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Chanakya was the World’s best Acharya who is praised for his great knowledge, political treatise, Arthashastra and Chankakya niti. He was a pioneer in the field of politics and economics.

He told that all our actions and karmas repent after life and are also reflected after life. So we should very well take care of or actions and try to do as many good things in our life so that we do not have to worry after life and in the coming future because our actions leads to all the situations.

Chankaya clearly told that separation from spouse in old age shows that you are having a bad luck because in the old age emotional connect is the only thing which motivates the old age couple as there is no physical attraction and people have two emotional points in their life, one in childhood and another in old age.

First: In old age husband and wife becomes dependent on each other so in old age if the death separates you from your spouse then it is considered as a sign of bad luck.

Second: Depending on someone for livelihood is also considered as the bad luck so it is our body and will power and knowledge that make you self- dependent.

And if a healthy person is dependent on others due to circumstances for livelihood then it is a sign of bad luck hovering them. In other words it is also considered that the universal energies are pushing that person towards misfortune after death.

Third: When someone takes away the rewards which you deserve

Yes according to chanakya, every hard work and good efforts leads to an award, sooner or later and if someone snatches that award and takes the credit then it is not a lucky sign.