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The deferring of the Ram Janmabhumi Supreme court’s hearing for February 8th by the Apex court due the heated arguments of the senior advocate Kapil Sibal fighting the matter on behalf of the Sunni Vaqf Board requesting the court to defer the matter till the aftermath of 2019 general elections is really a matter of great disappointment.

Senior advocate Kapil Sibbal has argued that since the matter has been deliberately chosen to be heard on the day of the 25th anniversary and the BJP government at the centre wanted to exploit it politically for the 2019 general elections for alleged polarisation of Hindu votes in the name of Ram Temple , it would not be in the interest of justice to resolve the issue before the year 2019 and should therefore be kept in abeyance till the national elections of 2019 are held.

Now, the point is if the honourable Apex court goes by the advice of Sr. advocate Kapil Sibbal appearing on behalf of Sunni Waqf Board looking after the Babri Masjid interest would it not amount to Congress polarising the miniority votes as the former is accusing the ruling party at the centre of polarising the majority sentiments i.e. the hindu votes. Everybody know that Ram Janma Bhumi, Babri Masjid issue is purely a religious matter having political overtones, implications and ramifications and the controversy primarily is more than hundred year old. Both Hindus and Muslims are not ready to sacrifice either’s interest. It was during the tenure of late Rajiv Gandhi that the locks of Ram Lala temple/ Babri Masjid were opened and therefore the pandora’s box.

The Supreme court of India is currently hearing the 13 clubbed petitions filed by various organisations/ people/ parties against the judgement of Allahabad High Court in which all the three parties i.e. the Nirmohi Akhara, the Sunni Wakf Board and the Ram Lalla diety represented by the VHP were allocated equal measurement of 2.77 acre land of the disputed site. It sounds ridiculous that the BJP as well as the Congress, the main contending parties in the matter are trying to derive political capital out of this vexed issue but do not seem to be earnestly interested to resolve it amicably, once for all.

The matter is though currently subjudiced but maximum efforts are being made by both BJP and Congress to ensure that the majority or minority communities are misled in the name of temple mosque issue and maximum political advantage is derived out of it by keeping it delayed inordinatedly .

After the arbitrary demolition of Babri Masjid on 6th December 1992, the country had witnessed umpteen number of riots killing hundreds of thousands of innocents from both the communities and creating an atmosphere of communal poision all over the country which has absolutely polluted the communal fabric of the country.

The appeasement of the majority and minority community is on a full swing by every political party and they are the common people who actually suffer when riots occur in the name of these religion oriented imbroglios such as Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid issues’. The time is ripe now that the Supreme Court of India should expedite the hearings on this vexed matter and deliver its hstoric judgement at the earliest to close this topic once for all in such a way that both the majority and minority communities are satisfied and their religious and community feelings are not hurt.

The more this complicated issue would be allowed to drag on, more will widen the disparity and repulsion between the minorities and the majority communities of the country and the political leaders would leave no stone unturned to exploit the situation to their respective advantages thinking little for the nation’s welfare, well being and harmony as is going on since 6th December, 1992 the black day of the Indian history. Judicial expediency and final delivery of judgement is the only solution to this vexed issue, now. What do you say friends?


The Inspector General of Police, Haryana has made a shocking revelation that the rape convict Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim had cooked a secret plan to get off clandestinely after the announcement of the judgement from the Panchkula court instead of going to jail and in order to make this secretive plan successful his code was the red hand bag which he asked for in the court premises after his conviction so as to send the message across for rioting and creating confusion in order to get himself mixed up in the crowd and run away to an unknown destination. 

But the extremely vigilant police and crime branch officers by their intelligence and alertness were able to kill his plan and take his custody forcibly by literally thrashing his Z plus commandos who had done their best to help the rape accused flee from the police custody through the commandos were on government rolls but became Baba’s confidante due to their being in his company for more than a decade. This was revealed in an interview to the India TV reporter by the IG Police of Haryana Mr. K. Rao while explaining details of this harrowing story on 29th August in his popular program AAJ KI BAAT.

While disclosing this interesting fact KK Rao said that on the day of BABA Ram Rahim’s conviction at Panchkula court the rape convict has full idea about his possible conviction and therefore had planned that in case he gets the sentence or is send to jail he will inform his trusted key men by a code and that code was a red bag that he asked for when convicted and was likely to be escorted to Sunaira Jail of Rohtak. IG Rao said as soon as the court ordered  Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s conviction and subsequent judicial custody till next Monday, (the day of the pronouncement of his sentence) while coming out of the courtroom Ram Rahim asked for RED BAG and in minutes the message reached his supporters and followers far away from the court premises that the later has been arrested. Within minutes the rampage, arson and burning of vehicles and press vans started creating confusion all around sending the police force and other law enforcing agencies into a tizzy.

The 10, Z plus security cover commandos who were with Baba for the last several years took him into their personal custody and wanted to take him away said IG police KK RAO with the pre-strategic plan of clandestinely getting away. But the intelligence, alertness and bravery of the police and crime branch officers, their plan was foiled totally. The police and IG himself literally fought with the commandos and disarmed them of their AK 47 RIFLES and physically pushed and bundled them into the police van after enough thrashing thus forcibly taking the rape convict baba in their custody. Had the police not been successful in controlling the commandos and snatching their arms there would have been firing and hundreds of people could have died in the cross firing.

But the crisis was intelligently averted without a single casualty. Since a distance away about 80 cars full of Baba’s supporters and muscle men including criminals were waiting for him to take him away from the police grip or custody, the  IG police, Haryana KK Rao immediately contacted the Colonel of the cantonment and requested him to be ready to allow them to enter the high-security cantonment area with the high profile rape convict in order to safely and clandestinely parcel him to the Sunaira Jail secretly without letting Baba’s supporters and rioters know about his actual whereabouts. Rao immediately took the Cantonment route in Panchkula and thus was able to foil Baba’s plan of clandestine escape from the police custody by creating confusion and run away with his supporters who came to the court with 80 cars. In the meanwhile in another revelation a retired CBI officers Narayanan on whose shoulders the actual credit goes to make this case an air tight one  confronting various odds and challenges years ago revealed how several members of parliaments exerted pressure on him to go slow in this highly sensitive case but he never relented and worked hard day and night risking his life and job for years together. Mr. Narayanan also received several threatening calls with dire consequences. In view of the immense political pressure this case lagged behind for 15 protracted years finally meeting its climax on 28th August when the rape accused self-styled high profile Godman was sentenced to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment.

What a shock? 15 long years?