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NewDelhi, July 31: Getting married for a girl is life changing in so many ways, and the biggest change of all is leaving your home. And after that you will realise the value and the bond that you share with your mommy.

It is not easy to forget all those millions memories, and then to accept the fact that you may not see your parents every single day.

However,you miss your place and every member in your family, but it is your mommy whom you will miss the most.

Here’s are the reason why it is so difficult for girls to be without their mommies.

1. Late night gossips: 

late night gossip

So we can’t deny the fact that mom is our best campanion ever, and the time of night is something where you have a long chit chat with your mommy. Yes, you will miss the every discussion about what happened whole day, who said what, or how you feel for a particular incident happened to you. Well, you can even talk with your hubby too, but I bet you’d miss your mother’s touch anyway.

2. waking up on your own

waking up

Days are gone when you relied on your mom to wake you up every morning. You will when the morning alarm rings, and there is no one to whom you can say, “Mummy bas 5 minute aur.”

3. Your ‘maa-ke haath ka khana’.

maa-ke haath ka khana

You miss your maa ke haath ka khaana the most. And the diet concious you will not bother to eat two extra chapatis because the best chef in the world cooked the meal for you. Before marriage, your mom forcing you to eat ‘thoda sa’. Now you yearn for the same food. How times change!
4. You dress up but you have no idea how you look..

dress advicer

When you dress up and really want to know know how you look, you just give a call , “Mamma, yeh theek lag raha hai?” And she isn’t around to give an honest reply.

5. The love and affection

love and affection

When you realize you can’t throw too many tantrums anymore, Because your mommy isn’t around to pamper you.

6. When cooking is harder and not as much fun

Cooking 1

While cooking in your Sasural, you cannot ask her all time “Masala kon dalu?” or “Isko kitni der gas pe rakhna hai” or “Isme aur kya daalu?” “Maa taste karke batana ek baat.”

7. breakfast time doesn’t feel the same anymore

nashta krlo

You will no longer here the familiar voice “Naashta lelo beta, thanda ho jaega.”

8. Your shoping partner

shoping partner

You miss your shopping sprees with her, because It wasn’t easier to go catch a movie or go out shopping with your mommy earlier,due to the time and distance constraints all time.

Saying her Good Bye is the hardest Goodbye ever, No one will love you as your mommy do.