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Just see how badly the level and character of politics has gone down these days. Though everybody know that its usualley called the last game of a scoundrels. People of the country are constantly reducing their faith in politicians as their character and style of functioning is not only allegedly uncalled for but dubious as well. It’s not that all politicians are bad, immoral or corrupt.

There are good, ethical and principled politicians as well but their number is negligible or comparitively less as compared to those with allegedly dubious nature or character these days and there is literally abundance of those politicians who can be counted in the dubious catagory. This speaks of the degrading standards of principled, transparent, honest and morally oriented politicians right from the top echelons of power to the lowest ebb. There is no dearth of politicians with criminal backgrounds, having number of FIRs registered against them in cases pertaining to murders, corruption, involvement in sexual scandals, riots, scams, communal flare ups and so on and so forth. And what is more worrisome is the fact that they are are decorating the prestige of our state and central legislatures as well to a certain percentage.

Anyways, what is being said here is nothing unusual, the entire nation knows about it. But what would we say when our such future KARNDHAARS, our inspirational leaders laugh and smile while paying homage to the deadly victims of riots in the country. This seems to be very interesting though shocking and anguishing too.

The news pertains to the incident of homage paying to one of the deceased of Kasganj riots and is carried in several newspapers of UP including one of the best selling Hindi Daily called Dainik Jagran. The title of the news is: The shamlessness has crossed limits: Even in the meeting to pay heartfelt tributes, the BJPites kept laughing.

This is the incident of Meerut where a SHRADHANJALI SABHA , meeting to pay respectful tributes to a young man who unfortunately died in Kasganj riots was organised . In the meeting organised by the lical unit of BJP, a demand for sanctioning 50 lakh Rupees of compensation for the family of the deceased was made from the state government led by chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath. The condolense meeting was organised at Chipi Tank Shiv Park in Meerut.

Those who joined this condolense meeting prominently included the Meerut Cantt MLA Satya Prakash Aggrawal, President of the Meerut Sanyukt Vyapar Sangh Navin Gupta, Vijendra Aggrawal, Arun Vashisht and Neeraj Tyagi etc.

But to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of all those present : these responsible leaders were literally laughing while paying their so called heartfelt tributes to the deceased died in the Kasganj riots. Instead of exhibiting their genuine shock, grief and anguish being the responsible citizen and an elected representative the lawmaker alongwith the other local leaders were seen laughing as if its not a condolense meeting but an ocsssion of celebration. What a shocking mockery.

Not only this but to keep a two minutes silence in honour of the deceased the organisers have to do tremendous efforts. This is the fate of the deceased in the eyes of these politicians belonging to the ruling political party at the centre and in the largest state of the country Uttar Pradesh.

What a hypocrisy. Shocking to say so. The Dainik Jagran picture unambiguously shows these leaders in laughing posture while lightening the lamp in honour of the deceased to express their grief and tributes towards a dead man. Is this the decency and culture we are inculcating in us ? Shame.



After the face off of one of the most prominent poet, eloquent speakers and a high spirited campaigner of AAP Kumar Vishwas with the Delhi chief minister and party supremo Arvind Kejrival after the earlier expulsions of main pillars such as senior advocate and think tank Prashant Bhushan, renowned psephologist and transparent leader Dr. Yogendra Yadav, eminent legal luminiary and octogenerian former union law minister Bharat Bhushan, former minister Kapil Mishra , professor of JNU Anand Kumar and several others, it now seems that the party that was born out of the crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare’s nationwide movement is slowly and gradually losing leaders of eminence and reputation on whose efforts, intelligence, strategy and cumulative potential AAP had been able to secure a resounding and historic majority of 67 lawmakers, an outstanding record of sorts in the political history of Delhi.

The party which once had these charismatic founders with the special ability to expose corruption of major parties like Congress and BJP thus giving AAP a positive exposure is today totally devoid of them and it seems that those faithful to Arvind Kejrival and the coterie of sort is ruling the roost not at all in need of vote catchers or charismatic leaders like the one it had earlier for the future elections.

Today AAP is left with only few leaders with little eminence as compared to the above who can really make a mark on the electorates of NCT of Delhi or the country in future elections favouring AAP, except Kejrival himself, deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh and to some extent a journalist turned AAP politician Khaitaan, including health minister Satyendra Jain, though he himself is allegedly involved in one of the CBI case of massive money landering.

There is no doubt that the government of Kejrival through its various financial reliefs and concessions to the middle and lower middle class in health sector, water, electricity and education has proved to be successful in enjoying the support and confidence of the majority of the vote bank of the lower and lowest ebb of the society that matters in elections but losing important leaders gradually and steadily is equally doing tremendous harm to this party, say political news analysts.

It may be recalled that the differences between Arvind Kejrival and Kumar Vishwas have started erupting since the last year when the latter had differences with the Okhla MLA Amanullah Khan who had then accused Vishwas of hobbnobbing with BJP to weaken the AAP. But after today’s finalisation of the three Rajya Sabha tickets and non inclusion of one time most trusted aide of Kejri and now his bete noire Kumar’s name in this RS selection a deeply hurt poet turned AAP’s founder accused Delhi CM for punishing him for his honesty and accepting the martydom.

Vishwas said once Arvind Kejrval had verbally warned him laughingly that he will kill me politically but not make me the martyr and that is what he has done by not sending me to upper house. Thank you Arvind for making me a martyr and I accept this martydom said he while talking to reporters in New Delhi.

The Delhi AAP has 64 MLAs now and as such is eligible for 3 Rajya Sabha seats. Arvind Kejrival nominated two Guptas’ with good financial background one Sushil Gupta an affluent businessman running 14 schools in Haryana and another a renowned chartered accountant. The third nominee is the important party functionery Sanjay Singh who’d been with AAP and Kejrival since the inception.


Somnath temple seems to have become the main nucleus of Hindu politics of Gujarat where top leader of every political party s visiting to seek the blessings of Lord Somnath. Today the BJP chief Amit Shah revisited this historic temple under full media glare from where he had started his election campaign while the Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi visited here on 29th November proving his full hindu credentials as the Janeu Dhari Brahmin. Prior to Rahul’s visit the prime minister Narendra Modi also visited here and sought the lord’s blessings.

The way Gujarat elections are being polarised on communal lines it seems the minority votes are of no or little relevance for Congress and BJP with the former already feeling assured of getting them while the latter not in need of them thinking they don’t even deserve them. It’s for the first time in any election tha the Nehru Gandhi Scion and the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi centred his election strategy on his regular visits to temple whenever and wherever he went to Gujarat giving an impression of his being a full hindu protagonist in belief.

He had even said in one of his public meetings that his forefathers and he were and are devout hindus and ardent SHIV BHAKTS but had never exploited it for political gains obviously pointing fingers to the BJP and its leaders who’d always been exploiting religion and spiritualism for narrow political gains. As the elections are nearing the politics of being a devout hindu apart from manipulating votes of OBCs, dalits and patidars from both the sides i.e. Congress and BJP has enhanced to the fullest with leaders of both these parties trying to prove themselves as the biggest hindu proponents and what surprises us the most is that Rahul Gandhu too is busy pronouncing him a JANEU DHAARI BRAHMIN representing a party that symbolises on pure secular values.

Meanwhile, the hardcore muslim leader from Hyderabad, a vociferous MP and a credible voice of the minorities in India OWAISI has in one of the public meetings attended by large number of minorities ridiculed and assailed the competition between Congress and BJP of trying to prove themselves on comparative grounds greater Hindu leaders to (than) each other by daily visiting temples and showing themselves as Janeu dhari brahmins. He ridiculed prime minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi both, vociferously saying that while the former is calling himself a greatest hindu and an OBC, the latter is showing his Janeu to prove his hindu brahmin credentials just to seek votes.

He said now in Gujarat Hindu competition has started and muslim is not being remembered, taking a full advantage of the situation. He added while we don’t have any problem when these hindu leaders and devotees go to temples but when a muslim goes for namaz in Mosque or dargah they say, see they are going for namaz. Though Owaisi is a Hydrabad based leader and an eloquent MP always being active on the issues of minorities and has nothing to do with the Gujarat election but he lost no opportunity to assail and ridicule Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi in his speech at Hyderabad on the issue of the BJP and the Congress leaders visiting the temples for seeking blessings of Gods.

Owaisi seems to allegedly turn this election on communal lines by asserting such words against the leaders of Congress and BJP visiting historic Somnath temple and offering prayers. The point is afterall what reason should a leader of any sect or party or ideology should have to speak against any leader visiting temples or Mosque to offer prayers of their respective religious faiths. Such speeches against any leader or sect by the leader of any community may amount to creating fissures and disturbances in the communal fabric of the country and should be avoided at all costs.







Brahumdagh Bugti the poular Baloch leader and chief of Baloch Republican Party fighting relentlessly against the tyrannical rule of Pakistan inside Baluchistan, though not there now fearing his death, has appealed to India for assylum after the Switzerland government rejected his appeal just on the day Internationally dreaded US designated terrorist Haafiz Sayeed who is directly responsible for masterminding the Mumbai attack, killing 166 innocents and injuring hundreds was freed by the Pakistani authorities just yesterday on 22nd November.

It sounds shocking that a United States designated terrorist carrying on his head a whopping amount of prize money worth several lakh US dollars perhaps 10 lakh, is freed by the Pakistan Court and the United Nations as well as the United States of America, a one time and now as well, to an extent its friend in need has not uttered a single word.

What Pakistan has done and is doing against India in the context of sneaking hardcore terrorists into Indian territories and killing innocents in Kashmir and elsewhere is not a secret any more and what has it been doing with the Baloch people is also well known world wide. Tortures, killings and incessant incidents of exploitation and victimisation of the Baloch freedom fighters is the order of the day.

In order to raise the concern globally and bring the tyrannical rule of Pakistan in Balochistan to the knowledge of global human rights bodies as well as the United Nations, the enlightened Baluch community in England and other westernised countries have been raising protests and organising seminars including pasting posters and erecting hoardings on transport carriers and outside UN headquarter time to time, strongly opposed by the Pakistanies.

In a tweet sent on his twitter handle, the prominent freedom fighter and leader of the Baloachs’ demanding freedom of Baluchistan from the tyrannical clutches of dreaded Pakistan has written that , ” I AM STILL THE MOST WANTED PERSON IN PAKISTAN. WHILE TOP TERRORISTS LIKE OSAMA BIN LADEN, HAFEEZ SAYEED WERE BEING PROTECTED AND FECILITATED by the Pakistan Army. SWITZERLAND MUST CONSIDER THESE FACTS befor considering Pakistan’s allegations against us”. This tweet has been written after Switzerland denied citizenship or Assylum to Bugti who is fearing his life and had approached this country for shelter.

Meanwhile, the Indian side has also kept the assylum request of the Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bughti on the in abeyance, rather on the back burner despite the fact that India and its leaders including our prime minister Modi, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and NSA Ajit Doval had been raising the issue of Baloch freedom and Pakistan’s incessant tortures on Baloch citizens and their subsequent killings in the international forum including the UN general assembly time and again.

Political analysts say that there can’t be two sets of standards and when the Indian envoy raise the Baloach issue so fervently in international fora to denigerate enemy Pakistan then why should a Baloch leaders fighting for its citizens and country’s freedom seeking assylum, not be granted whereas in the past the leaders of Afghanistan like Abdullah Abdullah who later on became the foreign minister of Afghanistan and many others were also granted assylum in India for a pretty long time. Diplomacy demands that an enemy of the enemy is the best friend and moreover Baloch’s freedom from the tyrranical Pak rule is an issue India is always supportive of.



November 8 is being celeberated by the BJP led NDA as the anti black money day today while the main opposition party Congress and its UPA allies are holding protest demonstrations and mobilisation campaigns to aware the people of the country about the negative effects of this alleged demonetisation monster which according to them has claimed roughly 400 lives and made over 4 lakh people jobless.

The opposition is calling it a Black day. The programmes in favour and against are being organised all over the country with Gandhi Family scion and Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi terming demonetisation as a thoughtless and tragic decision that led to several casualties of the poor and doomed the future of lacs of the countrymen who’d lost employment while the Trinamool Congress Chief Mamta Bannerjee called it a DEMO DISASTER that ruined the lives and career of myriad population.

The BJP on the other hand is organising events, seminars and counter protests highly lauding the Demonetisation drive of prime minister Narendra Modi launched on 8th November last year terming it a dashing and dynamic initiative of PM Modi to crush the illegal and ill concieved designs of hoarders, black money launderers and anti national elements who had ruined the nation’s economy and integrity by running a parallel black economy on massive scale thus eating the very vitals of our economic foundation like dreaded termites.

It may be recalled that it was on 8th November today last year the prime minister Modi had all of a sudden declared a war on black money by appearing on national television and declaring that the government have since then invalidated the high denomination currency of 1000 and 500 rupees with immediate effect. There was confusion and commotion all around and banks n ATMs drawing long and unending queues with people of the country, in total disarray.

The entire electronic and print media was full of criticism of the decision terming it as arbitrary and anti people after experiencing the country wide plight and woes of the people, particularly those hailing from the poor, down trodden and the lower middle class sections of the society. Over 400 people had died due to standing in long queues for hours together and tension and over four lakh lost their petty jobs including those working in IT companies due to large scale retrenchment. The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha witnessed myriad uproarious scenes and walk outs bringing the government and PM Modi and FM Arun Jaitley in the state of fix, not able to face the ire of the Congress led NDA opposition.

The situation got resolved after more than two months to some extent and now fully, after the government at the centre claimed the huge success of demonetisation, acknowledging 14.5 lakh crores in the government’s kitty. However, the opposition calls it a bluff as it says that its the peoples’ money and black turned into white whereas the government claims to have recovered over 69000 crores worth of black apart from the above deposits.

Meanwhile, apart from the Congress, the CPI, CPIM, AIFB, RSP, CPIML, SUCI (C) and CGPI, Delhi State held a massive protest rally against failure of NOTEBANDI which has caused devastating effects on Indian Economy which led to job losses, decline in GDP, agri losses etc. NOTEBANDI caused trmendous decline in the peoples’ income but increased income of capitalists said the leaders of the left parties like CPIs A RAJA and ATUL KUMAR ANJAAN.

They said NOTEBANDI has led to severe losses to unorganised sector workers as well and MSME in particular suffered huge losses. Black money has become white money. Prices rise is the steepest as a result of this draconion step.
This Protest at RBI HQ at Delhi was addressed and led by Com. Atul Kumar Anjan, D. Raja M. P. national secretaries CPI, Com. Brinda Karat, Politbureau member CPIM, Com. G.Devrajan,General Secretary AIFB, Depankar Bhattachaya, General Secretary CPIML, R.S.Dagar,RSP, And SUCI (C) Secretary Com. Pran Sharma, CGPI Secretary Birju Naik.
This Protest rally was led by Dhirendra Sharma, Secretary, Prof. Dinesh Varshney Assistant Secretary CPI Delhi State, K. M. Tiwari, Secretary CPIM Secretary Delhi State, Com. Dharmandra Kumar VERMA, Secretary AIFB, Com. Kavita Krishanan,CPIML and others.