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The recent visit of the Canadian Prime minister Tradeau and his family to India on gracious invitation, of course had been marred by several controversies. Though, the Trudeaus’ have been given an impression of having been given full veneration and protocol wise respect during their seven days visit in the country but the newspapers and electronic channels were full of news of the Canadian PM and his family having been snubbed occassionally.

The relations between Canada and India are undoubtedly smooth except for the fact that there had definitely been few silent differences on the formers support to the Khalistan extremists and there sponserors living and active in Canada. The sikhs in Canada form a sizeable number of voters who play a vital role in Canada’s politics. Its usually said and assumed that 50% of the population there comprises of the Indian Sikhs who play a mojor role in deciding the fate of the polity of Canada. It’s therefore believed that the Canadian government is soft towards even the hardcore Khalistani Sikhs who are considered to be India’s enemy. But the question is would the problem be resolved if the Canadian PM and is family is snubbed and the Canadians given an impression that their PM and his family has not been accorded that protocol wise treatment as other prime ministers of foreign land were accorded in India.

In an article in HT on February 25 the veteran journalist and eminent coloumnist Karan Thaper writes that when the Canadian PM arrived at the Palam Airport it hardly matters that the Indian Prime minister wasn’t there to receive him but even a full fledged union cabinet minister was not made available to receive the PM Tradeau and his family and a junior state level, quite an unknown minister of state was send sending a wrong message globally. The usual enthusiastic tweets to welcome foreign Prime ministers and presidents were missing this time. What made things even more worse and sent wrong messages across is the fact that when Trudeau and his family visited Agra and Gujarat the chief ministers of both the states din’t had time to meet him whereas in the case of the Israel prime minister Benjamin Yetanyahu’s visit both the chief ministers were there with full team of powerful ministers and bureaucrats. If we go back and peep into the past, prime minister Modi himself gave full time to the Japanese and Chinese head of the states in Gujarat and ensured that there is not the minutest of the lapse in there hospitality.

Moreover, the union minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj too was conspicuous by her absense during the visit of the Trudeaus who also could not take out the time to welcome the Canadian PM at the Palam international airport. The point is why was such a lapse ? Was it a deliberate attempt or just a casual mistake. The moot point is even if the Canadian PM and his family, who despite all these protocol failures were happy to enjoy their visits to New Delhi, Gujarat, Agra and Mumbai, was it really in the fitness of the things to give the newspaper and electronic channels of the country an opportunity to raise and point the lapses, thus making mockery of our hospitability and protocol lapses. Is it not true that Canada is housing millions of Indians and giving them jobs, comfortably with full social and economic security than the Americans, who day in and day out threaten NRIs and Indians working there with job loss threatenings and strict regulations of HI B Visa policy going against the Indians and India companies functioning there since long.

The point in question is the recent pronouncements of the US president Donald Trump threatening to squeez the US policy on HIB Visas asking Indian Companies to limit their job contracts etc. Moreover, if Canada is not suiting or serving out diplomatic foreign policy interests there are several other ways to directly bringing our teserbations into their knowledge and lodge protests at diplomptic level than given newspapers and TV channels an opportunity to raise a hue and cry. What’s your take friends?


Indira Gandhi is the tallest leader of the century and his name will always be remembered in the annals of Indian and global history in the centuries to come. A towering world personality who as Indian prime minister for 17 long years not only kept the imperialist and colonial powers at bay but endeavoured hard to established cementing relations with the then USSR and now Russia who always came to India’s rescue in terms of its precious contributions in industrial, economic, trade, commerce, cultural and above all military relations, particularly when during the Bangladesh war of 1971 it not only vetoed in UN’s favour in the United nations but also sent its 8th fleet to compell United States of America take a U turn, which was fastly marching towards India in the Indian Ocean to help Pakistan.

These words were expressed by the former Speaker and union minister and the daughter of former defence minister of India late Babu Jagjivan Ram at a function cum seminar organised by the Indo Russian Friendship Society at USSR cutural centre in New Delhi to pay tribute to late prime minister Indira Gandhi on her 1st birth centenary. The title of the seminar was Indira Gandhi’s contribution in strengthening the Indo Russia Friendship during her prime ministership. Those who spoke beside former speaker Meera Kumar were former MP and Delhi State Congrss chief Jai Prakash Aggrawal, the Russian diplomats F Robosky and the director of Russian affairs stationed at New Delhi. Several prominent personalities of various fieds including two Arjun awardee were also felicitated with honours on this occasion. While addressing the august gathering Meira Kumar said that she had seen and known Indira Gandhi as a child when she alongwith her family were shifted to Delhi in 1946 when the forst interim government was formed before general elections and India was to get full freedom in a year or so.

Her father late Babu Jagjivan Ram was also in the first council of ministers that comprised of 19 ministers under the first Indian Prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru. It was under the regular guidance of her father that Indira Gandhi was tutored in socio political hierrchy and finally after becoming the prime minister Mrs Gandhi by the dint of her hard work, grit, determination and perceverence not only gave the nation a pro people leadership by empowering the poor, youths, women and peasents socio economically but had also established a strong bond of friendship with Russia by signing a historical peace and friendship treaty alongwith further strengthening the non aligned movement of which she was later on elected the chairman. pronouncing her as the Iron lady of the country Meira kumar said how strong, confident, fearless, brave and powerful was she can be gauged from the fact that during the 1971 war she didn’t care about United State’s intervention of threatening who then stood solidly with Pakistan but creating the vertical division of Pakistan and created Bangladesh.

And when the 7th fleet of America was marching towards India sought the then USSR’s help and requested the latter to send its 8th fleet after which mighty super power had no option but to take a U Turn, thus leading to the enemy nation’s surrender of 90 thousand military soldiers in Dhaka under general Niyazi. Calling a multifaceted and multi dimensional global leader Meira Kumar said that the friedship ties and the treaty signed by Mrs Gandhi during her prime ministership with the then USSR still stands intact and would incessantly continue in the years to come. The Russian Diplomat F Robosky and the Director, Russian Affairs in India called Indira Gandhi as a tall determined towering leader of the 20th century who left no stone unturned to side with USSR keeping the then super power America away. They said Indira Gandhi was a towering personality.who brought adocal socio economic, industrial and military reforms in India despiye facing tremendous dissent within and outside her party and government.

She stood and fought for the poor and encouraged green revolution in India by incorporating modern agricultural inputs and bringing reforms in agricultural sector. Despite USA’ s presure India lead the non aligned movement and succesfully conducted non the aligned summit in Delhi. From 1960 onwards she helped in strengthening the bond of friendship  between India and Russia called strategic partnership between the two countries. Mr. Robosky added that the 1971 Bangladesh war decided the fact that USSR stands with India at the time of crisis who also helped India while vetoing in India’s favour compelling mighty America  to send back its 7th fleet marching towards India in the Indian ocean to attack India.

The period of Indira’s tenure marked the growth of patnership between India and Russia in the field of bipartisan trade, space and military research and also helped India send Indian astraunaut to Moon. In  1970 Russia saw a tremendous growth in the field of cultural and movie exchanges. He further said: She will be remembered in the centuries to come. We cherish her fond memories.The celebration of Indiraji’s 100 anniversary will continue as Russian plans to hold future exhibitions on Indiraji’s memories in Russia and India.