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Malak al-Shehri to be lashed for posting photos on twitter


On Monday Saudi Police has arrested a woman who took off her veil in public and posted her photographs. She can be seen posing very confidently on the street and after that she even shared her snaps on Twitter account.

Police spokesperson Fawaz al – Maiman has not told the name of the woman but she has been identified by many websites as Malak al- Shehri, who triggered a huge backlash on social media platforms after she posed without hijab in a busy street of Riyadh last month.

Fawaz told that the police has acted according to the rules and ultra-conservative kingdom in line with their duty to monitor violations of general morals.

He further confirmed that the women posted a tweet of her standing next to a popular Riyadh Cafe but without any hijab on her face or any kind of scarf which is very much required in the Saudi society.

malak-al-shehriThis woman is in her 20s and was taken to the prison for not just wearing hijab but also speaking openly about prohibited relation with non-related men.

According to the Riyadh Police she has clearly violated the laws applied in the country and she even urged the public to adhere to the teachings of Islam.

In Saudi there are many restriction on woman and the weirdest restrictions is that they cannot even drive and are expected to cover themselves from head to toe.