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I think few people in India might be knowing as I am that the neighbouring country Pakistan has never entertained or tried to ever remember the daughter of the Pakistan’ s Kaide Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah who lived a lavish and aristocratic english life style after securing his Bar at law degree from England, in Mumbai before the formation of Pakistan and his becoming the Kaid- e- Azam.

The reason why Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s wife or daughter was never reverentially remembered by Pakistan rulers were because they waren’t from muslim community but Parsis living in Mumbai, India. Kaid-e- Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah was married to a Parsi woman Rattanbai Rutie Pattit and had a daughter namely Dina Wadia. What is shocking and interesting about Jinnah’s relationship with his daughter was that the former disassociated and severed all links with Dina merely at the age of 17 and left for Pakistan uncaring for his daughter’s future.

The reason being, his daughter was keenly interested to marry a young handsome Parsi guy of prestigious Wadia family but obstinate father was least interested to fulfil his daughter’s desire. This led to permanent deflection of relations between the father daughter duo. Jinnah having the political lust for power deserted her only daughter Dina Wadia (who later on married the Parsi husband of her choice) and left for Pakistan to become Kaide Azam.

Dina gave birth to a son and a daughter. His son Nusli Wadia established a huge empire called Bomby Dyeing in Mumbai and adopted the stature of one of the towering businessmen of the country. Dina later on shifted to NEW YORK. She passed away at the age of 98 on 3rd November in NY, USA. According to senior journalist Imtiaz Ahmed, nearly seven decades after the death of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Kaide Azam continues to tower all aspects of life in Pakistan but his family has been largely airbrushed out of the official history, mostly because of the Parsi heritage of his wife Rattanbai Ruttie Petit and daughter Dina Wadia.

The Dawn newspaper of Pakistan published the detailed news about DINA’S death on its front page while the Urdu papers and news channels of Pakistan hardly showed any interest to highlight this important news. Dina visited Pakistan only twice. In 2004 she visited Pakistan alongwith her son Nusli Wadia and grandson and grand daughter to lay wrath on her father’ s Masouleum. Sounds interesting though sad to learn about her demise. May her soul rest in peace.