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It is appropriately said that bliss is an impression of your wellbeing in light of the fact that lone a decent solid life can make a man dynamic additionally wellbeing is the primary abundance of a man. A decent wellbeing prompts cheerful and pleasant life. Each individual should think about the significance of wellbeing in their lives. Having legitimate sustenance and rest is the key of sound life. It doesn’t imply that a sound life implies just physical prosperity it likewise conveys mental strength and inward tranquillity of a person.


Remaining fit and sound incorporates admission of supplements rich sustenance, adequate rest, staying away from garbage nourishment and exercise. What’s more, if an individual isn’t having appropriate eating routine it will eventually influence their psychological, physical and enthusiastic wellbeing. Likewise, an individual must drink bounty measure of water as it enhances digestion and discharges poisons.


The eating regimen one ought to include are green veggies, eggs, drain, vitamins, vegetables, organic products, and proteins which makes an individual more advantageous additionally if an individual does customary exercise and yoga it keeps up resistance level, glucose and wellness as well. An unfit and unfortunate way of life causes such a large number of medical problems like dejection, visit fever and so on. Undesirable way of life likewise prompts sudden passing.


Doing customary exercise, cycling, running, strolling lessens the issue of corpulence and makes an individual fit. Presently a day’s young age is confronting such a large number of issues like coronary illness, heftiness and diabetes in view of unfit and unfortunate ways of life. Wellbeing is the basic resource of a person which one should deal with that.


A sound soundness of an individual is the key of bliss, achievement and accomplishments and makes the individual more settled and looks after persistence. One must make great propensities excessively like washing their hands previously having nourishment and ensure that the earth must be spotless and clean. Along these lines, wellbeing absolutely relies on what we eat and drink. One ought to abstain from devouring destructive substances which incorporates drugs, liquor, cigarettes as it straightforwardly prompts genuine medical problems in future.


Accordingly, a decent wellbeing thoroughly relies on what an individual devours.


Nineteenth November is the birth centenary of a greatest women leader of the country whom infinite people adore and still remember as the most successful prime minister India ever had while her ardent critics term her as the dictator who made peoples’ life hell by imposing the emergency in 1975.

Yes, I am talking about non other but Indira Gandhi, the daughter of the first prime minister of free India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and grand daughter of freedom fighter Moti lal Nehru. Indira Gandhi who served India for seventeen long years as the most successful prime minister except her greatest blunder of 1975, imposing dreaded emergency is today remembered as the Iron Lady, a most determined prime minister and a women of grit, determination and perseverence who not only created a vertical division of Pakistan by creating Bangladesh compelling 90000 Pakistan Army to surrender but also established herself as an international icon turning away the mighty American Shipment full of arms and ammunition coming to the rescue of Pakistan during the 1971 war and doing Pokhram Nucleur explosion, making India a Nucleur power. It was during her tenure that India’s Appolo 72 entered the Moon and created a history of sorts in space science globally. It was in 1972 when Indira Gandhi while communicating with the Apollo 72 Astraunaut asked Rakesh Sharma, how is India looking from the space and he repled “saare jahan se achcha Hindustan Hamaara”.

Indira Gandhi was undoubtedly a most suceessful PM of the largest democracy of the world who not only strengthened the international non aligned movement and was designated as its chairman but also succeeded in keeping then USA, the then Pakistan ally at bay by way of strengthening bond of strong and viable friendship with the then most powerful superpower of the world the USSR during the Leonid Breznev era. Indira Gandhi was a multifaceted and a multi dimensional iconic personality who was adored and loved by all sections of the people in the country and established fullest secular credentials.

Having nationalised the 14 largest commercial banks of the count Indira Gandhi’s Garibi Hatao slogan really hit the masses during her tenure to stage a comeback as a most formidable prime minister of India, after the Bangladesh war. It was the leader of the opposition of the then Jan Sangh Atal Bihari Vajpayee, her ardent critic who publicly lauded her leadership as the Iron lady of the country who in her capacity of the then prime minister created Bangladesh amid all odds and international challenges and gave her the title of MAA DURGA.

A symbol of true secularism, architect of modern India, a dashing and dynamic leader with precision, Indira Gandhi was the most mobile, a unanimous choice and the pro people leader of the country under whose 17 year old tenure not only had India progressed and prospered by leaps and bounds technologically, scientifically, educationally and nuclearly but the communal fabric of the nation was also fully maintained. However despite, Indira Gandhi’s international leadership domain as a great leader in the global political scenerio who touched all horizons and her triumphs in the domestic front taking India to heights of all round economic and industrial development, the greatest drawback of hers was the perpetuation of dynasty by promoting her autocratic son Sanjay Gandhi annoying one and all in and outside party and imposing the most draconian emergency that lead to over 1 lakh detentions, unaccounted tortures of the people, thousands of forced sterilizations and curbing of the fundamental rights of the people and media of the country bringing bad name internationally and leading to formation of Janata Party out of the total revolution of Jaya Prakash Narayan, a conglomeration of 22 political anti Congress outfits. According to the then Director in the PM Secretariate and the former foreign Secretary Salman Haider who worked in close proximity with Mrs Gandhi she as the prime minister, was not only a meticulous hostess but also wanted her staff to maintain high standards of courtsey and decorum. He adds that even after being the supreme authority of the country, Indira Gandhi never lost the attributes of a gracious lady.

Her another biggest mistake rather the blunder of her life was first nurturing Bhindranwale to counter the political influence of the Akalies in Punjab and then going for the operation black star that allowed the army to enter Golden temple that lead to killings of several Indian Army Jawans and Khalistani terrorists, as well finally leading to her despicable assasination by her own two Sikh body guards. She returned to power in 1980 before being assasinated. Indira Gandhi was assasinated in 1984 and 30 years after her sad demise she is still remembered in great reverence as a towering iconic personality of the country, an iron lady prime minister who always cared for the poor and the down troddens but committed the biggest blunder of imposing emergency, promoting dynasty and ordering entry of the Indian Army in Golden temple thus costing her precious life, the scars of which are still fresh in peoples’ minds and in the minds of her arch political rivals who still loose no oportunity to rake up those draconion days of 1975 when people of the country suffered the most.
Indira Gandhi is immortal despite few flaws but hundreds of outstanding achievements.








Self-doubt is a “life destroyer”. Living a life full of self-doubts is the most complex one to be lived with, indeed. If you are really striving to survive with a deadly combination of a positive life and self-doubt, just ask yourself a question: “Are you really experiencing a good life?” We will always witness many varied kinds of humans entering and leaving our life phases, some being negative and some being positive. Positive people are undoubtedly worthy of being present with you but negativity is the thing you should be maintaining a distance from.

Let us change our thoughts about the life. You are confused on how to modify these, right? Trust me on this, “Mental Discipline” is a must. Our thoughts are the leaders of our actions, thus, if they are positive, our acts will be the ones making our thinking about life change in no moment of time. The way we think is truly judged by the success, self-fulfillment and the happiness we are dealing with in the present.

Self-doubt is totally enough to eat a person alive. So, here arises the need for its abolishment. If you want to live a peaceful and satisfied life, let the “self-doubt” fly away from your mind, body, heart and soul. You are here in the right platform if you really need to get away from this disturbance. We have come up with a list of disciplines that you must follow to wipe away the problem of “self-doubt” from you.

1) Be Positive

Self Doubts and lies have a direct relationship. The more self-doubtful you are, the more lies you are definitely going to tell yourself. Just be positive and see the things change the way you want them to be. Instead of counting the negative and shortcomings from your life, focus on the good and happening aspects and feel blessed to have them.

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2) You are blessed

Just wake up in the morning and say “I am blessed”. Only saying this won’t work, you need to think and act upon this. Focus on the blessings rather than focusing on the problems. What is the kind of growth you are seeking? Well, the actual growth I am talking about is the one you attain after a lot of hard work and dedication.

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3) Live your life

Live your life the way you wanted it to be and you already have it. It depends on all on you, how to spend it: negatively or positively. Positive thinking should be exercised on a day to day basis on any operations/tasks you are performing.

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4) Act oppositely

In order to get the best results, start acting totally reverse of what you were thinking before. In case you are having a negative thinking, start focusing on the positives. If you want to succeed but feel like giving up, stand up and move ahead to reach your goal. In this case, beliefs can easily be changed by the powers of your action.

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5) The three C’s

The three C’s for eliminating self-doubt are Catch it, Check it and Change it. Let me explain this to you with an example. In case you are feeling too negative regarding your life experiences, you should first catch it, check it by listing out all the good aspects of all your experiences and change it into a positive one.

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So, above are some of the few listed eliminators of the self-doubt completely from your life. Living a peaceful is the one everyone strives for, and it can solely be attained by an all in one formula – “Be Positive”.