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After the eruption of massive Rohigya Muslim crisis in Myanmar, till now over six lakh twenty seven thousand refugees have entered Bangladesh since last August after fleeing from the terror stricken Rakhine province of the Buddhist nation where hundreds of thousands of Rohingya muslim women, children, old aged and those suffering from various ailments have been killed mersilessly with their houses, huts and tenements burned by the Myanmar army and police. This was in retaliation to the attack by certain hard core Rohingya extremist groups killing more than thirty Myanmar guards and burning of police posts last August say the authorities.

This figure of 6.3 lakh Rohingya muslims in extremely shattered condition is in addition to the 3 lakh already existing refugees in Bangladesh. The prime minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina has drawn out a detailed plan to rehabilitate over one lakh refugees in the Thengar char area near the sea, currently the flooded plain for which the government of Bangladesh has earmarked a whopping budget of 278 million US dollars. This vast plain area near the sea of Bay of Bengal is scaytered in 30 thousand hectares.

The government has plans to construct thousands of hutments and about 120 health centres here in order to adjust and accomodate a vast number of Rohingya Muslim refugees having sought refuge in Bangladesh after fleeing in badly shattered condition from the Rakhine province of riot torn Buddhist nation Myanmar. The US, UK and the UN authorities have condemned the despicable killings of Rohingyas in strongest possible terms and has termed these genocidal attacks as ethinic cleansing.

The United Nations Human Rights Commission is also extending all possible financial and medical support to the refugees and the Bangladesh government. The already weak and trembling Bangladesh economy has been badly affected by this ongoing refugee crisis and the subsequent economic burden confronted by it. This is the worst refugee crisis any country of the globe has ever witnessed with over ten lakh refugees landing in Bangladesh in just a year or two. It may be recalled that the Rohingya province of Myanmar is dominated by a vast muslim population and the crisis has its roots since the government of Myanmar declared the former’s citizenship as illegal.

The situation took the ugly turn when oneof the hard core group called Rahingya Muslim Liberation Front killed 20 to 30 Myanmarese guards at the border posts last July/ August and burnt majority of the Army posts at the Myanmar Bangladesh Border. Since then the government of Myanmar let loose its terror in Rakhine province killing hundreds of Rohingyas and birning theor houses leading to the mass scale i flux of refugees under pitiable shattered condition to Bangladesh and India. While Bangladesh is worst affected by the massive Rohingya influx , India too has over 40 thousand refugees.


The Delhi government of AAP have been doing appreciable job on health, education, water and to an extent on power tarriff front by giving various concessions to the Delhi electorates, particularly those hailing from the lower middle class and the lowest ebb of the society as being given to understand and had also raised its voice of dissent against the arbitrary rise in the metro fare issue including passing of a resolution for regularising the contractual and adhoc services of the teachers imparting education receiving lowest salaries, though the matter is stuck at central level.

But in the context of the public transport front especially providing comfortable and convenient mode of transport through DTC it has not come up to the expectations of the Delhi commuters, particularly those belonging to the common masses, the student community and service sectors. The irregular, tardy, poor and complacent DTC n cluster bus services have led to enhance the dependence of majority of the Delhi populace to travel by metro rails whose fare has already been increased manifold twice in just six months, beyond their reach to pay.

Sounds shocking and ironical that on the one hand the AAP leaders and the Delhi government create shortage of public transport and on the other hand vociferously shows its impressive public dissent against the BJP government at the centre. The fact of the matter is had the Delhi government or the chief minister been serious on this count the majority numbers of metro rail commuters would have shifted to Delhi Transport Corporation services after the DMRC’S arbitrary anti people fare hike.

Today, Delhi has no dearth of funds and a whopping sum of rupees 829 crores collected as green tax is already lying unutilized. Delhi requires about 11000 buses to adequately cope with the situation but the anguishing fact is that there are currently only 5445 buses out of which due to the shortage of staff or some buses being faulty the number gets further reduced. The condition of public transport in DELHI is quite pathetic requires an indepth overhaul.

However the Delhi government has now, after so much of hue and cry ordered for the supply of 500 battery operated buses, good from the environmental angle but their delievery will take at least more than a year and by that time the pollution level of Delhi will further go ahead and the metro fares would be further increased. The point is, what had been the the current government doing till date after having come to power in Delhi. All the DTC buses are the ones’ purchased during the previous Shiela Dikshit government and since then the Delhi’ s new AAP dispensation has not purchased a single bus despite knowing the fact that majority of the commuters of the lower echelons of the society can’t afford the metro fares in view of their meagre salaries and low level private jobs. Delhi has a population of 1.35 crores out of which more than sixty persons live in unauthorised colonies and Jhunggi Jhompri clusters and are the low paid employees working in petty private jobs. Therefore adequate and full fledged bus transport system with little or no hassles is the perfect need of the hour.



Pakistan is badly embroiled in the grip of fiscal deficit with its economy drifting towards the brink of disaster. After the specific warning of the US president Donald Trump expressing his anger and extreme annoyance over Pak’s unstinted support to hard core terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed, Jaish e Mohammed, Lashkare Tayyeba and Haqqani network and doing nothing to demolish the terror sanctuaries despite its (USA’s) incessant appeals and threatenings the situation has further deteriorated compounded with ban on the usual annual massive US economic aid of billions of dollars. Pakistan is undoubtedly being helped and supported economically by China but the massive financial aid its receiving is on huge interest rates putting huge extra burden on its already shattered economic situation.

According to policy analysts Pakistan is today in deep economic crisis and the situation has become so awry and distressful that in the coming few months it won’t be in a position to even pay back the huge interests on the massive international borrowings whether they are the borrowings from the world bank and other internationl financial bodies but also from US n other countries of the world including its closest ally China.

The political situation inside the country is also in turmoil, particularly after the duly elected former prime minister Nawab Sharief’s ouster on having been involved in money laundering and corruption cases in connection to the Panama papers’ leak in which his name was prominently figured. After being accused by the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Nawab Sharief has to step down who is these days also shuffling between London and Pakistan where his wife is undergoing treatment for dreaded cancer.

The entire government is in a way under the influence and guarded effect of the Pakistan Army and the ISI who are considered to be the main forces behind Shrief’s ouster and still hell bent upon to ensure his conviction and subsequent imprisonment for a long duration.

The national elections of Pakistan are scheduled to be held next year and Nawab Sharief who was considered to be in favour of holding talks for reconciliation of relations between India and Pakistan has been pre conspiratorially captured by the Pak Army and ISI inorder to keep the anti India and Kashmir crisis intact by continuing the process of sneaking Pak sponsored terrorists n Jihadies in Kashmir killing innocent Indians and Armymen thus internationalise the vexed Kashmir issue and divert the attention of Pakistanies from the core issues on which its system has failed to deliever.

How badly is the Army and ISI involved directly into Pakistan’s political affairs and decision making can be gauged from the fact that during the recent visit of the American Secretary of State Mark Tillerson to Islamabad the ISI chief and Chief of the Pakistan Army BAJWA were closely present in all the parleys with Prime minister. Not only this but the ISI chief and BAJWA also had behind the curtain deliberations with the US president’s envoy.