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Jiva Spa


Even if you visited this exotic place there a lots of things which you could still enjoy. There are so many which could enjoy each time you visit this tropical paradise and a world known party place. When you go for the first time you enjoy its beaches and a scooter or car ride over there but for later part you can enjoy its Christian art and explore its Portuguese roots, binging on fresh seafood and pampering yourself at the spa.

Here is a list of few more things which you can enjoy in this exotic place


On your next visit you can go for catching your own fresh seafood and experience it like a local. It will give you sense of connectivity with the nature and enjoy its beauty.


You can go to any small village of Chandor and check out the lavish lifestyle once enjoyed by the land owners at the time of colonial era. Mostly tourists are not aware of this side of Goa but for those who explore more these villages are a treat to enjoy.

Jiva Spa

This spa is available in Taj Vivanta which sooth your nerves with traditional touch but it is quite expansive because it uses herbs, aromatherapy oils and creams which are natural in an old age style.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The best time to visit this sanctuary is early morning as most of the animals come out for drinking water and that is the time when you can spot them and this sanctuary will also reward you with its variety of flora and fauna.

Museum of Christian Art

Mostly when people go for the first did not get a chance to check this museum maybe because of unavailability of time or no information about this place but if you are going to Goa again then it is a must place that you should visit if you want to a have a feel of Indo-Portuguese Christian art.