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lose weight by drinking wine


If you drink wine before going to sleep then you can lose weight! Yes it is true because several studies have proved this fact so, if you have a glass or two if wine at bedtime then it is perfectly fine.

There were two studies done, one from Harvard and another from Washington University and both of them have found a link between regular or moderate alcohol consumption and a heathy body weight.

Harvard University carried out a research study in which nearly 20,000 women with healthy body weight for 13 years participated. They were studied on factors like weight gain, physical activity, and consumption of alcohol. It was found in the research that compared to non-drinkers, initially normal weight women who consumed a light amount of alcohol gained less weight and also reduced the risk of obesity.

The Washington University also conducted a study, which was performed on overweight female mice and it was found that mice who were given resveratrol extract found in red wine, produced more brown fat cells and these fat cells opposed to white cells so it makes easier to lose weight and keep it off.

So both of the above studies shows that the resveratrol compound found in red wine is responsible for curbing the appetite naturally so that less calories are consumed without having hunger pains. It was also found in this study that resveratrol compound also have a positive effect on fat cells by preventing them extra fat.

If you want to lose weight  by drinking wine at bedtime than you should remember that it should be taken in moderate quantity otherwise you will not see the good effects which the above two studies have also proved.

One more study was done by the University of Denmark and it was found that drinking wine might actually be beneficial for those who are trying to lose weight and have healthier weight and smallest waistlines.