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Pakistan seems very happy that after a long time United States of America has agreed to mediate between India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

Pakistan is the country which has no courage to talk openly with India and always wants some third party to talk to India on their behalf. The whole politics in Pakistan revolves around Kashmir and India and this is the only agenda which they keep alive in all the elections. They themselves do not want to grow and develop their country instead have complete focus on India and it growth.

Condition of POK and Pakistan is well known to the world but Pakistan still have desire to take Indian Kashmir which they will never get and by chance if Kashmir is given to them they will make it a  hell like Pakistan and Baluchistan.

New Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Mohammed Faisal said that India has been running away from talks with them and now with US intervention India will have to talk to Pakistan about Kashmir which they feel is an issue.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s said that “The US has repeatedly stated in both private and public interactions that it wants to see de-escalation between Pakistan and India. We have welcomed these statements by the US officials since Pakistan has also been making consistent efforts to reach out to India with a view to lowering the temperatures.”

He further said “India, however, has repeatedly refused to engage bilaterally. It has resisted third country mediation, which indicates India’s defiance to the peaceful means for dispute resolution, as envisaged in the UN charter.”

According to Pakistan Kashmir is the issue and it can be resolved by implementing of relevant UN Security Resolutions.

Heaven of terrorism and terrorist Pakistan feels that people in Kashmir are struggling for a long time!

Pakistan is a terrorist country most suitable where recently a Deputy Afghan Governor Muhammad Nabi Ahmadi visited but unfortunately abducted by the terrorists and when asked about the issue Pakistan Government said that they do not have any clue about his arrival and kidnapping in Pakistan and just for sake of drama they are searching him. Pakistan is the only country where diplomats are kidnapped and the Government is not aware about it.

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi rightly criticized Congress party for echoing point of view of Pakistan on Kashmir. Indian Politics have become so dirty that the Congress party is not even aware what they are speaking and whom they are supporting. Nation should be the top priority of any political party and person.


Dalai Lama’s visit has made China so much upset that they do not know what to do not know they are warning India to beware that they will openly support Pakistan over Kashmir issue and this news was published in a Chinese newspapers and Chinese media channels.

China should understand now that they do not have any right to speak on Kashmir issue and should be in their boundaries instead of complaining and threatening India about the consequences of Kashmir interference.

This comment over Kashmir issue from Zhu Weiqun came just a day after the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned India had “obstinately disregarded” and doing so would escalate border disputes.

Chinese are even claiming that India is losing its dignity as big power by allowing Dalai Lama in Arunachal Pradesh.

A top party official and head of the Ethnic and Religious Affairs committee of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s political party Consultative Conference commented that China could interfere in the Kashmir problem and on the same hand he also claimed that their GDP is several times higher as compared to India and also their military capabilities that can reach the Indian Ocean and having good relations with India’s peripheral nations, id China engages in a geopolitical game with India, will China lose to Delhi?.

China media has further published that the China has never provoked any bilateral disputes or made any demand on India over the Dalai Lama. So Delhi should respond to China’s goodwill with goodwill.