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Yesterday, saw the historic play RAJULA MALUSHAHI at Sri Ram Centre Auditorium having been played good number of times all over the country during the last 35 years. The play is based on the true love story between the king of Bairatha in Kumaon, Uttarakhand Malushahi and a daughter of a trader Sunapati, namely Rajula.

This opera in Kumaoni dialect is rated as the timeless legend from the folk world of Uttarakhand. It’s a true love story that happened centuries ago. The play was written by Brijendra Lal Shah and the eminent director late Mohan Upreti, the founder of Parvatiya Kala Kendra. The auditorium was full of capacity with people standing around.

It was indeed a marvellous piece of work with melodious songs, back ground music, attractive colourful attires of the artists, fantastic lip singing and appreciable make up. The stage and light management too was splendid with each and every actor performing with tremendous amount of precision and perfection. All the characters, particularly the main centre of attracton Rajula played her role tremendously well mesmerising one and all.

The character of the king Malushali who desperately falls in love with Rajula too did perfect justice to his character with his marvellous acting. Rajula’s father Sunapati, trader was indeed exemplary in his acting of various shades. The beauty of the cast Rajula and handsomeness of Malushahi, the king (in reality) added relevence to the glamour of these two main characters of the play.The entire star cast was just remarkable and outstanding.

This folklore ( true love story) in the shape of a nritya natike won everybody’s heart with the jampacked audience finally giving a standing ovation to the entire star cast with incessant clappings. It was since long that I saw such an oustandingly wonderful play. The character of Rajula was brilliantly enacted by Ridhimma Bagga while Malushahi was played by Sudhir Rikhari. Mahendra Singh Latwal, a seasoned theatre artist impressed one and all by his towering performance as Rajula’s trader father. There were in all about 55 characters in this play.

The off stage orchestra was simply brilliant and extraordinary with the entire music arrangement monitered by Dr. Pushpa Bagga. Rajula Malushahi is a true story of love, sorrow and acstacy; a legend which has flesh and blood characters as protagonists in the magical realms of the mountain ranges of Northern Himalayas, the then Bairatha kingdom of Almora, Uttarakhand and a musical legacy that has defied the notion of timelessness – Rajula Malushahi is a story rather a memory etched in the hearts of the people inhabiting the Garhwal, Kumaon hills.

It’s a story of two desperate lovers Rajula and Malusha. One a daughter of a simple trader and another a young king of Bairatha, Almora district. At the heart of the story is the underlying principle – love without honour is meaningless. The best part of the whole story is: after so much of struggle, ups and downs, poisioning of the king by Rajula’s parents and fierce fighting between both of them, the king and the trader Sunapati, it’s finally the power of love which emerges as the true winner and the two lovers are finally united.Thanks and greetings to the organisers Parvatiya Kala Kendra.




  1. We can never do things according to our mood and wishes and every time we need to update everyone for what we are doing.
  2. We always need to greet everyone individually and all of them needs particular attention!
  3. We always have to take everyone’s suggestion for doing something and there is no such personal space for us.
  4. Yes one of the irritating thing is we have to be a part of that irritating whatsapp group and our parents force us to reply at the funny meme!
  5. Once in a while we have a feeling of having a family like the “kabhi khushi kabhie gam one’s”
  6. There is endless melodrama and at one point of time we feel like “YES YEHI HAI EKTA KAPOOR KA SANS BAHU SERIAL”.
  7. The thing we hate the most about a joint family is adjustment! “PAR KOI OPTION NAHI HAI BHAI MUMMY KEHTI HAI NA SHARING IS CARING”.
  8. But when it comes to a family trip or a festival we are the lucky one’s because we enjoy the most and have a lot of memories with us.
  9. We have a lot of variety to eat everyday because there is different food cooked for everyone in the family.
  10. The funniest thing is we have a variety of parents MAA, BADI MAA, CHOTI MAA, DADI MAA and this chain of MAA’s is never ending.
  11. We have variety of behaviours to handle and sometimes we feel like “ISEY ACHA TO MEREPAS DORAEMON HOTA”
  12. But yes we are really lucky to have a joint family because there are many things to share, many reasons to care.


1. Your dad is always your superhero no matter how much both of you fight.
2. You can always be wierd in front of him as he is the only one who understands you very well.
3. No matter how big the problem is,he is always there to save you.
4. Your dad and you are always in the same team just to leave mom alone and win the arguement.
5. He always encourages you, whenever you feel low.
6. No matter how bad you dress up, you will always be his princess.
7. He is the first love of your life. The perfect match for you.
8. He never shows but he is very possessive for you and loves you alot than you do!
9. He is your bachpan vala “tik tik ghoda forever”
10. He is the only one who never judges you, stops you and questions you for every small thing. Because he LOVES YOU ALOT.


1.We can never argue with her and prove herself wrong because she is always right.
2.We cannot try to cancel the lecture because “HAR BAR KI TARAH SHE WILL SAY SYLLABUS BHOT REHTA HAI”.
3.If we try to talk in front of her no one can stop her from punishing us.
5.If someone dares to eat lunch in her class “to beta pure mahine ka khana nahi pachega tumhe”.
6.We alwayss love to wish her like “gooooodddddmoooorrrniiiiinngggg maaaaaaammmmm”
7.The way she scolds us adds sugar to the tea and makes it more sweet.
8.Once in our school life she must have punished us for shouting in the class in her absence.
9.She is the one who cares the most about our marks and future.
10.Yess teacher is the second mother to us who helps us grow and achieve something in life.


Once in a while someone must have given you the compliment that “ARE EKDAM KANGANA RANAUT JAISE LAGTE HAI TERE BAAL”
You need more time to get ready as compared to other people around you.
Annoying thing you must have heard from everyone is “TU NA REBONDING KARALE”
Hair brushes are your old enemies because combing curly hair is not an easy job to do!
Someday if your curly are just perfect, everyone dies to have hair like you and that moment is really shocking for you too!

You are sick of hearing boaring “DADI K NUSKHE “, YE KARLE VO KARLE BAAL SIDHE HOJAEGE!
Sometimes you just don’t have any solution to how to deal with your hair.
Many people are jealous of your curls, and that is the best thing that makes you happy!
You cannot handle your hair in summer time and suddenly your looks start matching “MONJULIKA”
Making brades for school/college is always a tough job.
But anyways you love your hair and proud of being a girl with curly hair because you are no less than other girls!






The word chaddi buddy sounds kind of “bachpan vala jigri yaar”. We all have at least one chaddi buddy in our life who is a part of us since our childhood. We have the best of memories with these kinds of friends. Most annoying thing we face is “BACHPAN KI BAATE SABKE SAMNE BOLKAR EMBARASS KARNA”.




All of us must have at least one friend in our life whom we can call even at 2 in the night and can discuss any “CHOTI BADI MUSIIIBAT”. These kinds of friends are kinda mood lightener. Funniest thing about having a friend like them is that they are used to our stupidities and have a permanant solution to every problem.




These friends don’t give us feeling of being friends, they give us a brotherly feeling. We can say that if one doesn’t have a bhai wala friend he is truly lacking in best of memories. These types of friends are like “HATH TO LAGAE MERE BHAI KO KOI SABKO DEKHLENGE”.




Well jai veeru are  role models of true friendship. We must have a friend like jai veeru in our life, without whom we can’t imagine a single moment! These friends are sugar to our cup of tea, support system and motivation in our lives! For once we can forget our date of birth but we cannot forget these types of friends in our life.




Of course if we have not come across these types of friends in life then we have not enjoyed our life yet. They can’t leave a single moment of  troubling us “kyunki vo to help karne jaate hai par destruction apne aap hojata hai”. They cannot resist themselves from telling our parents things which we even can’t imagine to tell!” AUNTY HAR HAFTE 3 LECTURES BUNK KARTA HAI YE COLLEGE KE” cheers to these kinds of friends!




One can only be open to these kinds of friends truly because they are not friends they are a bundle of emotion. We can even enjoy the cheap baatein with these friends whether they be cheap songs, cheap movies, thrilling activities and “peena pilana” having a friend like them in life gives a feeling like  “KYUNKI TU DHADKAN MAI DIL”. Because we don’t need to express what kind of TROUBLE we are thinking they can figure it out themselves and can have a “GET SET GO ATTITUDE”.




These friends are truly a blessing or a gem we can say! No one can give the perfect solution like them. They are truly motivators “kyunki in dosto ke bina life ki equation balance nahi ho sakti” for once we can doubt on our parent’s advice but ye wale dosto ki advice “AANKH BAND KARKE MAN LENI CHAHIYE”. They can never give us wrong suggestion and there is no doubt in that.



I want to tell the story of a single mother who happens to be my best friend. This is just one story but I am sure it is the story of thousands that are similar. My friend married when she was just eighteen years old, a man nine years her senior. Shortly after they began their married life together she found out that she was expecting their first child. Then, after seven months of excited expectation and preparation, she received the earth-shattering news: her baby, the child she had prayed for and carried, was dead. She and her husband reacted very differently to this tragedy and that was, so to say, the beginning of the end.

Five years after this she and her husband were given a beautiful, healthy baby boy, followed nineteen months later by another. Although this couple was blessed with lively healthy children, their marriage was by now definitely on the rocks. My friend was doing everything she could, for her children’s sake to hold her family together. Two years later she found out that she was expecting again, a child her husband never wanted. But she held on, determined to accept this child as the gift that it was. She was given a beautiful, bouncing baby girl. Unfortunately, some months after her daughter was born, her marriage was broken beyond repair. Her husband left and they divorced. Within the year he remarried and three years later he disappeared from their lives completely.

Abandoned with no support or financial aid, she made attempts to locate her ex-husband, hoping that he would want to be part of his children’s lives. Unfortunately these enquiries led to yet another tragedy when she was finally told by authorities that her children’s father was dead. She now was not only left to raise her children alone, but she had to find a way to help and guide her three young children, (by now nine, seven and four respectively), through the grief and pain of their father’s death, as well as dealing with her own grief.


With no qualifications to her name and no family nearby to help her practically, she had a hard time finding and holding a job. When she did have a job there was no one to be there for her children when they needed looking after. She relied on relatives, charity and benefits to keep her head above water, often having to humble herself to ask for help or depriving herself to make sure there was enough for her children.

A few years later she moved with her children back to the town of their birth. Yet again fate added another twist to her tale: here she found out, after four years, that her ex-husband was very much alive and living across town from them. She again summoned all of her strength and courage and contacted him in hopes that he would want to see his children. He didn’t, so she soldiered on alone.

As her children began entering their teens things progressively got worse. She was subjected to bitter heartache as both her sons displayed the emotional and social scars of their father’s abandonment: suicidal inclinations (one almost to the point of being institutionalized), bullying, sickness, depression, low self-esteem, and so on. But she never stopped fighting for her children, never stopped praying, and never stopped loving.


Through every obstacle and hurdle life put in her path she doggedly held on to her faith and her firm trust in the promise that God would not ask more of her than she was capable of giving, and would not ask her to bear more than she was capable of carrying. She fought daily to instill in her children the values and morals her own childhood had lacked. She was always brutally honest about her mistakes and failings in hopes that her children would learn from her life and long for more. She gave every ounce of strength she had to support her children both inwardly and outwardly, always encouraging them, not to be the best but to be their best.

Her children are all in their twenties now and have gone their own ways. She no longer has contact with her sons. That’s just the way it’s turned out. But her mother’s love for them will live on. She will never give up on them, never stop hoping, never stop praying – they are her sons. And they will always remember her love, the childhood she so valiantly strove to give them, and the endless self-sacrifice she endured for them. They will appreciate it one day. I know, because this is my mother’s story. I am her fourth and youngest child and am only just beginning to realize all that she has done for me and my brothers in the twenty years since our father left us – all that we owe her.

So to all those whose lives are similarly playing out, who may wonder if their children will ever appreciate what they are doing or hold it against them, I say never give up. One day your children will appreciate the gift that they have in their mother. It may take years (it’s taken me almost twenty), and unfortunately you may never see it, but one day they will appreciate you and take the chance to say what every mother’s child should say: “Thank you, Mom.”

Article Courtesy : Niralee Nirlipta, Senior PRO & Content Writer