujarat elections, as was the case in Assam,Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur few months ago.

In the last few days Modi has not only addressed several public meetings in various nook and corners of the state but had also announced many moe developmental schemes for the cross sections of the people of Gujarat thus identifying himself as a VIKAS PURUSH. In today’s largely attending public meeting prime minister Modi ridiculed the Congress Party and its top leadership and accused them as dynasts while identified himself as synonym of development. Modi preferred to play the the Gujarat pride card directly and ferociously accusing the Congress Party and the Nehru Gandhi family as ANTI GUJARAT who’d catagorically and specifically targetted the legends of Gujarat like Iron Man Sardar Patel, his daughter Maniben Patel and former Prime Minister Morarji Desai and sidelined them politically.

Narendra Modi said emphatically, while arousing the emotions of the audience, that the Nehru Gandhi family never wanted the Congress leaders or leaders of any other party of Gujarat and Gujraties should ever prosper and progress and were pre strategically cut to sizes politically so that the former could rule the nation for ever.

He said that he don’t want to go into it and elaborate in detail as the whole nation knows about it. Prime minister Modi’s speech sounded as if he has finally confined himself to state issues and Gujarat pride factor than to speak on national issues being the prime minister of the country. The way he accused the Nehru Gandhi family as being anti Gujrat and Gujraties, even bringing great leaders of Gujarati origin into reference in his public address unambiguously speak of the fact that prime minister Modi is more interested in exploiting the emotions and passions of the states’ electorates on Gujarat pride than dwelling on issues of local development and employment though he did say again and again that the GUJARAT ELECTION is being fought on a choice between VANSHVAAD AND VIKAASVAAD and that while Congress is promoting Vanshvaad he is the ultimate VIKAAS PURUSH.










Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal very well knows how to remain in news and this time as usual he has alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he had already told his friends about ban on Rs500 and Rs1000 notes and since morning he has been speaking on TV news channels that Modi has done a scam by stopping the use of Rs500 and Rs1000 notes.

He alleged that the whole move was a huge scam by the NDA Government because other players already had information about this move and that is why they transferred their money in the banks.

Maybe he is hurt because he did not receive any prior information about this great and historic move  where general public seems to be happy in spite of having temporary trouble everybody knows that how this decision will help the nation in future. Whereas, Arvind Kejriwal, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati are the people who are not happy at all by this decision and Rahul Gandhi is also trying to grab this opportunity and make a publicity stunt by standing the queue in front of Bank.

Kejriwal also alleged that in previous quarters in banks were negative but in the July to September period quarter, such large amounts were deposited in the banks and he asked that who had deposited all this money in the banks?

He feels that lot of money will come into the system and the only thing is going to happen is that a lot of money is merely going to change hands causing lot of inconvenience to the general public because they are the one who are standing in the large queues in front of banks and post offices.

He also made a point that Government is going to impose penalty on those people who will deposit their black money as they will have to face 200% penalty which means 90% of the money will lost and he asked that who will deposit his black money and the Government is indirectly trying to make the holders not to deposit black money.

He further alleged that the Government’s intention and implementation was not good as they already knew that the present ATM systems are not configured to dispense the new Rs2000 notes.

Kejriwal also believes that only, Adnani, Ambanis, Subhas Chandras and Badals hold the black money.

All this drama created by Arvind Kelriwal came after when Amit Shah asked Kejriwal , Congress and Mayawati to give explanation on their motives for opposing the demonetization.