After Gandhi Nehru family scion and the Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s filing of the nomination papers for the top most slot of the party previously occupied by stalwarts like Pt. Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, K. Kamraj and Indira Gandhi etc through direct election, it is now almost certain that Rahul will be elevated as the president of the 131 year old party unanimously as there seems to be no contest except a single protest from a Maharashtra Congress leader of no relevance Shehzada Poonawallah. Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as Congress president was long overdue as his mother Sonia Gandhi is carrying an abnormal health condition and therefore not at all fit to continue as party president nor his sister Priyanka Vadra prepared to join active politics as its chief despite her being the most acceptable unanimous choice within the party.

Rahul has come a long way to prove his credentials as an undisputed energetic and dynamic young leader of the party , especially after few years of his father Rajiv Gandhi’s sad demise. After the overwhelmning majority of Congress party led UPA thirteen year ago when Sonia Gandhi was the unanimous choice for the prime minister’s post she showed extreme sacrificial posture and gave up her desire to be the prime minister of the country to make way for the former finance minister in Narsimha Rao government to the top slot of the country, the PM’s post.
It was then that Rahul made entry in active politics and instead of sharing power in Dr. Manmohan Singh’s cabinet preferred to work in the Congress party and its frontal youth and student organisations to strengthen them as general secretary of AICC. Had Rahul wanted he could have easily been the union cabinet minister of the prime minister of the country if not earlier but in the second term of Manmohan Singh who was even ready to transfer power to him.

Rahul toured various states of the country, went to Dalit houses, had meals, wrked woth labourers of course symbolically, went to panchayats and chatted with peasents, campained extensively in all the state elections and was greatly instrumental in introducing MNREGA, land reforms bills and giving relief to the farmers of the country by waving their farm loans to the tune of Rs 70,000 crores during the Manmohan led UPA regime.

Congress today is losing every state at the hands of tbe BJP under Modi charisma but Rahul Gandgi’s anti BJP jaggernaut is moving ahead with full enthusiasm, energy, potential and zeal keeping the sagging morale of the demoralised Congressmen alive and charged. In Gujarat the future President of the Congress party is in full mobility and anti BJP and anti Modi vociferous campaign compelling the ruling party BJP at the centre as well as in Gajarat put its total central and state ministers on countering his every move fearing any damn thing can happen.

While Rahul Gandhi has filed his nomination papers for the C9ngress’s presidentship the BJP seems to have been badly and greatly disturbed with its senior leaders and spokesperson stooping so low that instead of congratulating him are tweeting absudly: In one of the tweets PV L Narsimha Rao of BJP says that after Rahul becomes the Congress president the workers of this party will now have to report to Rahul’s pet dog Pidhi and follow his orders. What a shame. Does decency demands such unethical and shameful comments from the natiinal spokesperson of a party in power at the centre and eighteen states of the country calling itself as the party of morals, descipline and and ethics. Does such frustrated and unethical desperate
comments not reflect the fact that these leaders are still afraid of a challenge or political alternative in the making.

Political analysts say that the greatest mistake being committed but the leaders of BJP at the helm right from the prime minister Narendra Modi to the leader at the lowest ebb of BJP is of repeatedly targetting Rahul Gandhi earlier considered as a political novice compared to prime minister Modi but now during the Gujarat elections the way Rahul has been named publicly by PM Modi and others and tried to make mockery of him not only had he become a chief rallying point in the opposition politics of the country but has also send across a message that both the PM and the national party chief of BJP are politically afraid of his increasing influence in Gujarat and elsewhere. What do you say friends?