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Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat of Garhwal Rifles who laid down his precious life while fighting the Chinese Army alongwith his two compatriots in 1962, Indo China war is an outstanding example of exemplary patriotism, bravery and fearlessness who single handedly fought hundreds of Chinese soldiers, exploded their post and martyred himself after the incessant 72 hours colossal fight.

Even after nearly fifty years of his martydom, surprisingly, as a mark of reverence to this great valiant soldier who was posthumously awarded the second higest award of the land MAHAVIR CHAKRA , late Jaswant Singh, now promoted as Major, even after death is served bed tea at 4.30 early morning, breakfast at nine and dinner at 7 in the evening. About five soldiers of the Indian Army have been permanentally deputed in his service at the Tawang post, Arunachal near Indo China border post on 24×7 basis.

His bed is arranged, boots polished with exclusive shine and neat and clean uniform ironed regularly. Though he has passed away in 1962 but his exemplary sacrifice has been a source of immense inspiration to the Armymen and officers at the border post. Rifleman Jaswant Singh was in Garhwal Rifles of Indian Army who was martyred in 1962 in the war of Nurarang at Indo China border after bravely and intelligently fighting the huge Chinese brigade and clandestinely going near the Chinese post under heavy risk to throw the hand granade inside the post killings good number of Chinese soldiers who’d created havoc on the Indian side by their bombardment and incessant firings.

He was deputed near the turn of the Sela Top Road. The ruthless Chinese attacked his Post repeatedly but Rifleman Jaswant Singh never left the post and continued fighting the enemy soldiers valiantly. Courageous Jaswant Singh and his colleagues Lans Nayak Gopal Singh Gusain and Trilok Singh Negi planned to destroy the Chinese bunker from where they were firing incessantly and killing Indian soldiers. All the three while cladestinely amid firing reached the Chinese bunker and threw a powerful grenade inside compelleing the Chinese soldiers emerge out of the bunker.

They killed them with their Rifles butts, fighting them physically and also firing on them. All the three in the melee physically brought the Chinese machine gun to the Indian  Side and turned its direction towards the Chinese soldiers killings hundreds of enemy troopers and destroying everything on the Chinese side. After leaving the battle field the Chinese who were in large numbers again fired on the post manned by Rifleman Jaswant Singh but he being alone bravely continued to fight the Chinese for 72 hours continuously finally succumbing to the bullet. It is said that when he found himself under the Chinese capture, he fired a bullet on his tample and died.

There is a saying that despite being asked to turn back by his seniors Rifleman Jaswant Singh disobeyed the orders and continued to look after the post single handedly. He was helped and assisted there by two local girls Saila and Nura. However, a man dealing with ferrying Ration to the post revealed to the Chinese about Rifleman Rawat being alone in the post as rest of the soldiers had either died or left the post.

On hearing this the Chinese who earlier thought that there were a huge batallion there, starting firing on the post. The Chinese were so angry and furious with Jaswant Singh who caused so much of casualties and killed Chinese soldiers single handedly that they chopped his head and took it to China. The Chinese commander and the government however was so inspired of the exemplary bravery of Rifle Jaswant Singh that after the ceasefire the Chinese side made a bronze statue of Rifleman Jaswant Singh and presented it to the Indian government with a request that he should be accorded the highest honour of the land for his outstanding bravery.

Today the same statue has been converted into his memoir where Armymen offer prayers and laud his tales of bravery. The place where Rifleman Jaswant Rawat had fought war with the Chinese and killed hundreds of them has now been converted into the temple where the armymen, senior officers and the general public offer prayer. He even after his martyrdom gets regular promotion and increments at par with other soldiers who are alive and on line of duty. He got promotions posthumosly and is designated with the Major post. He was awarded the highest coveted award for his outstanding bravery the Mahavir Chakra and two of his associates Trilok Singh Negi and Gopal Singh Gusain Vir Chakras. In the above picture Jaswant Singh is seated in the middle. His old aged mother just died last year. Salutes to this great soldier who just at his youth laid down his precious life for the nation.