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Our heart goes (to) with the grief stricken anguished familes of our Jawans and officers who lay down their precious lives while guarding our borders and relentlessly fighting the enemies to keep the 135 crore Indians safe and sound.

We can simply write JAI HIND OR PRAY to God FOR THE DEPARTED SOUL TO REST IN PEACE AND TO GIVE THEIR FAMILIES ENOUGH STRENGTH TO BEAR THIS MOST IRREPERABLE LOSS. That’s it. But, what else can we do in this hectic materialistic world. Sounds shocking indeed but are helpless, when we incessantly hear the anguishing news of our brave soldiers being martyred one by one while fighting the dreaded terrorists in the line of duty.

While the whole nation mourns for a while but we have no choice finally to become busy in our daily chores waiting again for another tragedy to occur and thay’s what is unfortunately happening since the never ending Kashmir imbroglio commenced. The government claims about the army killing 160 terrorists during the last few months but what about the precious lives of our precious jawans dying at such a young age having seen nothing of the blossomed life.

Today, it was the turn of another 27 year old young boy of Indian Army who was martyred at Pulwama, Kashmir while fighting the dreaded terrorists. Suraj Singh Topwal of GARHWAL, UTTARAKHAND. Suraj hailed from village FALOTA , KARNAPRAYAG, GARHWAL. He was the only son with four sisters, all married with younger sister pursuing her graduation. Inspired to join Indian Army and serve the nation from his ex armyman(Subedar) father, Suraj was posted in Sambura, 50 Rashtriya Rifles.

He joined Indian Army seven years ago at the age of twenty. His family, whole of Uttarakhand and the nation is in tears and me to. My heartfelt tributes to this great pious departed soul with the earnest hope that his sacrifice for the nation will not go waste with a simple question: After all when will this chapter of blood bath end. Is there really any hope in the near future? Jai Hind








If we say that the Kashmir valley is burning with anti India hate sentiments, it would not be out of context. The way Kashmir imbroglio has taken extremely bad to the worst turn with almost forty thousand people slained since 1989 unambiguously speak of the fact that majority of the efforts by the current and successive governments right from military actions to political exercises have gone on the deaf years of the anti India elements, the Hurriyats and of course Pak supported terrorists who are hell bent upon creating complex problems and situations for India, to see that it finally disintegrates and go backwards in terms of development.

The Uri sector attack killing good number of Indian military Jawans followed by incessant attacks on India Army camps by Pak sponsered homely grown terrorists in J n K had finally compelled our most efficient India Army destroy more than 55 Pak sponsered terror sanctuaries by invading inside enemy’s territory winning applaud nationally and internationally. But coward Pakistan is still on an anti Indian mission after the killings of Kashmiri born Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Vani and dreaded Abu Dujana and Bashir Lashkari of LET n is busy financing and boosting the morale of the stone pelters on Army Jawans through the Hurriyats.

There is no doubt that the brave and highly patriotic Indian Army Jawans and officers have so far killed and taken out more than 160 hardened militants and have broken their backbones including considerably bringing down the number of the stone pelter youth, particularly after the NIA took stringent action against the clandestine hawala activities of the HURRIYATS who were the main financiers of these misguided youths through the large sum of illegal money they were receiving from across the borders and different clandestine routes. What makes the situation even more worrisome when even after using muscular and legal tactics against the Hurriyat leaders and terrorists the situation in Kashmir valley is not coming under control and local terrorism componded with Pak sponsered terrorism is still cropping up incessantly with no future optimism of peace and tranquility. Now the government of India has appointed the former Intelligence chief 63 year old Dineshwar Sharma as the interlocutar for Kashmir to negotiate with all the stake holders to bring peace in the valley and find a credible solution to several decades old Kashmir imbroglio.

Being a highly experienced officer with impeccable integrity Dineshwar Sharma has been accorded total discretion and free hand in taking decisions regarding whom to talk with and whom to be sidelined in the process of future negotiations. He seems to be interested to even bring the hard core Hurriyats on the negotiating table but it remains to be seen whether the latter seem interested for the peaceful settlement of the vexed KASHMIR ISSUE who always talk like the proxies of Pakistan and favor outright plebiscite in Kashmir.

This is not the first time that interlocutors have been appointed to resolve the Kashmir issue. During the UPA REGIME TOO in the past veteran journalist DILIP PADGAONKAR and two others were appointed as interlocutors who talked to cross sections of the people of Kashmir including various stake holders for several months but left out the hard core hurriyats. And this is how the situation is at square one even today with no solution at sight. The most disturbing trend obout the whole issue is that the duly elected government of PDP and BJP has totally failed to bring the truce and peace in the region. The time has come now when all the political parties, particularly the opposition should give up their ulterior political motives, if any and cooperate with the government in all respects and should also stop eugolising the stone pelters in Kashmir and those involved in undesirable activities as freedom fighters as such moves misguide and encourage youths to breach nationality n side with anti Indian forces.

The political analysts are keeping their attention concentrated on the charisma of the new appointment of an interlocutor and hope that all the stake holders including the poltical parties of different ideologies and interests cooperate with him to bring peace in KASHMIR VALLEY once for all. But despite all this everything depends on the centre’s honesty and sincerity on having all the stake holders on board, if it’s really serious on this count. AMEN


Modi has always claimed to be a Hindu Nationalist and this fact reflects in his policies.

Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. Under Narendra Modi India is following a shift from the Nehruvian paradigm to a fiercer Hindutva paradigm.

BJP’s contemporary political policy formulation is a paradigm shift driven by powerful Hindutva ideology. This has major implications for India’s domestic politics. There is an apparent increase in aggression and grandstanding, even if it comes at the cost of sustained diplomatic outreach.

One example is the current Union government’s Kashmir policy. In the past, the union governments were not only desirous of political reconciliation but were also tolerant of the dissidents in Kashmir. Today it is going to the extent of sending NIA after some of those very outfits which New Delhi had been courting and appeasing in the past.

Today we are more appalled by the lynching of Muslims by self-styled protectors of the Hindu religion, and not as much by the abject poverty around us. This is because poverty is part of our existing socio-political paradigm and we have come to accept and live with it.

Given the polarising nature of such a shift in paradigm, there are bound to be struggles between ideologies, battles in streets, divisions between regions, and revisits to the fundamentals of the Indian Union. In the worst case, it could lead to civil war-like situations due to ever mounting dissent and violence.

Those who resist this ideological paradigm shift must remember that these are driven by powerful ideologies and the only way to resist such shifts is to promote powerful counter-narratives.


China and India are ranged against each other in every respect. India has become  a key US partner and the two militaries have participated in numerous bilateral exercises during the past decade. While China, a all-weather friend of Pakistan and allied with Russia and North Korea claims large chunks of Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh, Kashmir and Uttarakhand. China has therefore been opposing and curtailing India’s interests and influence in various international forums. 

The Nuclear Supplier’s group agreed in October 2008 to treat India differently with special exemption in following the stringent guidelines but China has reiterated that it will continue to oppose India’s joining  till a consensus emerges on allowing in countries that have not signed the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. 

India’s bid to join the NSG in June was backed by the US and France  but China, South Africa, New Zealand and Austria opposed it. Despite the clean waiver and special exemption made for India, NSG members including Australia argued that it will not supply nuclear fuel to India unless India signs nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Currently, the NSG has the membership  of 46 nuclear supplier countries including China, Russia and the United States. 

Chinese String of pearls include several major maritime choke points such as the Strait of Mandeb, the Strait of Malacca, the Strait of Hormouz  as well as other strategic centres in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Maldives thus aggressively  encircling India’s position.

As part of this policy, China said it will continue to support Pakistan and block India’s efforts to get the imposition of UN sanctions on the Jaish-e- Mohammad chief Masood Azhar. 

As an extension of its anti-India policy it has recently threatened Magnolias against seeking financial assistance from India. As India provided Mongolia with aid of USD one billion.

To completely damage India-Nepal historical ties, China has completed rail-road connectivity with Nepal to boost cargo trade as a part of Belt and Road (Silk Road ) initiative. India will be better advised to spell its foreign policy towards China in a bold manner.

Article Courtesy : Arti Bali, Senior Journalist & Analyst

US President-elect Donald Trump’s telephonic conversation with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will have grave regional and global consequences. 

Trump’s sudden call to Pakistan PM reflects his diplomatic and strategic way of rebuilding ties with Islamabad to alter the situation in the South Asian region when both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. 

Trump told Sharif, “You are a terrific guy, You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way. I am looking forward to see you soon. As, I talk to you, Prime Minister I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long.”

The conversation released by Pakistani authorities said Donald was “ready  and willing  to play any role that you want me to play to address and find solutions to the outstanding problems.” 

Donald Trump’s detailed conversation is going to have serious implications when India and Pakistan share tense and highly militarized borders with each other. His action also revealed that his campaign remarks about his love for Hindus and India were just a casual remark. 

Donald said “You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way” implies that Pakistan PM Nawaz has shown practical wisdom in handling domestic matters when military and ISI has been seen enjoying supremacy over civilian government in that country and also internationally gaining importance over India. 

Already India-Pakistan ties are constrained due to increased number of terror attacks on Indian armed forces and ceasefire violations by Pakistani military along the LoC and the International border in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Chinese leader who has already talked with Donald after his wining the elections, must have spoken to him about the strategic and economic benefits of engaging with Pakistan. 

But Donald’s haphazard way of speaking to leaders of 29 countries including Australia, Canada, China, Turkey, Israel, Russia and ignoring to speak with the Indian Prime Minister also shows his policy of seeing New Delhi for a petty and low role in his scheme of things. India should therefore guard against accepting any degraded role in the region. 

Trump’s early moves of speaking with foreign leaders without assessing the repercussions also shows his immaturity in handling diplomacy and communication strategy in world affairs. 

As a tradition the US President-elect is acquainted with the importance attached to different countries to bring about the desired changes in American policy.

Article Courtesy : Arti Bali, Senior Journalist & Analyst

India and Pakistan  are continuously engaged in exchanging heavy mortar firing  and the situation along the Line of Control has been volatile ever since India conducted surgical strikes on terror camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir  and it has escalated with the second incident of beheading and mutilating the body of an Indian soldier by Pakistani terrorists.
Three soldiers from 57 Rashtriya Rifles were in the lead of a counter-infiltration patrol when it was ambushed by terrorists and the body of 25-year old Rifleman Prabhu Singh  from Rajasthan was found mutilated in the Machil sector of Kupwara district in north Kashmir.

Beheading has since been and continuous to be the handiwork of Islamic State jihadists but Pakistan Border Action teams have also carried out such attacks in the past.

Beheading has since been and continuous to be the handiwork of Islamic State jihadists.There has also  been a liaison between outfits of Pakistani terrorists and Islamic State jihadists and there is every possibility of infiltration by the ISIS fighters into the web of Pakistani terror outfits. ISIS have shown their considerable presence in Afghanistan through attacks, in Pakistan and there were many incidents where ISIS flags were waved in Kashmir. 

Pakistan is not in favour of initiating a war with India and its Army is therefore not officially responding to the surgical strikes but it continues to provide cover fire to the terrorists for infiltration in Jammu and Kashmir to harass Indian forces and as a face saving measure .

Indian government should carefully observe and analyse  if such happenings in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in Jammu and Kashmir are isolated or appear to be linked or in the alternative an active axis has been formed by the ISIS in these countries which can be very harmful for this region. 

Chief of Army Staff happens to be in China for discussing terrorist activities emanating from Pakistan in various forms. 

Manohar taking to tweet on the beheading of Army Jawan has not gone down well with media as the sentiments are that these things need to be addressed officially and not through social networking sites which are actually meant for marketing purposes. 

While trying to appreciate Defence Minister, Modi termed Parrikar to the likes of Ratan in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar.  However need to realize that the basic responsibility of defence minister and the Army chief is to ensure minimum casualty of the armed forces where they have been found miserably lacking. 

This escalation and the surge in ceasefire violations that crossed 450 along the LOC and IB after the surgical strikes has diminished chances of reviving talks with Pakistan’s Sartaj Aziz who is set to land in Amritsar for Heart of Asia Conference on Afghanistan.

Article Courtesy : Arti Bali, Senior Journalist & Analyst.