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If we say that the Kashmir valley is burning with anti India hate sentiments, it would not be out of context. The way Kashmir imbroglio has taken extremely bad to the worst turn with almost forty thousand people slained since 1989 unambiguously speak of the fact that majority of the efforts by the current and successive governments right from military actions to political exercises have gone on the deaf years of the anti India elements, the Hurriyats and of course Pak supported terrorists who are hell bent upon creating complex problems and situations for India, to see that it finally disintegrates and go backwards in terms of development.

The Uri sector attack killing good number of Indian military Jawans followed by incessant attacks on India Army camps by Pak sponsered homely grown terrorists in J n K had finally compelled our most efficient India Army destroy more than 55 Pak sponsered terror sanctuaries by invading inside enemy’s territory winning applaud nationally and internationally. But coward Pakistan is still on an anti Indian mission after the killings of Kashmiri born Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Vani and dreaded Abu Dujana and Bashir Lashkari of LET n is busy financing and boosting the morale of the stone pelters on Army Jawans through the Hurriyats.

There is no doubt that the brave and highly patriotic Indian Army Jawans and officers have so far killed and taken out more than 160 hardened militants and have broken their backbones including considerably bringing down the number of the stone pelter youth, particularly after the NIA took stringent action against the clandestine hawala activities of the HURRIYATS who were the main financiers of these misguided youths through the large sum of illegal money they were receiving from across the borders and different clandestine routes. What makes the situation even more worrisome when even after using muscular and legal tactics against the Hurriyat leaders and terrorists the situation in Kashmir valley is not coming under control and local terrorism componded with Pak sponsered terrorism is still cropping up incessantly with no future optimism of peace and tranquility. Now the government of India has appointed the former Intelligence chief 63 year old Dineshwar Sharma as the interlocutar for Kashmir to negotiate with all the stake holders to bring peace in the valley and find a credible solution to several decades old Kashmir imbroglio.

Being a highly experienced officer with impeccable integrity Dineshwar Sharma has been accorded total discretion and free hand in taking decisions regarding whom to talk with and whom to be sidelined in the process of future negotiations. He seems to be interested to even bring the hard core Hurriyats on the negotiating table but it remains to be seen whether the latter seem interested for the peaceful settlement of the vexed KASHMIR ISSUE who always talk like the proxies of Pakistan and favor outright plebiscite in Kashmir.

This is not the first time that interlocutors have been appointed to resolve the Kashmir issue. During the UPA REGIME TOO in the past veteran journalist DILIP PADGAONKAR and two others were appointed as interlocutors who talked to cross sections of the people of Kashmir including various stake holders for several months but left out the hard core hurriyats. And this is how the situation is at square one even today with no solution at sight. The most disturbing trend obout the whole issue is that the duly elected government of PDP and BJP has totally failed to bring the truce and peace in the region. The time has come now when all the political parties, particularly the opposition should give up their ulterior political motives, if any and cooperate with the government in all respects and should also stop eugolising the stone pelters in Kashmir and those involved in undesirable activities as freedom fighters as such moves misguide and encourage youths to breach nationality n side with anti Indian forces.

The political analysts are keeping their attention concentrated on the charisma of the new appointment of an interlocutor and hope that all the stake holders including the poltical parties of different ideologies and interests cooperate with him to bring peace in KASHMIR VALLEY once for all. But despite all this everything depends on the centre’s honesty and sincerity on having all the stake holders on board, if it’s really serious on this count. AMEN