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knee injury of sania nehwal


IOC President, Thomas Bach has sent a letter to Indian Badminton Player, Sania Nehwal which states that she has been appointed as a member of the International Olympic Committee’s Athletes Commission which is  a matter of pride not just for her but for India also.

This letter has come at the time when she is about to resume her badminton practice after a long time as she was recovering from a knee injury which she had during the Olympics and lost the chance of winning a medal.

She received latter last night which stated “Following your candidature for the elections of the IOC Athletes’ Commission during the Olympic Games Rio 2016, it is with great pleasure to appoint you in consultation with the Chair, as Member of the Athletes’ Commission.”

The IOC is chaired by Angela Ruggiero and this committee consists of 9 Vice Presidents with ten other members. The next is also expected to be held on 6th November and Nehwal may have to attend this meeting.

She is a great Badminton player who has played a great role in making India proud and now this decision of the IOC has again proved that Indian sports player are no way behind from anyone and deserves to be the members of the International committee other than cricket.

Sania had a major knee injury when she was attending a match during the Olympics, she sustained an intra-articular injury to her right knee and few days back she gave an interview to PTI in which told that she hoped to play tournaments in November if everything went well.

As expected her family is happy after receiving the letter from IOC and especially her father has expressed happiness over her appointment to the panel.

Her father feels that it is a matter of great privilege for them because his daughter has finally been recognized by the panel and took a decision to make her a part of the panel and she will definitely prove to be of use to them. They are very proud of her and wish her good success.