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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s successful Myanmar visit after the impressive BRICS ‘ outcome deserves to be complimented fully. He concluded his trip’s  last lap by laying floral wrath and paying rich tributes to India’s last SHAHENSHA BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR in Rangoon, now Yangam, who was also a great shayar and a calligrapher. India which shares approximately 1400 kilometer long border with Myanmar, earlier Burma, considers this country as its most important neighbor from the geopolitical interest as India would never risk a Budhist majority nation to fall in the manipulative tactics of expansionist China which is doing its best to entice this small nation under its diplomatic grip.

Myanmar is India’s old friend and its noble laureate undisputed leader Aung Sang kyi sought her education in India. Its India’s geopolitical compulsions that restricted prime minister Modi to raise the issue of Rohingya Muslims, 40000 of whom have migrated to India after having been thrown out of Rakhine, muslim dominated province after the clashes between the Budhists and the Rohingyas. About 1lac 25 thousand Rohingya Muslims are today in the lurch having been thrown out of Myanmar, majority of whom have sought refuge in Bangladesh and India in extremely pitiable condition. After the attack on border posts of Myanmar by a radical Rohingya organisation in which 20 Myanmar military guards were killed, the attacks on the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar increased manifold with Bangladesh also flushing out majority of the refugees infiltrating the Bangladesh’s porous borders.

The Indian state Home Minister Kiran Rijuju has also declared that India would not hesitate to repatriate the Rohingya immigrants back to Myanmar. However, the matter is now in the Apex court which has asked the government to submit the detailed status report. The prime minister has instead of raising the Rohingya immigrants issue assured the Myanmar ruling establishment of completing various development projects pertaining to roads, hospitals and educational institution in the violence prone Rakhine province and other parts of Myanmar. India has also assured of vast financial and other form of support. Rakhine province is the primary home for Rohingyas and the epic center of the violence. India has overriding security and geo- political interest with this country, particularly in the context of China which is trying hard to manipulate Myanmar fall into its trap. It is pertinent here to mention that India would never  let Myanmar to be used by the North east militants as safe haven to carry out disruptive activities in the Himalayan states. India would also never like to see that the relations between Bangladesh and Myanmar deteriorate any further so that the expansionist and hegmonous China exploits it to its advantage by influencing either of these countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Myanmar visit, therefore can be termed as successful as acceptance of Indian developmental economic aid and various projects of Roads, Hospitals, educational institutions, military support etc  for the good of the Rakhine province and Myanmar may help him gain support and sympathy among the minorities in India and also  keep Myanmar at bay from China in the near future.

What’s your take on this, friends?