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The verbal spat between the the ruling BJP and Congress restarted on a war footing today when the former couldn’t digest the criticism of the policies of BJP led NDA government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on a foreign land, the United States of America where three years ago PM Modi also addressed the Indian diaspora amid thousands of tumultuous crowd shouting jubilantly Modi Modi. Rahul Gandhi addressed the students and staff at University of California, Berkeley on 12th September and also answered their questions of variety of issues.

In a hurriedly convened press conference today the Information & Broadcasting and textile  minister and actor turned politician Smriti Irani strongly reprimanded the Nehru Indira family scion Rahul Gandhi for choosing a foreign land to criticize NDA government and prime minister Modi knowing very well that his acceptence in Indian political scenario has considerably decreased within his own party and the people at large.

Hitting strongly on the statements of Rahul Gandhi Smriti Irani ridiculed his version that during his mother Sonia’s tenure the 130 year old Congress party generated an attitude of arrogance and said that such a serious outburst by a responsible second in command of a political party that ruled India for several decades, definitely warrants the Congress Party to give a serious rethink into its style of functioning within his own party.

Addressing the media with tremendous amount of confidence and eloquence Smriti Irani also took a jibe on Rahul Gandhi’s statement on dynastic politics saying that in Bhartiya Janata Party, neither the prime Minister Modi nor its chief Amit Shah nor the president of India HE Ramnath Kovind belonged to any political dynasty as is the Nehru Gandhi scion Rahul and all of them ( the BJP’s high ups) represent a modest political background, hailing from the marginalised classes and family background, having reached the top by the dint of their hard work and perseverence after years’ of struggle.

It may be recalled that while answering one of the questions from the audience about his dynastic leadership Rahul said that its the way things move in India as in business the Ambani sons are also carrying forward the legacy of their late father Dhirubhai. He also cited several other instances of dynastic perpetuation in India to vindicate his being as one of the legal heir in the Congress politics carrying forward his family’s protracted legacy.

Smriti Irani lambasted Rahul Gandhi for criticizing the prime minister Modi in the foreign country whereas he is the leader of a party that has ruled India for several decades and that he has been elected on Indian soil with the votes of Indian electorates. She accused the Gandhi scion of having done nothing worth of achievements in his own political constituency AMETHI from where he gets elected but is baselessly questioning and downsizing the achievements of prime minister Modi in a foreign land.

It may be recalled that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is in United States of America these days and was addressing a largely attended public meeting of the Indian diaspora and foreign students as well at the University of California, Berkeley, where he squarely criticized prime minister Modi and his government on various counts and also answered the questions from the audience.