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After a long interval, the first ever full screen Garhwali movie encompassing creative and quality script, cinematography, mesmerising serene beauty of Uttarakhand hills, outstanding music, melodious songs of legend Narendra Singh Negi and Anuradha Nirala including super star casting, the lead actress and producer of SUBHERU GHAM is all set to start a new movie titled Subheru Gham 2, BATHAAU meaning storm.

Disclosing this secret at a press conference in Dehradun alongwith former India Goalkeeper, now into acting Mir Ranjan Negi on whose inspiration Bollywood super star Sharukh Khan created block bustre CHAKDE INDIA and eminent industrialist Mohan Kala, the Snowy Mountain productions CEO and producer, actor Urmi Negi said that after having acknowledged tremendous affection and overwhelmning support and blessings of hill people in and outside Uttarakhand, including at Metropolises like Mumbai and Delhi and after her earlier movie Subhero Gham being a super duper hit she has been enthused and encouraged to make its second part known as Shubheru Gham 2, Bathau.

The film in the offing, the work on which is going on : Urmi said that the second part too would carry a social message thus contributing immensely to the Uttarakhand society as was her first movie, complete and perfect in every sense and social as well, compounded with successful tecnological precision as far as the quality of a full fledged big screen bollywood film looks like.

Urmi expressed her heartiest desire that her new movie in Garhwali dialect too would definitely achieve international recognition as was Subhero Gham adjudged in Canada Film Festival last year as one of the best and outstanding regional feature films, the gracious felicitation which no other Uttarakhandi film has ever acknowledged.

The movie will be shot in various serene locations of Uttarakhand, Mumbai and foreign countries and special care will be taken to ensure that the cultural heritage, customs, traditions and the true lifestyle including the costumes and attires are not compromised at any level. Congrats Urmi.



The outstandingly brilliant junior national champion in shooting Devanshi Rana primarily hailing from Garhwal, Uttarakhand and daughter of the internationally popular shooter and four times Asian gold medalist Jaspal Rana, has left for Australia on 16th March to participate in the World Junior Shooting Championships starting from 21st March till 29th.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Devanshi received adequate training in shooting from his globally famed shooter father having brought laurels for the nation by bagging four international gold medals Jaspal Rana who is also her mentor, guide and coach. It may be recalled that Jaspal Rana is the chief coach of the international shooting team while his brother, also a perfect shooter Subhash Rana being the technical ( Range) officer .

According to the father of Jaspal Rana and Devanshi’s grandfather Narayan Singh Rana who’d left no stone unturned to train the entire family in shooting and even left his job as a Commando to train Jaspal and instil in him tremendous amount of confidence and sporting spirit to bring Gold medals in Asian games, Devanshi had been given place in the international junior shooting team for two international competitions to be held in Australia between 21st to 29th March.

Highly intrumental in setting the Jaspal Rana Shooting Academy in Uttarakhand giving adequate training to good number of budding shooters of the state as well as from various parts of the country Narayan Singh Rana had also been the minister in Uttarakhand government in the past.

According to Rana, Devanshi would be participating in the 10 meter air pistol and 25 meters sports pistol competition in Australia. He added that Devanshi had in the past won Gold medals in the national junior shooting championships and as such the Rifle Association of India had tried her outstanding shooting expertise on trial basis. The outstanding junior shooters were thereafter chosen on the basis of their first second and third ranks.

Grand daughter of the former UK minister and president of Uttarakhand Rifle Association Narayan Singh Rana and daughter of Internationally acclaimed shooter Jaspal Rana Devanshi is all set to win and bring laurels for the country and the state she belongs to. We wish her all the very best in her shooting endeavours.


A few memorable moments with Rajesh Khanna?

I consider it my good fortune that just after a day or two when he joined Congress party officially in 1990/91 , I got an opportunity to meet him in his suite Hotel Ashok. The meeting lasted for more than an hour from 11.00 PM to 12 PM in which the senior journalist and former minister Rajiv Shukla was also present. I consider this meeting as a very significant one with Kaka as just after this , I joined him as his Media Advisor.

When Kaka became Member of Parliament he was staying in Vasant Kunj’s druplex HIG Flat . The govt. accommodation was not allotted to him by then. I was then staying in sector 7 , Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi. During the parliament sessions Kaka used to come to my house every day at 11.00 am along with his convoy and lift me to parliament alongwith him. Initially the neighbours and the people living around didn’t noticed but after a day or two a whispering campaign started that Rajesh khanna used to come in a particular house in our sector i.e. sector 7 ,RKP, New Delhi everyday at a particular time. Actually somebody notice Kakaji coming to my house downstairs everyday and the news spread fast. From next day people started gathering and when kakaji came they used to garland him and the local paanvallas’s used to prepare special paan (beetle) for him with a request to have it. Kaka generously obliged. Since people started gathering near my house at that particular time to greet the super star turned MP daily and sometimes people with cameras to have pictures with him , I had to request Kaka to avoid coming as this may create problems for him. Thereafter, I used to come out in the main road and Kakaji used to fetch me from near Sangam Cinema on the main road to avoid any inconvenience.

I remember one incident of Minto Road. While the campaigning of Kaka’s election was in full swing in the New Delhi parliamentary constituency in the month of August, 1991, a death occurred in one of the Jhuggi clusters’ of Minto road and the old man who died was a washer man. There was mourning in the family and the corpse of the dead was lying outside the house to be finally taken for crematorium. In the meanwhile the local area councillor Ramesh Dutta came rushing to Rajesh Khanna’s house requesting him to come to Minto Road and attend the funeral of a poor washer man in order to condole the poor and grieved family. Since it was the election time and Kaka was the Congress candidate his visit was inevitable to express his grief. Kaka agreed to Ramesh Dutta’s request and accompanied him to the house of the expired washer man. When Kaka reached there to express his grief , I was surprised and shocked to see his sons, daughter in law and other relatives instead of acknowledging his grief smilingly welcomed Rajesh Khanna and one by one started posing for photographs with him alongside the father’s corpse. Rajesh insisted not to do so, but they refused to listen him and instead called a photographer and got pictures clicked in various poses. They forgot about the father’s sad demise and the total family members one by one felt more delighted to have their pictures with Kaka. Though Kaka was not at ease , he had to oblige them unwillingly. Such was the aura of this superstar. When the opposition came to know about Kaka’s visit the BJP candidate also visited them and the next photo session started with another leader. I was awestruck. The family forgot about the grief but was more interested to have photo clicks with Kaka, the super star.

During the elections, I took Kaka in good number of Uttrakhandi cultural programmes in New Delhi as well as in other constituencies of Delhi. I remember in one of the programmes of Narendra Singh Negi, in Moti Nagar, I made Kaka the chief guest. I had to accompany him to this cultural programme of Narendra Singh Negi. On knowing that Kaka is coming in this programme there was a huge rush, hundreds of thousands of people had gathered around to have the glimpse of the heart throb of the millions. Due to some lack of coordination I could not accompany Kaka but since it was my programme Kaka went along with some people on his own to Moti Nagar, thinking that I must have already reached here on my own. When Kaka reached the venue after great difficulty he was escorted to the stage. Since I was not there my name was being announced again and again by the organisers. When Kaka got the opportunity to address it as chief guest , he clearly said that he would not have come in this programme without Sunil Negi who he don’t know has gone, where. But since I was specifically asked by Sunil negi to come here I came here to seek your blessings. He said he loves me and have come in this programme to maintain/ honour the commitment given to me ( SunilNegi) . The public clapped and I was told about all this the next day by the people who had been to this programme. Such was Kaka’s affection for me.

Not only this but whenever I used to meet Kaka after the elections when he was MP or even after he lost, he used to introduce me to his friends with tremendous respect and would praise me and my work like anything. He even used to say that the amount of media management and other support done or given to me by Sunil Negi during and after the elections, I can’t forget. This huge compliment was no less than a coveted award for me from Kaka, the glorious super star and a Bollywood legend.

I fondly remember, there was a programme organised by Kaka’s fans and supporters in Aiwane Ghalib during his tenure as MP on a special occasion. Kaka was invited as Chief Guest. It was a musical evening. The programme had number of magnificient dance numbers. Though Kaka never performed on filmy songs in such programmes but here when the song of AAP KI KASAM, ( Jai Jai Shiv Shankar) was sung Kaka all of a sudden came on the stage and performed as if he was performing in a film. It was a class dance by Kaka in traditional Kurta Pyjama, in his unique and outstanding style. Everybody stood up and gave him a standing ovation amidst clapping for continuously more than five minutes.

When Kaka was living in Som Vihar Appartment, RK Puram for a short duration my younger brother’s marriage was taking place . Kaka was invited by me to attend this marriage. It was the same day when Rajiv Gandhi visited Sriperumbudur after casting his vote in the New Delhi Parliamentary election with Rajesh Khanna. Kaka came to the marriage function at 9.30 , the venue being at Sector 2, RK Puram, New Delhi. When Kaka arrived there, pre informed, there was huge rush inside the marriage Pandal as everybody wanted to see him, shake hand with him and take pictures. Kaka stayed there for hardly 15 minutes when he got the sad news that his mentor, his guru, his friend and his fan Rajiv Gandhi has been brutally assassinated. I remember after hearing this sad news inside the marriage pandal of my brother at sector 2, R.K. Puram Kaka had literally wept and left for 10 Janpath to express his grief . Kaka was at teen Murti the whole night and the other day as well and mourned Rajiv’s death considering it as a huge personal loss. His words were: he lost his God father, amid tears rolling down his eyes.

While I helped Rajesh Khanna in his media management in his first election when he got defeated by just 1500 votes against BJP’s stalwart lal Krishna Advani, I could’nt join him for the second time due to some difficulties as I was engaged in some other important work. In the second election Kaka was contesting against the BJP’s Shatrughan Sinha when Advani preferred Gandhi Nagar to New Delhi from where the latter had won by a huge margin. Since I was not there Kaka send me umpteen messages through his well wishers but I was not interested at all. Kaka called me number of times as well. Finally my wife said , now it’s enough if Kakaji is requesting you so much , why don’t you go and extend him a helping hand. In the absence of media management he wasn’t getting that much of positive coverage which he used to get earlier in the previous election. I finally made up my mind to meet and help him. I remember it was about 1.00 in the afternoon. There were people all around inside the 81, Lodhi Estate. I opened the main entrance and while entering saw Kaka standing at the middle of the road all alone. On seeing me coming from a distance, I think, he may be annoyed badly for not responding to his repeated calls, but to my utter surprise he came to me and hugged me in affection for more than three minutes and welcomed me again. People standing around were looking with surprise Kaka hugging me in full public glare. I worked for him then and Kaka won that election against Shatru with a very good marjin.

One day I was sitting with Kakaji in his Vasant Kunj House. I thought why not to request him to get me a government accommodation allotted in my cousin brothers’ name who worked in Govt. job so that I can live there comfortably since Kaka had very friendly relations with the then minister for Urban Development. I talked to Rajesh Khanna and he readily agreed to help me. He immediately got himself connected to the minister and talked to him the very day. Since the case was genuine and my cousin was officially entitled for the same but was not getting it, the minister agreed to help. Kaka called me to parliament with the request after completing the necessary official formalities and asked the concerned minister to do the needful which he did in all earnestness. Kaka was too satisfied that at least he has done something for me. I stayed in that house for few years alongwith my allotee brother’s family. There are umpteen such memories with the super star of the millenium which I would be sharing with you in the near future. Please express your comments whether you liked them or not.


The education system and the schools in Uttarakhand are passing through an extremely pitiable phase with tentatively over 2000 schools either closed or near closure due to the increasingly decreasing students’ addmissions in the rural areas, dilapidated conditions of school buildings, lack of teachers or the diminishing teaching standards.

However, the government says that the its happening because there is tremendous dearth of students where as the number of teachers is more in several primary and middle schools. Whatever, but one thing is absolutely clear that the successive state governments have literally failed in upgrading the standard of primary, middle, secondary and intermediate schools and colleges in entire Uttarakhand resulting in schools in dilapidated conditions with shattered roofs, leaking walls, students sitting on mats, non availability of quality mid day meals, absense of desks, furnitures, science labs, lavatories, computers, uniforms, staff and even teachers of English and science in particular.

In all there are approximately 17000 schools in entire Uttarakhand with 2300 primary schools financed by the government of the state. Out of these, about 2000 schools have already been closed due to shortage of students as per the logic of the state government. Though there had been tremendous tall claims by the state education minister and the secreyary education of improving the quality of education and providing the latest infrastructure to improvise the education system but if one visits in the majority of the schools situated in the interior villages the situation is tragically appalling.

After the influx and exodus of over 30 lakh people from villages to the cities, towns and metroplises of the state andthe country due to the absence of decentralised development and lack of basic health, jobs and educational facilities the conditions of the educatiin system and government schools have become bad to worse thus opening doors for more and more english medium high profile private schools and institututions in the hills who are minting handsome profits in collusion with the state authorities.

It may be recalled that even the High Court of the State has in 2016 while expressing serious concern over the appaling condition of the primary, middle and Secondary schools of the state has issued clear directions to the state government to improve the deteriorating standards of schools in Ittarakhand by providing mid day meals of high quality, renovating all the dilapidated buildings, arranging computers, adequate science labs, providing free winter and summer dresses, arranging adequate number of toilets in schools, especially for girl students, providing desks and furnitures and sports facilities to the students but of no avail.

Not only this but the Uttarakhand Child Rights Commission too has in 2018 written to the chief secretary about the sorry state of affairs in government schools of the Uttarakhand hills after conducting in depth surveys and have given them seventeen points about the various inadequacies with which the students are suffering. But despite all this nothing fruitful seems to have been done except hollow promises and mere cover ups despite the governments tall claims of allocating maximum budget to the education sector of the state.

The point is had there been quality education in the schools of Uttarakhand and availability of the minimum basic facilities why would 2000 schools witness the tragic end of closure. It’s really shocking that on four important sectors of rural health, education, employment and agricultural development the successive governments of Congress and BJP has literally failed thus encouraging uncontrollable exodus of peoole from the villages to plains.

This unambiguously speaks of the fact that while Uttarakhand lacks leaders and planners with accurate developmental vision there seems to be an urgentand mandatory need for shifting the state capital from Dehradun to Gairsain to enable a clear cut decentralised village oriented development, the actual concept for which separate Uttarakhand state came into existence 18 years ago. The main reason behind the lack of an overall development and the environmental friendly scientific innovation in the interior hills is due to the non participation of our lawmakers, planners, engineers and bureaucracy etc in the core hill development issues like health, education, agriculture, improving water augmentation, sewer system, horticulture and the small and cottege industries etc.

And thisis because no one wants to climb the hills or becomeparticipatory in the developmental process by living in the interiors with their families. They have become prone to comfirts and luxuries of the capital Dehradun. The declaration and contruction of the new capital right between the hills equidistance from Kumaon and Garhwal districts will inculcate in them an urge and necessity for the decentralised development and as such Gairsain is the need of the hour. It will also lead with reverse migration on a massive scale opening a new chapter of a vibrant and resurgent Uttarakhand. What’s your take friends?


While the project of Rs. 1,383 crores for constructing a hi tech tunnel to ease the movement of the pilgrims to Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamnotri shortening the distance of 20 kilometres have been cleared by the cabinet committee on political affairs chaired by prime minister Narendra Modi and the work on the all weather roads is on full swing, the recent statement of the chief minister of Uttrakhand T S Rawat favouring annexation of Saharanpur with Uttarakhand in future has created tremendous amount of furore and anger amongst the people of the Himalayan state, majority of whom not only fully disagree with his statement but also see it as a deliberate pre strategic ploy to put the pivotal issue of Gairsain capital on the back burner.

Political analysts say that such a statement could not be issued just casually but must definitely be bearing some important reason and keeping in view the growing demand for Gairsain as the new permanent capital of UK , it may be the ploy to side line the core issue bound to have several ramifications. In Uttarakhand and even amongst the community living in Delhi and elsewhere majority of the people have felt hurt by possibility of Saharanpur’s annexation with UK and even if it is not a certainty, the statement of the CM saying that he always favoured bringing Saharanpur into UK’s fold has also annoyed them to a great extent.

People say that while the real issue associated with the sentiments of majority of the Uttarakhandies like Gairsain is not being attended to, despite the BJP being at the political helm of affairs at the centre and the state as well, but the irrelevent issues such as Saharanpur are gaining upper hand thus hurting the peoples’ emotions. Political analysts say that while there have been not a single statement from the state govt, the CM or any minister on Gairsain despite so much of hullaballoo and spate of agitations but on the issue of Saharanpur’s alleged annexation with Uttarakhand, there have been an extraordinary hurry with lead front page headlines appearing in all the regional and national dailies of the state given it a new political dimension and relevance.

Since then, the social networking sites and even the media is full of anti Saharanpur statements as the one below putting a cross on the CM’s story in a newspaper and saying ” TSR HOSH MEIN AAO, PAHAAD KI ROTI NAHI BATEGI, BAHISHKAAR KARENGE. ( TSR be in senses, will not let the Uttarakhand divide, will openly boycott). The way Gairsain capital movement is gaining ground and momentum these days the ruling party at the state and the centre should in all earnestness honour the peoples’ mandate and declare Gairsain as the permanent capital of UK than inviting the peoples’ wrath on irrelevent issues such as that of Saharanpur’s possible annexation with UK.

Even a laymen in Uttarakhand knows that due to the delimitation of the Assembly seats on population parameter, the hills of Uttarakhand had already lost good number of seats with the MLA seats of Uttarakhand plains increasing manifold. Just imagine if Saharanpur comes with Uttarakhand officially, what would be the fate of the already misrepresented rural Uttarakhand which has alrady lost its share of 32 lakh people through large scale migration during the last 17 years. What’s your take friends?


The union minister of heavy industry and public enterprises and renowned bollywood singer Babul Supriyo has while responding to a question of a senior film journalist expressed his strong desire rather demanded that the Pakistani movie actors and singers like Fawad Khan and Fateh Ali Khan etc should be forthwith banned to perform in India movies and repatriated to Pakistan immediately as now enough is enough since Pakistan is not relenting and incessantly attacking India via Kashmir and killing our soldiers and civilians in Kashmir.

Bollywood singer turned politician and now minister Babul Supriyo said banning of the Pakistan actors and singers in India will send a strong message through out the country and the world that India is now extremely serious on the issue of Pak sponsored terrorism and will no more tolerate any Pakistani in the country. He said when Indian Cricket Association can ban Pakistan’s entry in the IPL why can’t Bollywood be devoid of the Pakistani actors and singers who handsomely earn here but support and safeguard the interests of Pakistan when they go back. Babul Supriyo asked how far is it correct or fair that on the one hand in Kashmir our brave, patriotic and brave soldiers are being martyred and their wives becoming widow and in India we are happily listening or enjoying their songs.

While debating in News 18 India channel tonight with other panelists of Congress, CPI, RSS, civil right activist and senior journalist viz Rashid Alvi, John Dayal and Vinod Sharma of HT etc Babul Supriyo said that he fails to understand as to why my demand for banning the Pak actors and singers in India is being given so much of political colour when our contrymen are unambiguously witnessing continuous killing of our brave soldiers by the Pak sponsored hard core terrorists who are hell bent upon disintegrating India and creating havoc in the peaceful atmosphere of the country.

He said: I am an Indian first than a minister and being the duty bound and a patriotic citizen would outrightly oppose Pakistan and the Pakistani actors and singers in India as for me and our 125 crore Indians the interest, integrity and unity of the nation is first and firemost. Banning Pakistani actors in India will not only enhance the morale of our brave armymen but will also send across a strong anti Pak message nationally as well as globally. Controvertial BJP leader Dr. Subramaniam Swamy also supported Babul’s statement but asked being a minister why is he issuing statement? He should have write to the PM and resign if the demand is not met.


The president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and journalist Sunil Negi has been chosen as the All India Achievers’ Pride of the Nation Awardee to be felicitated with this coveted honour at a function slated for dated 6th March at Hotel Samrat, New Delhi.

The coveted award is being bestowed on Negi for his outstanding translation of a book on the massive ecological catastrophe of June 2013 which occured at Kedarnath Valley and around claiming the lives of thousands and leading to myriad economic loss to the 18 year old Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. The following is the text of the statement released by the senior league journalist and director of AIAC Abhishekh Bachchan while declaring the name of Negi as one the coveted awardee:

The ‘doers’, the ‘achievers’, ICONS are the ones who achieve and excel in their chosen vocation and become Role Models worthy of emulation by others. CONGRATULATIONS Sunil Negi for successfully meriting a place for yourself amongst the esteemed ‘PRIDE OF THE NATION’ awardees. The coveted award will be conferred upon you soon under the aeges of ALL INDIA ACHIEVERS CONFERENCE in New Delhi.

Sunil is a senior league Journalist, author and a prolific writer who has carved a name for himself in the Media world. This award goes to him in recognition of his translated book in English “Havoc in Heaven” based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand. He has given a first hand account of the tragedy in which thousands of people lost their lives.

CUDOS Sunil, AIAC salutes your remarkable accomplishments and wishes you many more laurels and accolades. Sunil Negi currently contributes to the news portals newsviewsnetwork.com in english and Samacharhub.com in Hindi regularly.


In Dehradun today hundreds of thousands of people marched to the state secretariat with torchlights in their hands demanding Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand.

Volunteers from all the 13 districts of Uttarakhand and several parts of the country especially Delhi also participated in this torch light procession. The uniqueness of the Gairsain related movement is that its spontaneous and self created, initially launched by a handfull of journalists and activists in Rudraprayag, this time, finally taking the shape of a wild fire with eminent anti corruption crusader Anna Hazaare too backing the demand forcefully and outrightly.

The women power, students, youths, intellectuals, scribes, social activists of all ideological shades are openly participating in this movement barring the BJP though its rank and file is also emotionally attached and associated with Gairsain demand as others.

The way this movement is picking up potentially with a renewed vigour and vitality it looks that the day is not far when the BJP’s central and state leadership will finally have to relent and declare Gairsain as Uttarakhand’s permanent capital despite all challenges and odds.

The way Uttarakhand separate state movement created credible momentum during the nineties, movement for Gaursain capital too is adopting the same character and dimensions with cross sections of the people in and outside Uttrakhand across party and ideological lines prepared to do or die.

Believe me, Gairsain movement today has assumed proportion of an extention of the Uttarakhand movement under which not only are the people expressing their anger and furiousness against the incumbent state government for their all the ills and exploitation of Uttarakhand and its people but also demanding Gairsain as its permanent capital as they think that Gairsain is the ultimate remedy to cure and purify all these ills and sins of our past rulers.

They are of the strong opinion that Gairsain is not only symbolic of decentralised socio economic and all round village level development of the 18 year old battered and exploiyed state running in 40000 crores fiscal deficit but will also ensure the outright emergence of a new economically self reliant Uttarakhand the actual concept for which this himalayan state was actually created after the pivotal sacrifices of 43 valuable and precious lives.


Uttarakhand is in the news again these days for four major reasons. One, the movement for the new capital of the state, Gairsain which gained tremendous momentum due to widespread protest demonstrations and hunger strike protests in various parts of Uttarakhand acknowledging extensive media coverage. Second, the visit of the nationally acclaimed crusader against corruption Anna Hazare. Third, the most sensitive issue of Pancheshwar Dam likely to be built over the Saryu and Mahakali rivers in Champavat district posing grave danger to more then 30 thousands families of the three districts of Uttatakhand including 130 villages. Fourth, the issue of collection of Funds of Rs 25 crores on the directives of the national BJP chief Amit Shah creating ripples and controversy in the political corridors of Dehradun and fifth, the rumours regarding the possible change of state chief minister.

To be very frank though this himalayan state does not hold much political significance in the central politics, particularly in the making or dethroning of the union government as it gives only five Lok Sabha MP’s to the parliament but it has always been at the centre of controversy in terms of corruption, change of 8 chief ministers in just 18 years and several other reasons whereas a small state like Himachal had been governed by merely 5/ 6 CMs since attaining statehood during the protracted tenure of 57 years.

What a difference of political character between both the Himalayan states. Well, the issue of Gairsain is still hot and the government of the day has relented to some extent by agreeing to hold the budget session in Gairsain in order to appease and asuage the feelings of the movement activists. Anna has also made his mark by holding few well attended rallies in Garhwal, Srinagar and mobilising people in favor of the new capital.

Pancheshwar issue being the central subject is being taken care by the union government with the state BJP government trying to work on the better compensation formula to appease the affected families and village population. The issue of 25 crore fund raising has also not gained much momentum despite little coverage in print and electronic media.

But it seems that the most controvertial and sensitive matter of the possible change in state leadership is spreading like a wild fire though there is no definite or authentic feedback on this pivotal issue except rumor mongering and speculations by the political analysts.

Even social networking site like facebook and several newspapers and electronic channels are carrying stories about the possible change in leadership with Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank as a prospective alternative. While as of now, I personally deny this speculation as merely a cooked up story but am also of the opinion that nothing is impossible in politics.

The present CM incumbent Triverndra Singh Rawat is considered to be the first hand most reliable and trusted man of national party chief Amit Shah and a trusted RSSite. Apart from this, he is trying his best to do whatever he can in a phased manner for the development of the state say his ardent followers. He’d satisfied the high command by collecting the requisite fund for the party to the tune of 25 crores in record time and had also been visiting Delhi very often to keep the central leadership happy and in good humour. Then what’s the problem.

The problem actually is that there are many over ambitious leaders in UK BJP who are still not able to tolerate the upgradation of their junior on the top slot of the state. These detractors are Satpal Maharaj, Harak Singh Rawat, Vijay Bahuguna, Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank and even Bhagat Singh Koshiyari including Major General Khanduri.

It is being said that since Satpal Maharaj, Harak Singh Rawat and Vijay Bahuguna are old Congressmen and do not fit in the trusted catagory of being CM the choice is non other then former CM and Haridwar MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. As far as Koshiyari and Khanduri are concerned they have already crossed 75 years of age and are considered to be misfit for being the state’s CM.

Moreover, if the news making the rounds of the political corridors in Delhi and Dehradun are to be believed the recent meeting called by Dr Nishank at his Dehradun house had good number of BJP MLAs present who pledged to support him in the event of the prospective change in leadership in the state.

Meanwhile, one of the strong and powerful MLA earlier in Congress, a protege of former cm Vijay bahuguna from Mangalore and now in BJP has already met Amit Shah in Delhi and presented him a memorandum demanding immediate change in the state leadership possibly favoring Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank.

Though nothing concrete can be predicted as of now but one thing is for sure that a spark of change has started spreading giving a clear signal that some development of a new kind may perhaps take shape in the coming future in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand.



It seems, the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival is leaving behind the Congress and BJP, the two major national parties which ruled Delhi for several decades in terms of declaring sops or say concessions to Delhi citizens in order to stage a come back next time as well at the helm of state power.

The announcement by the Delhi government’s transport minister Rajesh Gehlot providing entirely free travel to the senior citizens of Delhi in the already massive loss running organisation’s buses, the Delhi Transport Corporation on eve of the completion of three years of AAP in Delhi under the leadership of Arvind Kejrival as CM unambiguously speaks of the fact that the party created out of Anna’s movement is leaving no stone unturned to make the Delhi citizens happy with its several pro people decisions in order to return to power next time as well.

The Delhi elections are due for 2020. The senior citizens of Delhi, above sixty years already had the cheapest pass facilities for both the AC and non AC buses but now giving free travel facility to the senior citizens Kejrival has undoubtedly won their hearts hands down. Prior to these concessions, the AAP government had recently announced free treatment to Delhites in good number of private hospitals irrespective of the economic status including already given concessions in water and electricity tarrifs.

The free distribution of medicines in all Delhi government hospitals, dispensaries and polyclinics with free expensive tests have also given advantage to Arvind Kejrival in the poor, underprivileged and economically deprived catagories of the society. The upgradation of Delhi government schools and free dostribution of books and stationeries to students with mid day meal option has also enhanced the AAP’s image politically. At present Delhi Transport Corporation has the fleet of around 4000 buses where as the requirement is of 11000 buses.

About one lakh buses are likely to join the DTC fleet in the near future. In the absence of adequate buses in various Delhi routes the working class commuters and those hailing from the lower middle class are suffering badly in view of the arbitrary fare increase in Delhi metro with minimum fare as Rs. 20 and maximum Rs 50 of one side destinations. Delhi has a population of about 1.25 crores and merely 4000 buses of DTC is hardly a match to the population of the capital where more than fifty percent commuters still depend on cheap transport like DTC.