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This is the current, stunning and marvellous picture of historical Kedarnath Shrine fully engulfed with knee deep snow sent by senior journalist friend Mohit Dimri, which remains closed during the winters and opens in April, May reviving its usual functioning with hundreds of thousands of pilgrims all over the country and the globe thronging in, for Lord Shiva’s Darshan, the creater and destroyer of this Universe.

The climate here is extremely chilling with the usual temperature sliding to minus 7 degrees during noon and crossing – 20 or more degrees during midnight. But what looks interesting and adventurous is the fact that the employees of Nehru Mountaineering Institute (NIM) looking after the affairs of the maintenance and development of Kedarnath and its immediate surroundings are round the clock busy amid the most deadly, treacherous and challenging situations, clearing the area and roads of heaps of snow measuring 2 to 3 feet over ground. Hats off to them.

It may be recalled that during 2013 June 15/ 16 when the entire Kedarpuri including Ram Bada and the Kedar valley was engulfed with the highly devastating deluge due to massive cloud bursts and subsequent bursting of the Chorabaari Lake also called the Gandhi Sarovar, they were the brave and hard working people of the NIM who in the aftermath of this devastating ecological disaster rebuild and renovated the entire Kedarnath vicinity under extreme challenging weather conditions beyond anybody’s expectation with the landing of high tech extremely heavy loaded bull dozers and other machines ferryed at such a towering height through helicopters.

It was a record in itself. Historical Kedarnath temple is situated at 11, 755 feet from the sea level where even during the summers, the weather comes to 2 to 5 degrees during the nights and the running high speed Mandakini and Alaknanda rivers get frozen . Over ten thousand pilgrims from Uttarakhand and several other parts of the country had died during this catastrophic tragedy. Uttarakhand has four historical religious shrines popular world over where millions of pilgrims come to pay their respects and prayers with extreme obeisance to lord Kedarnath, Badrinath, Goddess Gangotri and Yamnotri.

While Gangotri and Yamunotri emerges from the huge himalayan glaciers since time immemorial quenching the thirst and irrigational needs of the entire nation finally converging in Bay of Bengal, the Kedarnathand Badrinath shrines are of immense value for the devotees all around the globe.

A month ago prime minister Narendra Modi had visited Kedarnath Temple for the second time on the day of its closure during the winters and had announced several projects for the over all facelift of Kedarpuri that involved innovative development of inner roads and construction of modernised luving accomodation for the pujaries as well as the pilgrims who visit here from distant parts of the country and the globe including inner roads etc. The work on these projects got badly affected due to the excessive snow fall say the sources which will be resumed after the inclement weather situation improves in the near future. The Kedarnath site and temple fully clad in snow gives the imresson as if a pitch white( bright) silver sheet have been spread in Kedarpuri by Lord Shiva.


Made Eight Miracle World Record in the World

Incredible Achievement of Lord Shri Luxmi Narayan Dham

Entered in Guinness World Books of Records

On 29th October, 2017, History has been made in Mumbai. Incredible Achievement of Lord Shri Luxmi Narayan Dham is entered in Guinness World Book of Record in the presence of thousand people which came from our country and abroad. At first time in the world, terrible Infections due to dangerous dandruff and other serious diseases, of 987 number of peoples, are finished completely during the record. Under supervision of Senior Official Paulien Spensica , Dandruff which create terrible bacteria, is finished completely from the heads of 987 Peoples during this incredible experiment.

After completing this experiment, name of Lord Shri Luxmi Narayan Dham has been entered in the Guinness World Book of Records. After making the record, Senior Official Paulien Spensica of Guinness World Record, has presented certificate to Hon’ble Satguru Ji. This incredible event has been viewed by crores peoples of 160 countries through Live Cast.

This Incredible World Record is entered at Salasar Center Park of Meera Road East Mumbai, between 1.01 am and 1.14 am. One Thousand People participated in this 13 minutes incredible experiment. Senior Official Paulien Spensica of Guinness World Record reached there earlier 7 hours before entering the record.

She inspect all programme before starting to enter this incredible record. First of all, she went to registration counter and she views the registration form and other proceeding carefully.

In the beginning of this world record entered in 13 minutes, one thousand peoples washed their head’s hairs with shampoo of blessed drug (Abhimantrit Aushidi) collectively and create a foam. After that, All Peoples clean their hair after applying the Abhimantrit Jal (water) on their heads under supervision of Senior Official Paulien Spensica of Guinness World records. After cleaning their heads, all peoples dried their hairs with towels.

At last, Senior Official Paulien Spensica and her team went near all one thousand peoples and inspected their heads. After rejecting some peoples from one thousand peoples, 987 peoples have been selected in this survey. Germs which cause serious diseases on the head of these 987 peoples, are permanently finished from the roots. This survey is conducted by Modern Machines of America.

Doctors, Scientists and dermatologist of world, are surprised by this incredible history created in Mumbai at 1.14 A.m. Guinness World Record’s Senior Official Paulien Spensica is surprised after watching that the dandruff and dangerous infections which create serious diseases, are finished from root within 13 minutes only.

She watched this experiment at first time during her life. Before the Record of Lord Shri Luxmi Narayan Dham, 795 Peoples had made a record of washing their hairs together. There was no any subject of dandruff in this record, the subject was that 795 peoples washed their hairs collectively, which has been told by Guinness World Record’s Senior Official Paulien Spensica and said that This World Record is more important. 987 peoples had not just a washed their head hairs together but they certified that they peoples are free from the serious infections due to serious dandruff and other diseases.

This has been inspected deeply by our team and this has been certified by Dinolight Machine of America.


There are 15 lakhs kinds of serious fungal infections.

Which grievous infections found in dandruff, same will cover all body by the slow time process. There is no permanently treatment of Dandruff and Fungal Infections in Medical Science. According to report of World Health Organization, 25 Thousand Peoples died with the reason of dangerous fungal infections due to dandruff, in every year.

According to report of biggest Institution Center for Environment Health (C.E.H. ) of America, elements which create cancer, to found in 98 percent shampoos. Fungal Infections found in the dandruff, is started from eyebrows of eyes, neck or ham and reached in the body by respiration slowly-slowly and it’s covered all organs of human body.

Due to this, our nervous system became defective. Cancer, Skin diseases, Eye diseases, Arthritis, diseases of Heart and Lungs, Diseases of Liver and other serious diseases, can be due to fungal infections in the dandruff. Many Mentally diseases can be caused due to dandruff or fungal infections found in dandruff. This indeed outstanding, excessively laudable and miraculous .

After taking a genuine stand on the historical monument Taj Mahal thus giving a huge rebuttal to his own party legislature infamous to raise controversies on issues of no relevance or raking up the issues leading to unambiguous confrontation between the majority and minority the saffron clad Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has made a global record by lightening the historic pious river Saryu’s bank and the adjoining precints with a whopping 1lakh 71 thousand earthern lamps where once in the TRETA YUG as the saying goes Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana landed in a Pushpak Vimaan after completing the 14 year old exile.

This historic moment never ever witnessed ever in any festival of India during the last 70 years after or before independence this outstanding efflorscent event during two days Deepawali, the festival of Hindus celebrated every year as a symbol of expressing happiness and ecstasy on the eve of Lord Ram, his wife Sita and brother Lakskmana returning back to Ayodhya after arduous 14 long years of most challenging exile. About 12.5 thousand litres of mustard oil with over 5 lakh cotton batties and two lakh earthern pots ( Diyas) were used to lighten the lamps on the banks of historic and pious Saryu River where Lord Rama stepped in for the first time after reaching Ayodhya from his most arduous and challenging 14 year protracted exile.

This is a world record, as never ever such large number of earthern lamps in any festival have ever been lightened in India’s or world’s history in a single go and in a single night. Though the various political parties may draw different political cannotations of this event but the fact can’t be denied that Lord Ram is the undisputed God of billions n billions of Hindus world over who are not athiest and believe in the Almighty.

The Bhartiya Janata Party’s main plank had been Lord Rama and the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, though the matter is presently subjudice as it’s in the Supreme court awaiting the final decision. The BJP had already derived political advantage on this issue when the BJP led NDA formed government at the centre under the then PM Atal.Bihari Vajpayee but the issue was sidelined on the opposition and advice of the then NDA partners, thus the matter finally going under the purview of the Court. God knows, what will be the fate of this complex issue in future that involves the majority and the minority communities.

But as far as the inkling of the Uttar Pradesh Chief minister is concerned he has already unambiguously made his stand known that he would wholeheartedly welcome the honourable court’s decision but is fully committed to not let the issue of Lord Ram go unnoticed or diluted and has as such allocated Rs 133 crores for the complete face lift of Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Rama. A more than 100 metre high Statue of Lord Rama is being elevated on the banks of river Saryu with total modernisation of the area at an adjoining the river and Ayodhya.

This is for the first time that such a massive budget for the development and the facelift of a religious place has been arranged by any government of the state. However no rival of chief minister Yogi Adityanath or his party can point a finger of opposition, as a massive budget, just double of what is being spent on Ayodhya viz 360 crores, for the face lift of Agra and the precincts near the historical monuments like Taj, Agra Fort n Fatehpur Sikri has also been earmarked.

The chief minister Yogi Adityanath is visiting Agra on 26th October to formally inaugurate this over ambitious project. The complete facelift of historical and spiritual places of Agra and Ayodhya will not only improve the quality of life of the local populace but will also boost tourism on a tremendous scale earning immense profits and foreign exchange for the country n the state.