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If Lord Shiva is your deity then maybe you must be aware what all can be offered to him so that he becomes happy and shower his blessings. But there are five things which cannot be offered to him.

According to Hindu culture Shivlinga should not be placed where it is not regularly worshiped with proper rituals because it will show disrespect to his Shiva and he may get angry. Anyways Lord Shiva is known for his innocence and also called Bholenath and because of this he may get pleased in no time but on the same hand we should not forget that he gets very angry if something wrong is done while worshiping him.

So we all know that Lord Shiva live a simple life on Kailash Mountain and if you want to please him then you should offer milk, Sandalwood, Dhatura, Bael leaves, Bhang and bhasma.

According to Shivpuran, a devotee should never offer below five things otherwise he or she will have to bear the dreaded consequences.

First: Ketaki Flowers

ketaki-flowerOne day Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma were fighting to prove their supremacy among the divine and when they were just to use the deadly weapons Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Jyotirlinga. He asked them to find the origin and end of him. Initially both of them tried to find but failed to do so and later Lord Brahma asked Ketaki flower to lie along with him. Upon their respective returns, Lord Shiva accepted his defeat. So Lord Brahma lied to him and Ketaki helped him and told that he has found the origin.

Lord Shiva go angry with this lie and cut one of Lord Brahma’s head and also diminished him from ever being worshiped as Lord. Lord Shiva also cursed Ketaki flower that it will never be used in worshiping Shivlinga.

Second: Tulsi

tulsiAgain it is clearly told in the Shivpurana that there was Asura called Jalandhar who was killed and burned to ashes by Lord Shiva. Jalandhar was blessed that he cannot be defeated by anyone even the Gods and this blessing were depended on his wife’s chastity. So Gods went to Shiva and asked for his and Lord Shiva decided to defeat and kill Jalandhar and in order to that he had to breach Jalandhar’s chastity and he did so. This made Tulsi angry and she banished Lord Shiva from being worshiped by her divine leaves.

Third: Coconut water

coconut-waterCoconut water cannot be offered to Lord Shiva but coconut can be offered because whatever is offered to Lord Shiva is considered as nirmalya and thus it is forbidden to consume it and consuming coconut water after being offered on deities is considered as mandatory to drink, it is thus not offered to Lord Shiva.



Fourth: Turmeric

turmericTurmeric is used for enhancing beauty of females and Shivlinga is a symbol of Lord Shiva so it should never be offered to Shivlinga.





Fifth: Kumkum

kumkumKumkum is related to married women and considered sacred because women apply to seek the long life of their spouse and worshiping his symbol with Kukum is not considered auspicious.