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The confrontation between the Delhi BJP, revoked and going on a collision course with the government thinking of the good of patients and their aggrieved families.

The Delhi BJP chief Tiwari said that when the fake degree of the AAP government was revealed, the CM Delhi has not resigned neither any action initiated against him for his suspension then why should the license of the MAX hospital got cancelled when the erring doctors have been terminated, already. Similarly, the Delhi Medical council, threatening to go on strike asked the same question that for the wrong doings of the erring docters why have the current patients and the hospital has been made to suffer.

While the confrontation between the Chief minister, Delhi BJP chief and the Delhi Medical Council is on, the people of Delhi are asking what about the exploitative attitude of the private hospital managements who have been charging exorbitantly from patients and minting excessive profits unjustifiably? What about the case of Adya an eight year old girl who died of Dengue and her father was charged a sum of whopping 18 lacs and several other such cases?

It is therefore mandatory that a strong deterrent against these hospitals is the need of the hour and what the Kejriwal government has done in respect of the MAX hospital, Shalimar Bagh has been and is being appreciated and lauded all around. The private hospitals have no right what so ever to hold the poor, under privileged and economically deprived patients at ransom and insult the noble profession.

India is a democratic country and everyone has the right for medical treatment at reasonable costs but these private hospitals have in fact become the privilage of the few allfuents and rich and patients of middle class and the lowest ebb of the society are being denied the priviledge of even 25% free or concessional treatments as facilitated by the honourable apex court of India. This is shameful and fully uncalled for.


The decision of the Government of NCT of Delhi led by Aam Admi Party to cancel the license of the private high profile hospital MAX situated in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi will definitely work as a strong deterrent against the anti people attitude of these so called shops in the name of providing best treatments thus literally looting and exploiting the patients and their families by not only charging highly exorbitant and hefty fees beyond their capacity to pay but also showing extreme leniency and complacence towards patients, particularly those hailing from the poor, economically deprived and underpriviledged sections of the lowest ebb of the society including those from the middle class.

After liberalisation of our economy hundreds of such hospitals have come up in the metrolpolises and even rural areas of the country leaving no option for the patients of critical illneses but to go to them under compelling circumstances and cough up with heavy medical charges, thus selling their lands, properties or the entire life savings under extreme pitiable condition. This happens so because of the dearth of government hospitals in the country and subsequent non availability of adequate hi tech medical facilities or even if there are facilities they are not at all at par with these so called hi profile private hospitals.

Not only this, but the negligence and complacense of the union and state health authorities in not implementing the health and medical regulatory acts against the arbitrary and high handed actions of the private hospitals has resulted in their becoming dictatorial and anti people just believing in a single objective of minting huge profits at the expense of the patients and their already disturbed families by charging inflated medical bills.

What makes things and situation even more worse is when they openly flout the directives of the apex court and don’t even provide free or concessional treatments and surgeries for critical ailments to the poor and the economically deprived patients of the country. The harrowing cases of declaring a living child as dead recently and charging a hefty amount of rupees 18 lakhs from the father of an eight year old deceased suffering from Dengue including a whopping 31 lakh from the family of another patient who also died later on are some of the most shocking and horrifying examples of the high handedness and DADAGIRI of these sharks who are least bothered for the best treatment and safe recovery of the patients but only wanted to spin huge profits profits by exploiting the already traumatised patients and their families.

This decision of the Delhi government to cancel the license of one of the so called high profile hospital of the capital is therefore a welcome initiative which will in turn send a strong message across as a strict deterrent against the erring private hospital managements functioning as sharks than serving the people through a noble profession. What do you say friends?


As per the news pouring in from various sources the four time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and having represented Uttarakhand as its CM for full five year term from 2002 to 2007 veteran Congress leader and a nonagenarian Narayan dutt Tiwari who was on life support system for the last few days at Max hospital Delhi is in extremely serious condition having shifted for resustication at ICU again after he faced acute problem in respiration and became unresponsive.

Addmitted on 26th October in hospital Max in South Delhi after having severe respiratory complications due to infection in lungs veteran Congress leader and ex chief minister of the largest and the smallest state of the country UP and UK was on the life support system and given occasional physiotherapy exercises as well. On Saturday after having a become too weak and frail suddenly unresponsive, while in the physiotherapy session.

Tiwari was imdiately put on resustication on ventilator in ICU. His condition is stated to be serious. His advocate son Rohit and wife Ujjawala are with the ailing leader. Since the day Tiwari was addmitted in ICU after suffering from pneumonia and lungs infection, his condition was more or less critical showing little sign of recovery. But today it futher deteriorated after he became unresponsive throwing him in critical stage. His family, friends, acquaintances and followers are praying for his fast recovery and the senior docters at MAX are doing their best to revive his health condition.

Narayan Dutt Tiwari is a towering leader of the country and Uttarakhand having been Union Industry, finance and Labour minister apart from.being the four time UP CM and one time CM of Uttarakhand. Always in the good books of late prime minister Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi Tiwari joined for the very first time as the deputy minister in  late HN Bahuguna’s cabinet in Uttar Pradesh never ever to look back again. Infamous for being against the formation of Uttarakhand as a small entity ND Tiwari once said that creation of Uttarakhand would be possible only after his death or on his corpse. But the time came when he himself led the state of Uttarakhand as its CM for full five year term from 2002 to 2007 leading the state to new developmental heights which no other chief ministers till now could achieve.



The union state minister of Textiles Ajay Tamta today visited Max Hospital in New Delhi and met the ailing leader in Intensive Care Unit and thereafter his family to know about the former 4 and one time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand including the union minister of Industry at the centre. Ajay Tamta went to Max this afternoon.

Tamta said that the ninety year old Narain Dutt Tiwari is in ICU and is gradually recovering from chest and lung congestion leading to respiratory disorder. According to the doctors he is recuperating and the signs are positive. Tamta said Tiwari is a political stalwart of the country and Uttarakhand and has contributed tremendously in the all round development of Uttar Pradesh as well as Uttarakhand though his own party’s detractors had unsuccessfully tried their level best to create umpteen bottlenecks on his ways to develop the state of Uttarakhand. Rating Narain Dutt Tiwari as the leader of the stature of Late Govind Ballabh Pant, Late Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, Khusi Ram and Tamta, union state minister of Textiles, Ajay Tamta said that the constructive n positive contribution of Narain Dutt Tiwari in the development of the nation, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand can’ t be ruled out.

He is in true sense the father figure of the 17 year old state whose selfless contribution to Uttarakhand willalways be remembered. Ajay Tamta after meeting ND Tiwari deliberated with his wife Ujwala and son Rohit and wished for the speedy veeran leader of the country.

It may be recalled that the 90 year old former union minister and chief minister of UP and UK was admitted in MAX hospital Delhi and put on re sustication in ICU  after he complained of extreme dizzyness and chest congestion about two weeks ago and just yesterday a rumour floated in social media about his being no more but contradicted later on by his family. In the picture is Union state textile minister Ajay Tamta meeting Ujjwala at Saket and knowing about his health condition



Report is pouring in that the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, several times Union minister and political stalwart of Congress Party Narayan Dutt Tiwari has been addmitted to the South Delhi’s Saket Max Hospital after having suffered a paralytic attack at the age of 91.
Tiwari is being taken care of, by his son and wife Rohit and Ujjwala Tiwari whom he had accepted after a protracted legal battle fought by both of them claiming their legal rights as wife and son just three years ago. Lean and thin the former UK CM was not keeping well for the past one year and was under the proper monitoring and medication of his personal physician.
Having been the U P CM thrice and quite close to SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav both Yogi Aditya Nath and the former spoke to the veteran leader’s family and enquired about his health. Primarily a socialist hailing from Praja Socialist Party while young, veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari joined Congress five decades ago and was the minister for finance in late Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna’ s cabinet in Uttar Pradesh during 1984 -75 for the first time,having been followed by becoming central minister of Industries and Finance in Late Rajiv Gandhi and Narsimha Rao’ s cabinet. Mr. Narayan Dut Tiwari served as Uttar Pradesh chief minister for three times and finally served a tiny state of mere 5 MPs and 70 MLAs after Uttarakhand achieving the separate Hill state existence after so much of sacrifices and relentless struggle of hundreds of thousands of Uttarakhandies in Uttarakhand as well as in all the metropolises of the country.
Sounds interesting that a politician who as a Congress Minister and Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh always opposed Uttarakhand getting a separate state entity and said that if Uttarakhand ever would be created it will exist on his corpse, was the one who happily and interestingly accepted the then Congress High Command’s offer to become its Chief Minister to rule Uttarakhand for complete five years.
He was also in tremendous controversies for several interesting reasons, the first being his too closeness to late Sanjay Gandhi and becoming the headline news when he literally lifted Sanjay’s slippers and placed them on his feet while being the CM UP.
Sanjay Gandhi had visited UP and while he was likely to climb inside the chopper his slippers came down due to the air pressure of the choppers flattering wings and NDT who had come to see him off at the Airport runway in Luchnow literally lifted the fallen slippers and fixed them on Sanjay Gandhi’s feet in the presence of media creating lot of controversy and firore in state assembly the other day. NDT was also controvertial during his tenure as UTTARAKHAND’S CM when he distributed red beacon cars and state minister rank to every Tom and Harry including a 20 year old girl of Uttarakhand, finally compelling the legend singer of Uttarakhand make a humorous song on this issue titled NAUCHAMI NARENA which finally lead to NDT’s downfall in Ittarakhand as CM n his party’s fortune also took a downslide.