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Now its crystal clear that the young face of Bhartiya Janata Party and national Incharge of the BJP’s media cell and one of the spokesmen Anil Baluni hailing from Pauri Garhwal is likely to be the Rajya Sabha MP from Uttarakhand , the upper house seat earlier held by Congress’s M. S. Mahara whose six year term ended last month.

Though there were number of names of many party seniors of RSS background but Anil Baluni finally made it being the blue eyed boy of the national party chief Amit Shah. Having been credited with being the OSD of the former Gujarat Governor Sunder Singh Bhandari, BJP spokesman during Major General (Rtd) Khanduri’s chief minister ship, having unsuccessfully contested from Kotdwar as MLA and finally serving as the national media incharge of BJP in Delhi Anil Baluni also managed the media of prime minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi from where the latter contested for Lok Sabha and won by record margin.

Primarily a journalist by profession, Anil Baluni has also been consistently propagating the party’s views, philosophy and achievements through his writings in the regional and national dailes of the state and the country. Sources say that while party chief Amit Shah had tremendous liking for Anil Baluni but the Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat too strongly favored his candidature.

The reason being he was Trivendra Rawat’s political alternative in the state and could have replaced him in the near future had any eventuality arrived. The chief minister therefore had no option but to elevate Baluni to Rajya Sabha thus finally getting rid of any future danger of the latter being his political alternative,say reliable sources.

Therefore Rawat fully backed his candidature and the social networking sites are full of news pertaining to his candidature having been cleared and subsequent greetings from every nook and corner of Garhwal and the country. Hailing primarily from Danda Nagaraja, Pauri Garhwal Anil Baluni’s elevation has added one more name in the list of earlier important appointees at the state as well as the national level viz, UP CM Yogi Aditya Nath, UK CM Trivendra Rawat, NSA Ajit Dobhal, DG Indian Coast Guard Rajendra , Army chief Vipin Rawat etc.

Becoming Rajya Sabha MP at such a young age definitely open many more opportunities for Anil Baluni for more significant positions in the near future. Congrats Anil Baluni. What do you say friends?


The Bollywood turned politician, now MP from Patna and former union Health Minister in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government, Shatrughan Sinha, as usual since prime minister Narendra Modi led government came into power at the centre in 2014, has been constantly opposing the national leadership of BJP, the PM and the party supremo, but the high command has not shown the guts to expel him from the party for the reasons best known to them.

The eloquent veteran Bollywood star turned politician who considers former home minister and BJP’s towering leader, now in political oblivion, Lal Krishna Advani as his chief mentor, had been opposing prime minister Modi and his each and every action, every now and then, giving the unambiguous impression that he is not in BJP but the spokesman of the BJP’s bete noire Congress Party. However, the patience of the party supremo Amit Shah should be lauded as the MP from Patna is still in the ruling party’s roll and gunning party and government’s policies from within the BJP for the last three years incessantly by Sinha, bringing the party in a fix on several issues raised and propagated by the party, has actually given the star turned MP more boost and encouragement.

Actually the fact of the matter is that Shatru wants that the party expels him first so that his MP ship remains secured as per the norms of the anti defection law and the BJP leaders think that he leaves the party himself and has therefore been cornered and isolated completely. But Shatru would not budge as keeping his membership of lok Sabha safe is his first priority. However sources say that perhaps he may leave the party after he bargains adequately with the Congress or may be that the leadership in BJP relents later on.

However, things are quite unpredictable for now. Meanwhile, If you go through the twitter account of Shatrughan Sinha one will be surprisingly shocked, particularly the BJPites that more than 50% of his tweets, perhaps even more, are directed against his own party’s top notch leaders including the PM acknowledging maximum retweets and likes.

The way the die hard supporters of the PM and BJP show their anger, annoyance and confrontationist attitude or posture towards their ardent opponents on social networking sites, it seems to be missing in Shatru’s case, giving a clear impression that he still commands tremendous support and patronage within the BJP and perhaps that’s the reason, the Patna MP is not being expelled from the party fearing his chances of joining the Congress.

How badly is Shatrughan Sinha against the BJP leadership today can be gauged from the fact that while the entire BJP and its rank and file is supporting BJP Supremo and MP Amit Shah nationally on his Pakodaa related speech in the upper house yesterday, the former is leaving no chance to speak against him publicly as if he is directly serving the political purpose of Congress and other anti BJP opposition parties.

In his tweet of 5th February, Shatrughan Sinha sarcastically wrote: Respected President, We do admit that selling of Pakodaas is not a shameful act…. but shame for those who elect such government which is least worried or concerned on postgraduate youth selling Pakodaas but instead praises itself ( pats its own back) for this act. This statement unambiguously mean to say that instead of giving employment to the post graduate youths of the country the govt prefers to appretiate itself for encouraging educated youths to sell Pakodaas. The tweet got 1.034 likes, 458 retweets and 146 comments, till the time of writing this story. What’s your take friend?


The hilarious pre accepted victory of the Bhartiya Janata Party in Gujarat for the fifth time in succession is undoubtedly a huge victory of the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and Gujarat pride and subsequently a massive jolt to the opposition parties particularly the undisputed 24 year old leader of the Patidar community Hardik , Alpesh and Jignesh Mewani including the most vociferous and highly spirited new Congress president Rahul Gandhi who’d made it their prestige issue to ensure the BJP’s defeat in the state, come what may, ruled by the saffron party for the last twenty two years thinking that perhaps the anti incumbency factor may work. While this victory of BJP and the prime minister can be definitely termed as historic though having secured 99 seats too less than the previous terms tally but being the fifth consecutive triumph nobody can also deny the fact that the Congress Party under the Nehru Gandhi family scion has also proved his impressive mettle by improving the party’s vote share from 44% to 48 and enhancing the seats tally from previous 61 to the present impressive 80 despite all odds and the 132 year old party’s losing spree after the BJP led NDA assumed historic majority at the centre under the prime ministership of Modi.

Congress which is constantly losing at the hands of the BJP and Narendrs Modi in Gujarat for the last 19 years had 61 MLAs last time with 6 of them having defected to BJP including former CM Shanker Singh Vaghela ditching Congress and forming his own political outfit. The prime minister Narendra Modi and the national BJP chief Amit Shah after experiencing the Congress chief, then the Vice president Rahul Gandhi’s extensive campaigning after having roped in Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh Mewani on his side had left no stone unturned to ensure that This anti BJP alliance in the state of Gujarat is defeated hands down. About more than 40 cabinet ministers, entire office bearers of the centre and states and volunteers from all over the country were roped in to campaign and use massive funds to ensure the party’s victory as the entire media of the country and even the world was analysing and viewing this election of Gujarat and Modi pride from close quarters and had connected it with the Modi victory in the 2019 general elections. While the hard hitting Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has held and addressed more than 36 meetings in the state literally giving up the Himalayan state Himachal Pradesh to BJP, the prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah also addressed umpteen numbers of largely attended meetings and announced schemes worth of thousands of crores just before the implementation of the code of conduct by the Election Commission.

During the last phase of the campaigning when some of the channels started giving some credible mileage to Rahul and Congress the central and state BJP machinery geared itself to the maximum and countered the Rahul jaggernaut with full force finally standing triumphant for the fifth succesive term thus exposing the patidar leader Hardik, Alpesh Thakore and Jignesh Mewani as well. One should not forget that during his three and a half month’s tenure Modi held two summits with the Chinese president Xi Jingping and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe in Gujarat Ahmedabad and gave the Gujaraties a bullet train from Ahmedabad to Mumbai woth a whopping aid of 1.8 lakh crores inclusing direct flights from London and USA to Ahmadabad compounded with several high profile international projects.

All these achievements impressed fellow Gujaraties tremendously who voted for him enmasse expecting many more such projects to arrive in the near future. It may be recalled that having been the three term CM of the state of Gujarat and now PM of the largest democracy of the world Narendra Modi’ s charisma still exists in Gujarat and this result has amply made it clear. Modi has during his three years and eight months tenure captured 20/ 21 states of the country leaving the negligible 4 with the Congress. This constant winning spree has made it absolutely clear that his political and social charisma is fully intact and is all set for re election in 2019’s general elections. The Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi will have to re galvanise and revitalise the party organisation at the centre and in states right up to the block level and should appear as a sole nucleus of the anti BJP opposition at the national level as individually countering the Modi effect seems to be entirely impossible in the present political scenerio. What do you say, friends?


The elections to the Himachal Pradesh Assembly has become a sort of a cake walk for the Bhartiya Janata Party this time. This political advantage is primarily due to two main reasons, one Congress stalwart and Nehru Gandhi Scion Rahul Gandhi’s roughly, total absence in the campaigning of the hilly state with absolute dearth of charismatic leaders and secondly declaration of the fatigued old leader with charges of corruption, the sitting chief minister as a next prospective CM candidate against whom anti incumbency is already a dominating factor.

While on the one hand the charismatic prime minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, Union state minister Ajay Tamta and Union Health minister JP Nadda are leaving no stone unturned by visiting several popular temples of Himachal Pradesh and delivering largely attened public meetings highlighting the corrupt practices of the current political dispensation of the state including its octogenerian CM already involved in the alleged illegal gratification of the case of 5 to 6 crore rupees received by him while he was the union steel minister and are succesfully saffronising the himalayan state on the other hand the dejected Congress leaders in the absence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul’s negligible presence in the state’s campaigning are finding it extremely difficult to counter the BJP’S political onslaught and prime minister Modi and Yogi Adityanaths’ on going hectic campaigning. Just yesterday the prime minister hit the BJP’s election campaign by addressing a largely attended public meeting at Kangra district’s Fatehpur Assembly segment at Rehan and castigated Congress saying that its a party that symbolises corruption, communalism and castiesm.

He symbolised Congress representing five demons viz. Mining mafia, forest mafia, drug mafia and transfer mafia which actively thrived under Virbhadra’s tenure. Just few days ago the saffron clad UP chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath addresed several meeting in Himachal and drew large crowds even more than prime minister Modi’s meetings. Moreover the running cases of corruption against Veer Bhadra Singh has made Congress’s chances dim.

The existence of the BJP government in the neighbouring state with 57 lawmakers is also adding a positive impact on the chances of BJP’s revival with anti incumbency factor playing a crucial role. Viewing the ground realities in the context of Congress there is no alternate charismatic leader except Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Scindia in the party as compared to PM Modi, Amit Shah and hordes of of leaders and ministers in BJP.

While Sonia is in abnormal health its only Rahul who is solely fighting the impact of entire BJP’s political juggernaut in Gujarat having literally no time for a politically lesser significant state. Therefore, if we go by the assesment of the political analysts the morale of the Congress workers in view of Congress vice president’s disinterest in Himachal Pradesh as of now and the spate of BJP’s resounding victory in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand n formation of government’s in Goa and Manipur with freebies of the centre to state, is too low and chances of BJP forming seem to be too bright.